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    great golf! and loads of birdies!
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  1. Just in case you guys missed me. I'm the number 2 1 armed golfer in north america I swing it 90 + with the driver I will normally miss 1 fairway a round... my handicap is an 8 I have full access to a launch monitor I have been testing shafts for months trying to tune a driver for the 2015 para world long drive championship same grid they do the remax long drive at Merry Christmas and CHOOSE ME!!!!
  2. WOW just read the Tech! totally impressed! I really hope you choose me as I'm going to give you a serious review!
  3. Best thing from Italy is their women! thank you for making it to America #lovemywife As for the golf I'm loving the Italian work coming to the states! Would love to have that Flatty!
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