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  2. First name: T.J. State: California Current iron setup: PW - 7i: Callaway Apex Pro 6i - 4i: Callaway Apex Shafts: Project X, 5.5 flex 7i distance: 150 - 160 yds. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Hi and thanks for this opportunity. Been in the market for a new driver so timing couldn't be better. First name: T.J. Current Handicap: 2 Driver Swing Speed: 95 mph Current Driver: Cobra Biocell+ Choice of driver to review: Ping G400 LST Thanks! TJ
  4. T.J. Hyman: 54 years young Live in Redondo Beach, CA Biggest golf bugaboo: After a really nice tee shot, not being able to consistently take advantage with solid iron shots into the green to set up legitimate birdie opportunities. So frustrating!! Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. T.J. California Current putter: 34" Taylormade Spider Ghost (white with black line) O-Works #7, Red Your first name and home state/province Your current putter & putter specs Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color
  6. First Name: T.J. Hyman Home State/Province: California Current Handicap: 2.3 Current Iron Set: Callaway Apex Pro One length or Variable: Variable Thanks for the opportunity, T.J.
  7. tjh

    is Tiger Done?

    No he is not done! He just signed new deals with Bridgestone and Taylormade. My guess is if he wants to get compensated fully, there is probably some language in those contracts stipulating minimum play requirements. Whether or not he "needs" the money is irrelevant. I don't see him walking away from these huge deals without exhausting every possibility. He will be back! But he will be a shell of his former self for sure.....
  8. Your first name, home state/province: T.J. Hyman, California Your current handicap: 2.2 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? Never used a GPS watch before Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? Yes, Golf Logix Thanks for the consideration, TJ
  9. Your first name: T.J. Hyman Your home state/province: California Your current handicap: 2.0 Your current iron set: Callaway Apex/Apex Pro (combo) Your biggest strength & weakness to your iron game: Strength: distance control/accuracy w/ short irons Weakness: accuracy with long irons Thanks for considering me! T.J.
  10. Name: T.J. Hyman Home State: California Measuring Device Currently Using: Bushnell Tour V3
  11. The State in Which You Live: California Your Handicap: 2 Your Current Putter: Nike Method Matter Mallet
  12. Living in southern California I am fortunate to be able to play year round: Average number of rounds I play annually: 40 - 50 Current handicap: 2.1 Current putter: Nike Method Matter Mallet M5-12 Thanks for your consideration! TJ
  13. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) I am a devoted Snell golf ball user 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? - I trust MyGolfSpy reviews about equipment more than any other. I particularly like the myth busting and unbiased reviews. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) - By paying less $$ for top quality golf balls, I can spend a little more on practice/play, which has led to improvement! 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? - I love to see the reactions of players when they see I play a Snell ball. It's always a great conversation starter and makes the round more enjoyable.
  14. So I bought the ZEPP analyzer to use for my son's baseball swing; and it works great. Upon further research, I learned I could use the same sensor to analyze golf swings. All I had to do was buy the rubber/plastic golf accessory to attach the sensor to my golf glove. Then I simply downloaded the ZEPP golf app for free, registered and I was good to go. It measures tempo, swing speed, hand plane, and club plane, and a few more. Also gives you 3d of your swing, and you can also video too. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but so far so good! You can also get a "personalized" training regiment based on your stats. I definitely recommend it!
  15. That's great you survived! Congrats! The first time I walked 18 after surgery it was one of the hottest days of the summer! And unusually humid. Before surgery, I could easily carry my bag and feel fine afterward. I must say my stamina was pathetic, and I was using my pushcart. The last 4 holes turned into a battle to just finish! I was exhausted. It's amazing how quickly you lose your fitness. Now I'm much better but will never forget that round!
  16. TJ Redondo Beach, Ca I carry 80%, use push cart 20% Titleist Carry Bag Thx!
  17. It's tough coming back, isn't it? We all, in some degrees, love to play this silly game! I have always been a pretty good chipper, but the area most improved has been my putting. I have to give credit to the short game guru Dave Stockton. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a clinic he gave and he was amazing. The phrase that stuck with me was "try to be the best one inch putter in the world". Since then I never look at the ball or my putter when I stroke the putt. I pick a starting point one inch in front of my ball and I simply try to roll it over that spot. Assuming I have read the green correctly (including speed and line), the ball will find the hole. There were a number of other fantastic tips, which are all in his book Unconscious Putting, which I highly recommend! My last two rounds I had 27 and 28 putts total! Good luck all!
  18. Thanks for your replies. To Tazz: the first thing I did when I was able, was to putt. And I must say my putting has improved dramatically! One tip as you come back about putting: one of the areas I believe is most neglected as it relates to putting is green reading! That is part of becoming a better putter. So dont just work on your putting stroke; work on green reading too.....Good luck! To jaxbeach: My surgeon said at least 6 months to recover since I tore 3 quad tendons. My swing feels pretty good right now, but my distance isn't quite the same yet. I love walking when I play golf and pre-accident, I NEVER was tired after playing 18 holes. Now I find myself having stamina issues as my left leg gets fatigued. I am still working hard in therapy and getting strength and stamina back, but it's a sloowwwww process and I hate that! My rehab has been going well, and I feel lucky to have had a great surgeon: the team Dr. for the Los Angeles Kings..........I decided to use the best when it comes to messing with one's body. But the rehab is the key and keep working!! to Fairhaven: thanks for the well wishes; it helps!!
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm a newish member from Redondo Beach. I'm just starting to play again as I have been recovering from surgery to repair 3 torn quad tendons. Been quite an experience! Now that I am playing some again, I have learned to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to play golf. I started a new forum for those who want to share their stories about overcoming injuries and playing golf again. Thanks all! TJ
  20. Hi there. So in January I was hit by a car and bruised my ribs severely and also tore 3 out of my 4 quadriceps tendons in my left leg. I just recently started hitting golf balls and playing golf again. It's been an uphill battle as you can imagine and I had many doubts as I have been going through my rehab: how would my surgically repaired leg hold up hitting golf balls? Could I regain my old form? Would I discover a brand new set of bad habits as a result of compensating for my injury? In short, what kind of game would I have compared to my pre-accident self? At this point all I can say is I am thrilled just to be playing again, and am truly grateful for my recovery. For me this journey is just beginning and I am excited to find out what the Golf Gods have in store for me! I would love to hear other people's stories about coming back from injuries, what it was like and how they got through it. No matter how minor or major, just know that you can do it! Thanks and all the best!
  21. Hi. Wanted to introduce myself. I'm a golf nut from Southern California. Am recently recovering from surgery to repair 3 torn quadriceps tendons in my left leg. Just starting to play golf again after several months of rehab. Feels good to be on the golf course again!!
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