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  1. Why would you or anyone buy the same pair of shoes or pants I wear without getting properly fit for those shoes or pants? Get properly it for your golf clubs or pay the consequences! Millions are spent every year for clubs that have a brand name and built for no one. Don't be that guy!
  2. I have used a pair of tile nippers in my shop to grip and turn out stubborn spikes. Works for almost all brands of spikes. Some were crew out - some were short twist type. The methods above all work in many ways. Keep clean and change at appropriate time are of extreme importance.
  3. There is NO STANDARD in shaft manufacture, therefore an S in one group may well be an R in another and often the reverse is true. A fitting using an accurate monitor is a very good start toward a good fit. A certain pro with the initials TW will give no more than three swings with a new club he does not trust. The reason being a human will adjust his/her swing to match the club. I have done many fittings in my day and have seen this malady all too often. Does not matter the name on the door, the important name is on the business card. Read about a man named Tom Wishon to get the real skinny on being properly fit for golf clubs.
  4. Go to a professional fitter and get fitted by the person who will make your clubs. There is absolutely no one in a big box store or a sporting goods store that can do justice for what you want. Matching shaft manufacturers can work with the set you are wanting, except too many shaft makers lack the total quality control to create a set that will fit your game. Ask yourself why those who rely on their clubs to make a living quite often have different shafts for distance clubs in the bag. An iron set 3-9 can often be matched for a swing while the wedges have a different weight and flex.
  5. Under NO circumstances would I burn a child with an adult set of tools. A ten gauge shotgun for learning to shoot would do potential damage to the user. A kids size bike to learn to ride rather than a 26 inch racer. Think about it.
  6. Lou, Arkansas 11.6 Handicap Current Hybrid in Play is Adams V4 22 degree The most important thing to me in a hybrid is trajectory control.
  7. Lou Eichler, Central Arkansas Yes Sharpie and PVC tube Bridgestone Tour B XS Black, Wide, LOU
  8. Lou Arkansas Taylor Made R15 14° Fujikura Vista Pro R45 R2 80 Swing speed 10.9 handicap 12.5 loft Lite shaft
  9. 1. AGE: 73 2. SWING SPEED: 85 3. HANDICAP: 12.3 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 100+ 5. CURRENT DRIVER: TaylorMade R15 14° ACCRA shaft 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Y or N Y, did not switch 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 205
  10. A quick note to let you all know after following recommendations to swing a lighter, softer tipped shaft in my big dog adjustable driver and trying out two sticks that met that criteria that were imported from the JA Pan company (sorry, I couldn't resist that) I have gone back to the ACCRA shaft. The FZ350 - M4 - DYMTEC shaft still looks like new. The graphics are still crisp and the coating is unmarred. Understand, I am not a slob and take very good care of my tools, but wear and tear is inevitable. A close friend who is also a golf pro and a fitter had a hard time grasping that I was able to get the distance and accuracy I enjoy with this shaft. I am very arthritic, have a heart condition, and the guys all say I have a smooth swing that looks effortless. By the way, the ACCRA is also from the JA Pan company. Just in case you wondered. Ike
  11. Am currently playing the JPX 900 Hot Metal irons, the T7 blue ion gap and sand wedges, the JPX 900 Hybrid 4&5, and the 3 & 5 JPX 900 fairway woods. I can play whatever I want and these have not disappointed. Tested the forged as well as the Hot Metal and the numbers and feel made the decision to order the Hot Metal easy. The choice of shafts was better than any I have seen in my many years of choosing clubs and shafts are my specialty. Will be interesting to see how the reviewers feel about these tournament quality clubs. Ike
  12. Central Arkansas Slotline Inertial Tour - face balanced 32 inch Speed control
  13. Lou Eichler, Arkansas 12.6 TM R15, 14°, Fujikura Vista Pro 45, R2 85 MPH, 215 Morgan Pressel
  14. In reference to my 05 November 2016 post, I have since added the P2 and A wedge to my set, 44 and 50 degrees. Both have a new Paderson shaft for trial and will be adding the P1 soon. Not decided yet, but will probably match the rest of the set with Steel Fiber shafts. I do like the Paderson and they are selling well, but Steel Fiber is a tough competitor for consistency. Not to say the Paderson is not consistent, they are not for the same market. Have read a bit in this forum about looking like grandpa's chipper and other ilk, but unless you have actually hit these heads and seen the results and felt the sensation of smoothness your comments do not merit much. Ike
  15. Lou Eichler, Arkansas using smart phone app powered by Callaway and Bushnell Tour V2 laser. Would really like to try the newer Bushnell as we play (nearly) year round here. The phone app is less than adequate as it requires getting in the shade to read and I prefer the accuracy to the pin and other objects along the way.
  16. Started playing the 7-8-9 irons as supplements to my previous set of Hogan FW 15s. Found the clubs extremely easy to hit straight and LONG. Chose to ignore lofts until they had been played for a few round and have finally settled with adding back one of the Hogan FWs to fill a gap in distance/loft. The forged feel is very similar to my previous forged sets. Many players of other brands would do well to give these a try. I have a choice of any brand and choose my clubs on performance and feel. The BS JGR fill the bill on both counts. Ike
  17. The average number of rounds you play annually 100+ Your current handicap 11 Your Current Putter Odyssey 2 ball SRT White Hot XG 32"
  18. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Snell MTB 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? A venue that gives relatively unobstructed information about equipment and supplies. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) No. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Part of the enjoyment of the sport for me is learning more about the tools available and being able to share that information to students, clients and fellow players.
  19. Name - Lou Eichler Home State - Arkansas Handicap - 11.1 2 lofts to test - 22, 26
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