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  1. John Phoenix, AZ Walk about half of the time, more in the summer Yes the top flite tf360
  2. John, Phoenix AZ I am right handed. First choice - hybrid stiff Second choice - driving iron stiff Handicap 11 Currently play a 4 iron, 3 hybrid.
  3. First Name/City State John, Phoenix AZ Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score Handicap is around 12 right now. Current Iron Model Played Cobra forged tec 2016 model
  4. 1. Handicap is around a 12 right now, in Phoenix Az. 2. Current clubs are Cobra King Forged Tec (2016 Model), 8 iron is my 165 club. 3. I've heard about sub 70 originally through the No Putts Given podcast and then looking at the most wanted players/players distance irons. I've been looking at getting new irons and they were definitely going to be a consideration, but I was nervous about not being able to try them/get fit for them without an initial investment.
  5. John/ Phoenix, AZ About once a week for 45-75 minutes. Once every 15 holes according to ShotScope Being able to practice longer than 8 feet indoors with temperatures just starting to break 100*.
  6. John, Lake Geneva, Wi Bettinardi BC02 Pro X Dream Miss is to the right
  7. John, Wisconsin This season I used a Odyssey Metal X belly putter chopped down to 34"
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