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  1. Jon Brooklyn, NY I walk 90-95% of the 80 rounds I play each year. 75-80% of those rounds are at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, NY. I currently use a BatCaddy electric cart for my clubs. It does NOT have a remote control.
  2. I've owned a BatCaddy electric for almost three years, and it does what I want it to. It has no remote, and cost $440 with a heavy duty lead-acid battery, which is rated to easily cover 36 holes (I only did that once without a re-charge, although there are times, after 18 holes, where the recharge transformer shows full charge immediately upon plug-in.). I did not want a remote control, because I have seen a lot of accidents with them due to operator inattention involving bunkers, hillsides, other players, etc. I'll never go back to a non-powered pushcart.
  3. Your first name and your home state/province: Jon/New York Your current driver/shaft combination: Cobra F6+/Aldila Tour ATX 65 (Regular) Your driver swing speed/carry distance 88 mph/ 195 yds Your current handicap 13.0
  4. Jon New York 12 hcp 88 driver swing speed Current driver: Cobra King F6+ I'd like to review the G400 10.5 loft, with a 45.75" Alta CB55 regular flex shaft and a PING white Tour Velvet grip. Thank you.
  5. Jon from New York Current Driver: Cobra F6+ with Aldila Tour ATX65-4.2-R Swing Speed 89 MPH, average distance 225 yds Twitter name: jonsliga (not a member of Facebook or Instagram) Smart Phone type: Android
  6. Handicap Index: fluctuates between 8 and 12, depending on the time of year; 12 now State: New York Swing speed: 90 mph Carry with driver: 200 yards Preference: F7+ (My current driver is a Cobra F6+ with an Aldila ATX65 regular flex shaft)
  7. Average rounds played annually: 85 Current USGA GHIN system Handicap Index: 12.4 Current gamer putter: PING Ketsch (1st generation)
  8. 1. PING Ketch 2. No, but it has added information to my decision-making. 3. Yes...I think I make more putts and have fewer 3 putts. 4.I like making more putts and fewer 3 putts.
  9. Jon Silverberg, New York, 10.5 GHIN handicap index (as of 9/1/16) I carry 4 wedges: 1 Adams Idea Tech Pitching Wedge 44 degree; 1 Cleveland RTX 588 (Rotex 2.0) 48 degree; 2 Scor 4161's (55 degree and 60 degree)
  10. Jonathan Silverberg- Brooklyn, NY Current GHIN system handicap index 11.6 My clubface height coming into the ball is inconsistent, producing fat & thin shots. I hope the DST Compressor can help with that.
  11. First name: Jon Home state: NY Current handicap: 10.1 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex: TaylorMade Jetspeed, Velox T 65 shaft (original equipment), R flex (I carry 3H, 4H, 5H and 6H)...I hit them 200, 190, 172, 164
  12. I've played 3 rounds with it; I like it a lot...it is loooonnnnggg, and seems very much under my control...not enough grass around yet to tell how it will spin on half-wedge shots, but full wedges produce the same results as Pro V1's or Bridgestone B330 RX's for me (one hop and stop)...so far so good...
  13. No scorecard, I'm afraid, because it was more than 20 years ago...Spyglass...long, narrow, unforgiving and the greens were like glass...impossible to stop the ball near the hole...way tougher than Winged Foot West, Bethpage Black, Pinehurst #2, Troon North (Monument), Sebonac, etc. Pebble the next day was a walk in the park, even the 2nd shot over the chasm on 8...
  14. This device seems like it would enable you to work on minimizing horizontal head movement (swaying). My problem has always been vertical head movement, leading to inconsistent club face contact height, particularly with irons. I wonder if there is an equivalent and effective training aid for that problem.
  15. Thank you for the welcome, gentlemen...
  16. I find it quite amusing that some folks want to post replies to this topic as if the question was one of marketing, rather than product quality. I'd hazard a guess that many of us couldn't care less about marketing. Take the Jetspeed line, for example. 1) the driver is the longest in the current marketplace for lots of players (I have observed three very competitive Senior pros with 100+ mph swing speeds play it in a significant local tournament in October; each swears they've never had a longer stick.) It's longer than the SLDR for me, which was longer than anything else I've played. 2) The 3 wood and the hybrids shoved my RBZ Stage II's out of the bag. Better contact, better feel, more accurate, longer.You're missing a bet if you don't try them, especially at the highly discounted prices for discontinued clubs. TaylorMade's marketing failure has created a great opportunity for players.
  17. I've been following My Golf Spy for more than a year, and have used its reviews as a starting point for equipment acquisitions, as my PING Ketsch will attest. I saw a forum topic today on which I would like to comment (Worst product), so I joined up. I've been playing the game for more than 50 years, I play 60-80 rounds a year and this year, thanks to the Ketsch, my SLDR driver and Jetspeed 3 wood and hybrids, I got my handicap down to a record low of 6.7 in midsummer. Every year my index is highest in May and lowest in August, and the peak to trough is more than 3 strokes. I ended the handicap year (I live in the met area and play most of my golf at Bethpage) at 9.7.
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