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  1. I've been waiting quite a while for that game to come out. I have loved all the games in the series. I guess it makes up for the disappointment of a crappy round when I can just boot it up and crush Bethpage Black with my custom made dude. Interesting to see there are some gamers on this site.
  2. My HoganFit is attached. I liked the system and how it goes about figuring out appropriate gaps for the clubs. My only concern (and it is an understandable one from a marketing standpoint) is how it will arbitrarily say that I do not have enough clubs for the scoring distances. I went back and played at the whole variety of ranges for my 8-iron and the final response never changed. If I have proper control on my gaps from 150 in with 6 clubs, and most of my shots are from 135 in with my current distance off the tee unless I am playing a 6800+ course. I do not see why it is necessary for me to have that extra club. My go to club for 85 and less is my 56, I carry a 61 with a different grind with more heel and toe relief to play more specialty shots not because that is the club I can comfortably hit 70. Just my two cents on the HoganFit process. My handicap is a 6 and lowering. (I have been taking up the game more seriously the past 2 years and have dropped from a 18 to a 6 in that time period). Hogan has a special place in my heart with clubs. I am a believer of the "no such thing as a game improvement iron" mentality. I started playing with a set of Hogan Apex II blades. Yes a big cavity iron would be helpful in getting a better result on my mishits, but I liked playing the blade to really get the feedback in what I am doing wrong. There was nothing like the feeling of catching one of those Apex blades flush; pure bliss. There was also nothing like smacking one off the toe, thin, on a chilly Florida winter morning that made me think I broke my finger. I became a sniper with that "E" blade from 100 yards in. Since those clubs, I have yet to find another set that had the same rewarding feel; that includes: Callaway, Mizuno (MP-53), TMag, Cleveland, and Ping. I currently game a set of Vapor Pro (7-PW) and Vapor Pro Combo (4-6) which feel pretty stellar. I was in between these and the Hogans, but I could not find anywhere to really try the Hogan's out. Sidetrack aside, to me, Hogan has always represented the golfer's club to me. The other weekend warriors can keep their chunky, wide-soled, shovels. I want a precision instrument designed around making real golf shots. Hogan and very few others, mainly in the JDM market, can hold that place in my mental picture at the current state of the game. I think I would be a great selection for testing because I feel I resonate with the goals that Hogan set forth when making his clubs. The clubs you play should be designed for when you are playing your best, not to give you the clubs best because you aren't at yours. You should not be settling for hitting the ball improperly because the results are "okay" when they come off the club. I will provide a true unbiased review. I do not like to think of brands when I test clubs out at the range and shops. The Trackman and feedback cannot read that logo. I will be more than happy to give a very detailed response to all of the aspects that I feel are important in a club: appearance (say what you want, but how a club looks will shape your mentality when preparing for a shot if it gives you confidence), feel, and of course shot-results. Last but not least, I have the camera to take pictures if needed.
  3. My handicap: 7.2 My current choice of grip is the GP MCC, I have switched back and forth between these and the iomic sticky 2.3s I change my grips once a year, past couple years I have done it twice switching sets and liking a different grip in the process. I think I would be an awesome grip tester because I feel I put more into the grip than I should. Going between the sticky's and the MCC got me thinking about how those different grips could change my swing. It got me curious, and I have been tinkering with grip details ever since. I feel that the grip is an extremely important factor in providing a golfer with the ability to feel how their shots react to minor changes in the swing and hands. I would love to see these new Super Strokes and get a feel for how these will effect my shots. To top it all off, I am in a position to be able to test them directly against the others in the wonderful steamy conditions of South Florida.
  4. I would love to be able to test one out. Currently I am gaming an X-Stiff Fujikura Tour Spec VC 6.2. I have access to Flight Scope at the place I would have it assembled. My swing speed is around 110 mph.
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