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  1. I prefer the PH! Ok so, This winter as I was getting LM numbers for the Paderson review I also spent time trying to get solid muscle memory for 40-60 pitch shots. The dome by my place is about 65 yards so it was perfect. Or so I thought. I got really good at distance control within the dome.....on a mat......that gave me a false sense of getting really good. See, I have been out three times this year and every shot within 80 yards has been fat going half to 3/4 of the distance I need it to go. Has anyone else experienced the "dig effect" from hitting on mats all winter? How do I get rid of this?! I tried placing everything in my right pocket in my left pocket and turn my hat backwards and I am still Phat shoting it around the course.
  2. The exact two spies I was thinking about when I hit post..... thanks for not letting me down Theoo and Sever
  3. I feel horrible! I only have two rounds in about 50 degree weather. Snowed again Wednesday and it's back to low 30's in temperature. Michigan sucks right now (easy on the college jokes ohio folks)
  4. Following on both of my accounts!
  5. I see what you did there Fozcycle! very punny! 3 minutes until the first tee time! BEST DAY OF THE YEAR.
  6. We went from cold and snow to just plain cold to cold and rainy.... Michigan is brutal right now. I have been out once so far and have had awesome results compared to my gamer shaft!
  7. Theoo, It would make him the fourth..... Nicklaus, Faldo and Tiger have gone Back to Back
  8. I would like to officially enter my pick for JIMMY WALKER! -5 final round of 71
  9. Theoo, Give them a call, a lot of times private courses will allow you to get on for one or two practice rounds. For our county Spring and Fall medal tournaments here all of them are on private courses. A phone call never hurts.
  10. I wear pink shorts..... who cares! I am wearing the polo and the green t shirt... nice stuff
  11. I agree with TIBA, that tournament is way bigger than tiger. I just hope that if he doesn't play the announcers don't go all ESPN talking about LeBron and mention tiger every minute. What the Masters needs and I think what golf needs is an amateur to contend on Sunday. That would be an epic story.
  12. Can't wait to show off the Michigan bag at the charity outing I play in. Polo Fields Golf Club in Ann Arbor! Go Blue!
  13. I get my baby back from my club guy today. He just got back from Traverse City so it's been sitting in his house after he put the adaptor back on with 24 hr epoxy. Headed STRAIGHT to the range after work.
  14. I could care less what name is on the cover..... that teaser video is sick! If the game play is anything like that I am sold.
  15. Welcome! MGS is awesome and with your background I can't wait to hear your sports stories. Let's try to keep the OHNO talk to a minimum.
  16. how have I not heard of this before! This is my new goal to get out to Vegas and play the Royal Links. If you don't know what Par mates is then listen up. They are ambassadors of fun, and take that seriously. Which is what you’d expect for almost $100 an hour. ParMates perform most of the typical duties of a caddie. They don’t carry your bag–that goes on your cart–but they do clean your clubs, read greens, rake bunkers, repair ball marks and replace divots. Late in the round, when money is on the line, they have been known to strike provocative poses to distract your opponent. BY MATT GINELLA, GOLF DIGEST MAGAZINE PHOTO Searching more in to this epic Mancation journey I found a youtube video of a Parmate saying hello to MGS. She is with the one and only Spy Zinger! Why hasn't there been a review on this Zinger? We want to hear your experience.
  17. sooooooooooo, when does it come out? Where can we see it!
  18. Well, I thought I loved MGS. I actually still do but I said I was set with my clubs and bag for the year. Thanks for making me want to spend more money MGS. The closest fitter is in Chicago for me. The piggy bank begins today.
  19. I read a story that someone asked his caddie that same question and he replied "A nike one" Epic release Rory
  20. The first playable month I am going to give the MG's a go as well as the Monsta balls. A triple ball fight to the death for the ball that stays in my bag.
  21. I agree I would like to see the rest as well. I do think they would be useful to an "outright" beginner but they are marketing these towards the "recreational" golfer. Which IMO is not an outright beginner. Tee boxes need to be addressed on all levels. Gone are the days where Red tees are "women" tees. Tee Boxes should be played based on handicap. I get it is a pride thing for some, but how many times have you watched someone struggle from the tips just because 2-3 out of the 4some is playing there. Take a pride pill and move up a box.
  22. Massacre that thing looks sweet! You might have mentioned it and I missed it but with the fitting and the putter what was the final ticket price?
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