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  1. I can see why some hate Royal Hawaiian but I found it so unique and beautiful I think its a must play at least once. The course conditions aren’t great and you are going to lose balls that are hit well and some holes are just a crazy layout but you do feel like you're in Jurassic Park and that was very fun. Just leave golf expectations home and go there for fun with a bunch of crappy balls.
  2. I used to be spike in wet and spikeless summer conditions. I started wearing some Code chaos spikeless in the winter and I found them to have as good as traction as spiked esp. after getting the spikes clogged with grass. No issues with grass sticking to the spikeless. My only complaint was the Code chaos heals on the inside wore out in 1/3 of a season. I sent them in for warranty but was told that was normal. They are the only shoes to have ever worn out so fast. The traction bottom was still like new.
  3. I recently received my Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 putter after a fitting at Club Champion and wanted to share and see how it compares to others putter fittings. I’m a single digit handicap but my Arccos shows I was giving up 3.3 strokes a round compared to my 5 hdc goal strokes gained. I bought the All Sport putting mat and Putt Out mirror and gate and found my path was consistently out to in. After spending quite a bit trying different setups and grips styles ( sent from pencil grip back to conventional) I decided it was time to get fit to see if the putter type was the issue. I went to Club Champion as they have a large assortment of putter brands and styles and the technology to evaluate my issues. Once I signed up they had me fill out a pre-fit questionnaire online to help them understand my game and goals. I set up the appointment online with the fitter I choose from reading reviews which was about 2 week wait in March. When I arrived they had me use my putter on the SAM PuttLab. On this day I had a slight arc and an open face. Conner gave me a couple of putters at a time to try and just asked me how they felt. If I didn’t like them he put them aside. If I liked them he kept them close. We did this with maybe a dozen putters trying blades and mallets. I quickly knew mallets were going to stay. We then tried different toe hang and face balanced putters in several brands. I also intermixed my putter into the mix. We were able to quickly narrow it down to 2. They weren’t amazing better than my gamer but they were consistently slightly better. I ended up choosing the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 with slight toe hang with narrow grip and 35 inch shaft. The shaft is longer than I need and I was choking up but since I was putting well decided to leave everything as is. Club Champion will adjust the shaft and grip later if I desire which I probably will. It took about a month to get the club. The first time I used it I was consistently short and no more accurate than my old gamer. I went back to the mirror and gate and made some set up adjustments and started to see some improvement. I’ve now had it for 2 months and have gone improved my putting strokes gained by just over 3 strokes in the past 15 rounds from my previous 15 rounds. So either the putter or the combination of putter and practice are finally making a dent. My putts within 10 feet have made the biggest improvement. I paid $125 for the fitting. I didn’t have to buy the putter through them, there was no pressure of any kind. I could have bought it cheaper through my golf club but thought being able to bring it back for adjustments from the person that fit me was worth the extra coin. Hope this helps if some one is looking at a similar decision and hope we all can shave another stroke off the handicap.
  4. I bought the Putt Out pressure putt trainer over a year ago and just didn’t use it much. I didn’t have an indoor mat and found outside I’d rather not carry it around. I bought the Allsport mat a year ago and use it a lot. It returns all balls and is about 9 feet long with the last foot uphill. It can be hard to keep the mat flat near the uphill part, balls often careen off as the carpet lifts on the edges. I did buy the Putt out mirror and gate system and use it indoors and just use tees on the course. Ive found from these that I need to work on consistent set up and that my path and face angle are more often off than on. My putting is starting to improve but I recently got fit at club champion for a toe hang Scotty C Phantom X 5.5 which I think has helped to from my old face balanced Ping. Overall I’d buy the Allsport mat and Puttout mirror and gate setup but skip the Pressure putt trainer. But I still think its good but redundant for my setup. Anything that will encourage you to practice good technique is always good.
  5. Hi everyone. I’ve been a member for years but recently retired and have more time to do more than scan the new reviews. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve been playing for a bout 20 years. I picked it up after breaking my leg and no longer being able to continue my love of wakeboarding on the Willamette river. My handicap is a 7.1 but I can hit in the 90’s as often as the 70’s. I should probably emphasize course management more. What do you love about golf? Its competitive with yourself or others. It feeds the fire when my body can’t respond to most other sports. I get to spend time with friends and occasionally family and courses are aways so beautiful everywhere I go. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I love the tests and reviews of gear and equipment. I love the specs and analysis of things and can’t get enough of that. Where are you from? What is your home course? I live in the Portland Oregon area and am a member at The Reserve and Vineyards but also play often at Langdon Farms. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Well it is so beautiful and green here with a moderate climate and the best summers in the world. It does get a bit soggy in the winter but it is still playable 12 months a year. What do you do for a living? I was a dentist but recently retired. I would love it if my handicap drops now. How’d you pick your user name? I used to play Taylormade Tour Preferred CB irons and I am a picker seldom leaving a divot. Luckily I found the 790’s more forgiving and my iron game benefited from the tech.
  6. Colin/Lake Oswego, OR/USA Ping Ketsch 1st model I enjoy my Ketsch but would like to try the Tomcat with increased MOI since I don't hit the center of the face consistently. I'd also like to try different alignment on my putter to help with both align and squaring the face and the runway dots of the Tomcat look like a new and helpful aid.
  7. Colin - Oregon Ping G 10.5 loft Alta 55 stiff hdcp 10 SS 98 mph I would choose the Epic Flash Sub Zero with Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75 stiff shaft since that what TrueGolfFit recommended for me. Thank you.
  8. Colin - Oregon hdcp 10, swing speed 100 Current driver - Ping G Test - Ping 410 plus My Ping G has helped lower my handicap by hitting the fairways a lot more often than the several Taylormade Drivers I’ve owned. I’m looking forward to a more adjustable driver to accommodate different course conditions from narrow soft fairways in Portland to wide firm conditions at Bandon, and as always with my never ending changing swing tendencies. Thanks for the opportunity.
  9. Colin Oregon Gavin Green shell Bandon 30 mph wind and raining so hard water was running across the greens and fairways. Even with covers over our bags everything was soaked
  10. Tier 1: Jon Rahm Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3:Tony Finau Tier 4: Russell Henley Tier 5: Byeong Hun An Winning Score: -7
  11. Colin from Oregon Handicap 12 Driver Ping G Taylormade Superfast 2 -3HL fairway and 3 hybrid Taylormade Tour Preferred CB irons 4- A Titleist 56 and 60 wedges Ping putter
  12. Colin Oregon Hdcap 8 Taylormade 2014 tour preferred CB Last year I switched from TM to Ping driver and my driving has improved significantly.
  13. What a dream opportunity. Colin Smith Oregon 7.8 Hcp Srixon- Driver Z565 10.5 stiff Z355 Fairway 17 stiff Z H65 Hybrid 22 stiff Z565 Irons 8-PW Graphite stiff Z545 irons 4-7 Graphite stiff Z star pure white balls Cleveland Wedges T=RTX -3 Tour Satin 50-VMG, 56 VGF, 60 VMG Putter TFI 2135 MEZZO WinnProx Grip 34 inches
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