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  1. Hey Mods, really like the new sign-up also! Much easier than the old system!
  2. Would love to replace my AP2s with a set of these! Thanks for the opportunity! BTW, I'll take mine 1.25" long and 1* flat, thank you very much!
  3. John Sun City West, AZ TM Rocket Ballz Stage 2 3.2 Index 85 TSI2
  4. John in Madison, WI Index 1.8 Titleist AP2 Very interested in trying these. Used to play Wilson Staffs when I was young.
  5. John - Madison, WI 460 please 90 mph with the driver Good luck everybody!
  6. John Sun City West, AZ and Madison, WI 3.6 Titleist 762 in AZ, AP2 in WI PTX Pro - Icon Combo please! Great opportunity for a few lucky testers. Good luck all!
  7. Requesting Broke 70 and Tester 2015 badges. Thanks!
  8. John, Wi and AZ 3.5 index, 90 TM Aero Burner, R shaft Prefer Sub Zero, but would be very happy to test either one.
  9. 1. John in AZ 2. Index 3.5, 90 MPH 3. TM AeroBurner, R shaft 4. I'd love to test the G410 Plus!
  10. John in Sun City West, AZ 3.6 index Vokey 52, 56 and 60  same lofts please, if I'm lucky enough to be chosen.
  11. John, wintering in SunCity West,AZ 3.6 index Bridgestone B RX More spin on approach shots would be excellent.
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