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  1. Ken, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Northwestern BR13 I've just recently went back to 1st putter I've ever had. Just lost all confidence in my Taylormade Raylor. I have been looking to get a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. I would love the chance to try the new Pings. I would be interested in the ZB3.
  2. Awesome driver Ken Winnipeg, Canada 95 mph Hcp: 13
  3. Ken - Manitoba Canada 13 Hdcp TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB 160 yards
  4. Thanks for the heads up!!
  5. Ken - Manitoba Taylormade Ghost Raylor Right hand I have always liked the look of this style of putter but have never given it a chance for how big they look. I would love the chance to test thanks!!
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