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  1. Justin/ Kansas 9.3 Ping i E1 165 yards Good luck everyone!
  2. I have a tendency to buy last years model at a reduced price. You get newer, unused equipment with the manufacturers warranty. I do buy my putters used. I can’t see any reason to buy a new one when most are gently used anyway.
  3. Justin/ Kansas 9-10 handicap Vokey SM7’s, F & K grinds I love a 50-75 yard knock down with a one hop & stop!
  4. Oban Kiyoshi White, X-stiff 05 flex, 44.5” tipped 1/2”, Titleist tip.
  5. Thanks for the opportunity! Justin, Kansas 34, 9.1 Ping i E1 (green dot), 4i-9i, S300
  6. Justin, Kansas Titleist 915 D3, Diamana White, Stiff 44.5" tipped 1/2" 108 Mph SS, 9.3 hdcp 9.5 deg., Kuro Kage Silver X-Stiff
  7. Justin Home State: Kansas ​Do you use performance tracking: Yes Do you use a GPS watch: No Which ones: Golfshot
  8. Justin, Kansas Vokey SM5- 48, 54, 58 Short game is a strength of mine. Good around the greens. Weakness would be bunkers. Current handicap- 8.6
  9. Anyone have the Srixon Z565 or Z765 driver in play? Thinking of moving to the Srixon from my Titleist and was wondering what everyone's opinion was.

    1. GolfSpy MBP

      GolfSpy MBP

      Check around the forums, I as well as many others have them both in play

    2. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Lots in the forums about Srixon - I'm gaming the 565 and absolutely love it! Had a fitting at a local Club Champion a few weeks ago and tried every combo of shaft with the Epic and it couldn't beat out the 565 with the stock shaft!

    3. JBones


      I game the 765 and LOVE it. Its long and accurate.

  10. Justin, Kansas Titleist 8.5* 915D3, Diamana White, Stiff, 44 1/2", tipped 1/2" 110 MPH, 285 yards Twitter: @justin_scheve Facebook: Justin Scheve Instagram: @liv2golf iPhone
  11. 1. Justin, Kansas 2. 9 3. Titleist 915D3, Diamana White 70g Stiff tipped 1/2" 4. 112MPH, 275 carry 5. Jim Furyk
  12. Justin, Kansas, Nikon Coolshot I would love to test a more reliable range finder w/ slope. Keep up the great work.
  13. The State in Which You Live- Kansas Your Handicap- 9 Your Current Putter- Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, 34"
  14. The average number of rounds you play annually- About 25 rounds Your current handicap- I am currently playing off 9 handicap Your Current Putter- I play 2 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, 34" Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 5, 35"
  15. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? Yes, After seeing reviews on the Titleist 915 drivers, I went out and tested the D2 & D3. After playing them both on the course, I went with the 915D3 and I am still gaming it. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? I don't buy on popularity anymore. I used to be a big TaylorMade fan, but now I don't own a single TM club. I am purely judging clubs on their performance and not false ads. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? I have seen a steady decrease in my scores and my handicap after replacing all the clubs in my bag over the past year and a half. I finally have clubs that work for me and my swing. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? I spend a lot more time in the fairway and on the greens. I don't lose as many golf balls on bad hits and I make a lot more birdies than I used to. I have made it to a single digit handicap and I am always pushing myself to go lower! Thank you for all your work to provide unbiased reviews and data on golf equipment.
  16. Justin Kansas Titleist 915 D3, Diamana D+, Stiff (44.5", tipped 1/2") Keep up the good work MGS!
  17. Justin, Manhattan, Kansas Ping i E1 (green dot), Dynamic Gold S300 9 handicap
  18. Justin, Kansas Currently playing at a 10.4 handicap. I play a Titleist 913h 21* with an Aldila Tour Green stiff shaft. I also play a Titleist T-MB 3 iron with S300 AMT shaft. Both play about the same distance. However, each one has different playing characteristics. Hybrid is much higher launching and easier to hit a high fade when needed. The T-MB is great for keeping the ball down in the Kansas wind.
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