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  1. OK, have been following this intriguing thread since the start. Since I love to tinker, I am trying it out and have my first results. Bought an Integra SooLong 45 g - L flex shaft for around $40, with self installed adapter total about $50. Installed it in my Tour Edge C721 (10.5* head) with a standard Leather grip (45g). Shaft/Grip weight is 103g playing at 45.5". Head weight is 192g for a total of 295g which gives a swing weight between D0.5 and D1.0 ( have an old Golfsmith SW scale. ) Tested yesterday at PGA Superstore, gained about 4-5 mph on ball speed. Set adjustments for roughly 16* launch at about 2400 rpm spin. It felt very good. Played first round with it today, lowered the setting one notch so now estimating about 15* and 2200 rpm (but is just an estimate). Results today seemed to be 10 - 15 yds longer than my normal drive. So I am very excited about continued results after getting some playing time with the new setup. I am 76 with a 4.8 hcp. Normal driving distance is 220 avg with 240 P-Avg (using Shot Scope V3 data) I play close to 190 rounds/year (165 so far this year) so I believe that I can feel a lot from my ball strikes and so far I am loving the results. Hope they last and continue to improve. I will post again after a few rounds as follow up. Does anyone think the PLB would be even better than my SooLong? Had never heard of the SooLong before searching for suitable shafts for this experiment.
  2. Hey Stu, while I totally agree with your Rant that this is getting to be an "old subject" I feel that you should take some time to learn who the players are. The "they" you refer to are the keepers of the "game of golf" that all us weekend warriors enjoy. THEY are NOT the parties involved in the ongoing fiasco. The PGA Tour, DP Tour and other TOURS are entertainment companies that run their exhibitions (tournaments) based on the rules of golf - as maintained by the USGA, R&A and supported by the PGA. Hopefully "they" will come out of this mess unscathed.
  3. Chose the Tec X irons. I need the extra help as aging has taken it's toll. Larry Georgetown, TX Currently playing Mizuno 919 HMP Index: 4.6 Would love to have the opportunity to participate in discussions on these clubs.
  4. Keep the group's handicaps based ONLY on scores recorded during the weekly competitions. (ignore GHIN or other official handicaps) Helps the person that has a "tendency" to shoot high scores all week but has a "great" day during the competition. (seems to be lot of these guys) Also helps the person that has low scores when playing outside of competition but struggles with nerves when in competition. (not as many of these - but they do exist) Sort of evens out those opposite players and pulls them closer to the normal players and helps keep everyone happier.
  5. If you are asking about the orange/black version then YES, I am still using it in a driver. Have actually changed the adapter to at least the 2nd driver type, maybe the 3rd. (Memory is not what it used to be), currently using it in a Tour Edge C721, love that shaft in the driver.
  6. First time I was aware of SWMBO was on the old British Comedy "Rumpole of the Bailey". Great series if you can catch it.
  7. So has anyone taken the plunge and have a review on these balls? Looked like Schwartzel was using the "Clear Green" but not certain about that. Might have been the "Black". Would love to try them out but doubt that I will ever find one in the rough - and that is the only way I would have of getting one to try. Maybe MGS will include them in next years testing? It would be nice to be able to say that the Maxfli Tour, Snell MTB X or the Vice Pro plays as good or better than a $58 dollar ball (in lieu of a $48 ball) for a change.
  8. Larryw

    Urethane or not?

    Not sure the price in your part of the world but check out the Maxfli Tour or Tour X. They play as close to the ProV1 (Tour) or ProV1x (Tour X) as any ball you can get. In the USA they are 4 dozen for $104. Great price and Great ball. (You might find a Dick's Sporting Goods coupon to save another $20).
  9. Retired over 10 years now and trying to play 4 to 5 days/week has changed my round warm-up routine. The body does not want extended practice range time along with 4 to 5 rounds per week, so I hit 2 or 3 clubs after the normal stretching/warm up exercises for flexibility. Choose the clubs based on the course (we have 3 different courses) that Shot Scope says are the most frequently hit on that course/tee box. Then, I select one club each day to finish out the small bucket. I practice that one club to different yardages (50, 100, 125, etc. depending on the club) and work in a couple of fades or draws the best I can. Today's equipment wants to hit everything straight so working the ball is not as big of a deal as it was in the blade/ballata years. But still like to practice the swings needed to fade or draw when desired and I still like to be able to hit a specific yardage with 3 different clubs (for all middle yardages). Helps in club selection on approach shots to account for daily conditions.
  10. Larryw


  11. I've played the Golf Pride CP2 both pro & wrap for a long time. Bought 3 of the new Gray of which you speak. They are fantastic, now looking for another 10 grips.
  12. Yes, and I usually just use rubbing alcohol to do the same thing. Have even used Windex and it still works fine. Can use the club immediately with no drying time. Will say that the leather grips are much more difficult to install - guess the leather does not want to expand as easily but still no major issue just using a $30 auto inflater from Home Depot. Don't need a big compressor.
  13. Larryw

    Sad News

    Should verify this. Information I read indicated it was a full size steel rim spare (different rim than other 3 tires on vehicle) - that failed possibly contributing to the accident - not a doughnut spare.
  14. Great addition, hope the Map helps build the community. I did notice that first adding location by zip code and choosing my county in Texas, it placed me at the geographic center of the county. I then changed to the "use my current location" option (instead of entering zip code) and it placed me exactly where my home is located. Don't know if this works better for everyone, but it worked great for me. Hope it helps. Edit: correct English
  15. Larryw

    Maxfli Tour

    Tour's are great balls in performance but also durable. This ball I have played for the past 4 rounds, it has seen the woods more than once, hit a couple of cart paths on the fly and took a direct hit on a tree trunk at 40 yds. from my 1 iron. I think that might be the one mark that is visible. Still plays great but has lost that "new" ball feel so it has earned retirement. Love the ball.
  16. Didn't have Cataract's but did have the Lens replacement surgery (same surgery for Cataract's) on both eyes Aug/2020. Dr. used the diamond knife tool to make the slit (as opposed to using a laser - which is also common today). Other than that their is little difference in the surgery's, with the Lens installation being done the same after both procedures. One eye and then two weeks later the other eye. I played golf the day after surgery both times with no issues except that I didn't need glasses and I could see the ball all the way down the fairway. It did take a couple of days for vision to be "normal" - now My vision is 20/15 and the only issue (which does not really bother me) is the "halo's" around lights - especially in a dark room or at night. The little blue lights on the stove/microwave and other devices light up like a Christmas tree for me. Some people say they get "floater's" - but I have not had those at all. Lucky I guess. Good luck, hope it turns out as well for you.
  17. Larryw

    Maxfli Tour

    I've been using them since the 2019 ball test. With my game, I cannot distinguish a difference with the ProV1 - other than being a lot lower cost. The 2021 version is just as good - if not better - than the previous version. The alignment decal does not bother me visually, and I don't use it for alignment. I "floated" the first couple of dozen balls and did not find one that was not in perfect balance. I found that hard to believe - so I floated several balls of all brands from my used bucket - just to make sure the "floating" was working and it was working just fine. I keep trying all the new balls, some I find and others I buy, but so far nothing comes close to the Tour any where near the price. Do want to try the Vice Pro/Vice Pro+, but at their price, even if they were as good as the Tour - the price just wouldn't work out to be better.
  18. A good friend's response is "Where in the world did that come from?". He is not playing right now for medical reasons but thanks for reminding me of the great response.
  19. That sounds great - but maybe get additional verification? H&R Block says that hobby income must be reported as "other income" and since 2018 tax law, there is no place to deduct the hobby expenses. Just a caution to verify.
  20. You might reach out to people that have upgraded from V2 to V3. They have several tags (3i, H2, X3, X4) that they may not be using and willing to give (or sell) to you. They will work with the V3 system. Put one in a club and then use that club in a round and the tag should then appear in your "MyBag" area where you can change the club specifics to match the club you used.
  21. Had a full RT hip replacement the first week of Aug this year. I am 76 and had the LT hip replaced 11 years ago. At 4 weeks was chipping/putting with no issues. Actually hit some full shots but did not want to push it so kept that to a minimum. Played 9 holes at 6 weeks with full swings, tried to keep it to around 80% effort but you know how that goes. Have been playing 3 or 4 times a week in December and don't even think about the Hip during play. The incision still has a little "puffy" feeling to it but I think almost all trauma in the muscles has repaired and flexibility is as good as it is probably going to get. Do your PT and stretching exercises - very important.
  22. I have bought their 1 iron, 2HW and the set of wedges. Very satisfied with the performance of the clubs. Not a scam as far as I have seen. They are aggressive in their advertising but you should be able to disconnect the emails if that is what you desire. I have not had an issue in doing that. I initially wanted to try the 1 iron for low & long shots from off the fairway and low tee shots into the Texas wind. I really liked how it played, so tried the set of wedges, they are excellent for me. Your usage may be different - but their price is right if they work for you. I have not tried to return anything so have no input on that aspect of their service.
  23. Larryw

    C and L

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Great day - well the golf was only so-so but that is still a great day.
  24. Larryw

    Is Maxfli DTC?

    Think I saw the 2021 Tour 48 box on sale for $104.98 at Dick's. Good price, Good Ball.
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