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  1. Chris Houston, TX 7 My teacher has a trackman so I get to see my numbers about once every 6 weeks or so. I would very much like an opportunity to test Arcos. I track my stats on paper after every round. Thank you.
  2. Posted Today, 07:36 AM Name/State: Chris from Texas Driver/shaft: Epic with a Rogue Maxx 65 Swing speed/carry distance: ~106 mph (?), ~270 yard carry Current handicap: 7.7
  3. Chris from Texas - Ping G25 17deg & 23deg both with Ping 189 tour stiff MIDSIZE grip. - Suggested by Ping rep - not exactly custom fit. - Strengths - high draw & low draw - Weakness - high cut
  4. Chris Shearon Houston, TX 8.5 Strength - 50 to 60 yard shots with soft hands and low spin Weakness - hitting the low high spin shots that stop quickly 52SS 56 SS 60 TS Standard length / lie Midside grip Thank you.
  5. Chris Shearon Houston, TX Strengths: 50-60 yard shots with soft hands and little to no spin, flop shots around the greens, bunker shots Weakness: Figuring out how much bounce to play when its wet 52/SS RH 56/ES RH 60/TS RH Standard length and lie. Mid size grip Thank you.
  6. Walk or walk with push cart. push cart - Titleist (made by sun mountain looks like a 4/5 walk - OLD sun mountain 3.5 - definatlely time for a new one rarely - Sunday bag // frustrating with midsize grips even with 7 or 8 clubs Needs * bags need to be lightweight * mouth of the bag needs to be big enough to allow 13 clubs with midsize grips and a scotty cameron to come in and out easily. * insulated water bottle pocket (It's VERY hot and humid in Texas) so condensation wont get on grips * quality zippers and zipper pulls * full length dividers at least 2 or 3 * sharpie pocket * some sort of organizer rack so clubs dont rattle (mizuno and ogio have somethig like this)\ Thank you.
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