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  1. Andy/Illinois Handicap = 11 Mizuno 900 Hot Metal 7 iron carries 155
  2. Andy Chicago 100 swing speed Pro V1 X or Top Flite Bomb I have used the Snell MTB ball in the past and it performed as well as other balls.
  3. Thanks for everyone's response. I appreciate the feedback. I love the response that indicated when you least expect the increase, it happens. That's how it felt. I am excited and looking forward to the next few weeks. Hopefully, I will remain injury free and stay after this. I did not make it to 5 weeks in my past attempts before this year, so I am already in a better place.
  4. There are a few places in the US that offers a Gears 3D motion review of your swing and I was wondering if anyone here has done it and whether they thought it was worth the money or not?
  5. I just finished week 5 and I have a few questions for the more experienced super speeders 1) I am seeing my speeds increase in the 5th week by 5 or 6 mph across the light, medium, heavy. Is that an indicator that I should move to protocol 2 or is there a standard length that I should do protocol 1? 2) My numbers were pretty static for 4 weeks and then boom, the numbers went up. I was wondering if that was normal?
  6. I am 1 year into my square strike 56 degree wedge. I am still loving it and feel super confident on the full swings with this thing as much as around the greens. It launches a little lower than a regular sand wedge for me, but really bites when it lands. I have made pars and bogeys when double and more was lurking. I bought a spare, just in case they try to "improve" the club.
  7. Andy/Illinois Cobra F9/10.5/Fuji Atmos Blue/Stiff 11/100/No launch monitor I played the TE EX8 driver and enjoyed the driver for almost a full season. I have a TE CBX 3 wood, and older 4 wood in my bag right now and they are not going anywhere. I would love to try out the EXS driver
  8. 1. Andy - Illinois 2. 11.9 - 100 but working out to swing faster 3. G400 4. G410 Plus
  9. I liked the traditional looks too. The Z785 (I think you got the number wrong in your post) looks fantastic and Srixon really makes good equipment. I went with the Z9, but a lot of me and even TrueGolfFit suggested the Z785 with the Project X Black shaft. Good luck and keep us posted with your results.
  10. Sam, I pulled the trigger on the F9 tonight. I liked everything about the club from reviews and swinging at the store. I did not swing the tour length in the store, but purchased the tour length version, probably more from your comments and my desire to hit the center of the club more often. 44.5 inches just makes a lot of sense to me and so many Experts and Pro's swing 44 and change length drivers. I went with the ATMOS Blue 6 shaft as well. I'd be curious if you use the Cobra Connect and if you see any value in that info. Let's see if it can kick the Ping G400 out of the bag.
  11. Joen, I have had similar injuries with swingspeed in the past and I don't really have a great solve. I think the awkwardness of swinging with the left arm dominant must trigger a reaction. I am stretching my back and shoulders before swinging this year. I just started as my season does not really start until April. Best of luck to you.
  12. Chisag, What are the differences between the EvenFlow and ATMOS Blue from your perspective? The F9 is on my list to try and the tour length may finally be on my wish list too. I remember you liked the rogue shaft that I did not like a few years ago. I kind like a touch of liveliness in my shafts. I plan to do the full Cobra fitting in a few months, but I was curious the difference in shaft performance
  13. I would be interested to know how you play it, putting stroke?, wrist break?, width of stance?, ball position? I don't change that much for this club from "normal" wedges. I keep the ball position inside my left (lead) instep. Width of stance is closer together, but i did not change either of those aspects when using the SS wedge compared to normal wedges. The 55 is targeted to get the ball more airborne than the 45, so you need to have some arc in the swing. I am still fiddling with how the club sits behind the ball at address when pitching. I have the toe slightly up, so the club sits like Isao Aoki and Corey Pavin putts. It is not overly pronounced. Around the green I am using the 55 more like the putting method that is shown in the Andy North video. Much more straight through. I really enjoyed hitting a 65 yard shot on my last hole this past weekend. I did not tense up and did not have fear. I took a pretty good swing at it and held my finish a touch to stay low. It hit the green and took 1 bounce and pretty much stopped right there. It was wet, but that is a shot I never had in my bag unless I hit my 60 degree sky high in the past. Like I said, I am turning my 84's into 79's thanks partly to this club.
  14. I only have the 55 degree and feel exactly how you feel. This club is brilliantly designed and I am so confident with it. I have scooted/skulled a small number, but that is something I do with my 50 degree wedge from time to time. I swing freely and really love how the ball has some spin on it and stops fairly close to where it lands. I am using the 55 around the greens and any pitch shot from 65 yards and in. In the last month, I have shot 79 three different times. Coincidentally, that's exactly when I got the 55 degree square strike. I have gotten up and down from many spots in the last month that I would never have before. My scores are on the improve because I don't fear anything anymore. This club has freed me up. I don't have problems chipping, so I did not need the 45. I kicked the 60 degree out of the bag to make room for this pitching magic wand. I still love my 56 "normal" wedge from the sand and certain lies. I agree with you about the green backing, but who cares. I am aiming at spots on the green when pitching the ball and not thinking about much. Its so nice to make the par putt. I should probably buy another 55 before they go out or ruin this club with Version 2.
  15. How is this club from the fairway or rough? I have the CBX 3 wood and absolutely love it. I am more interested in the 19 iron-wood and probably would go with the Kuro Kage shaft, but I was curious how it performs from the fairway/slight rough.
  16. Andy Chicago, IL 10.9 Mizuno 900 Hot Metals w/Nippon Modus 105 shafts Ping i500
  17. Andy Chicago, IL 12 Keep stats on scorecard, but nothing tracked over time
  18. Andy IL/USA Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metals/Nippon Modus 105/Stiff 155 Would love to get my hands on G700 irons.
  19. Andy Illinois Ping G400 Fubuki J Stiff Shaft 100 swing speed; 11 handicap 12.5 Loft Stiff Shaft (Tensei Blue)
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