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  1. I've been waiting quite a while for that game to come out. I have loved all the games in the series. I guess it makes up for the disappointment of a crappy round when I can just boot it up and crush Bethpage Black with my custom made dude. Interesting to see there are some gamers on this site.
  2. My HoganFit is attached. I liked the system and how it goes about figuring out appropriate gaps for the clubs. My only concern (and it is an understandable one from a marketing standpoint) is how it will arbitrarily say that I do not have enough clubs for the scoring distances. I went back and played at the whole variety of ranges for my 8-iron and the final response never changed. If I have proper control on my gaps from 150 in with 6 clubs, and most of my shots are from 135 in with my current distance off the tee unless I am playing a 6800+ course. I do not see why it is necessary for me to
  3. My handicap: 7.2 My current choice of grip is the GP MCC, I have switched back and forth between these and the iomic sticky 2.3s I change my grips once a year, past couple years I have done it twice switching sets and liking a different grip in the process. I think I would be an awesome grip tester because I feel I put more into the grip than I should. Going between the sticky's and the MCC got me thinking about how those different grips could change my swing. It got me curious, and I have been tinkering with grip details ever since. I feel that the grip is an extremely important f
  4. I would love to be able to test one out. Currently I am gaming an X-Stiff Fujikura Tour Spec VC 6.2. I have access to Flight Scope at the place I would have it assembled. My swing speed is around 110 mph.
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