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  1. 2 hours ago, PMookie said:

    Meh. I think it’s ridiculous they make the claims they do. Won’t ever own a pair, not a fan.

    I have 5 pairs of SQAIRZ shoes and they are the only shoe I wear. I tried them originally as a test for another Forum and haven’t worn another shoe sense. I was a die hard Footjoy guy before. 
    My first round with them I went full send and walked Torrey South. Instantly noticed how comfortable they are.  My feet didn’t hurt afterwards and that was a impressive since I normally have foot pain. 
    As far as distance gains that would come from the ability to maintain traction and use ground force. I have always had a problem with my right foot slipping when hitting driver that problem has been solved with the SQAIRZ. I feel more confident in swing full out now knowing my foot won’t slip. 
    The SQAIRZ are great shoes and extremely comfortable I would highly suggest trying a pair. 

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  2. The weight in the heel is the right setup for what you are doing at this point. 

    that being said if you have time mess around with putting the weight in the toe to see if you react differently to the CG shift. Also try some different shafts if you can. The shaft may be the reason you are missing in the heel consistently. Were you fit for your current setup?

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  3. 7 hours ago, KC Golf said:

    How do you like the Sim2 Hybrid vs the TSi Hybrids.  What made you choose that specific hybrid?

    I have always played Titleist hybrids because it’s easy to adjust trajectories and allows me to get a draw or a fade. Plus I like the look of it. 

    But the Sim2 looks really nice.  I tried it on a launch monitor and got good numbers, but haven’t pulled the trigger on one. 

    A few things made me switch. It’s fade biased which is huge for me and the reason I reason I don’t typically play hybrids. I don’t like seeing anything going left. 
    2nd is the feel it feels unlike any hybrid I have ever hit. Feels/sounds like a forged iron. 

  4. Good question especially when you get a notification when you're tagged in something. Hope it was a good bday KC

    The notification don’t show up on the app on my phone until I click on the notifications. I just assumed if I had on there would be something to tell me.

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