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  1. I go up and down for sure. I'm a bit down on the game right this minute. I think that's because I don't have a group of guys I golf with. I go solo a lot and when I'm not playing well or have other places I could/should be, it's almost impossible to just "lose myself" in the game. I can't clear the headspace. I'm so much better when I have people with me who I like to distract me. But... well... being a young father with a demanding job and nighttime freelance writing gigs makes it hard to develop golf relationships. HAHA ****. I sound like I need therapy.
  2. I'd love to walk, but many of our courses don't allow it, including my home course due to the distance between many holes. I may change my membership at some point because of it. I'd love to walk.
  3. So I just had the best round of my life on Saturday. Admittedly, it was still a 95, and not my best SCORING round ever, but it was the first time where I could see my game falling into place. My driver and three wood were both mostly on point. I hit about 50% of fairways, and even the ones I missed it wasn't by much. I started super slow, and struggled all day with any iron lower than a 9. Either I'm leaving the face wide open, or I'm closing it too fast. I think it's mostly a tempo issue. Work in progress! Note, this was on a 140 slope course playing from the tips because everyone else was and I figured, why not? I suspect if i'd played a tee box or two shorter I would have shot under 90 for the first time. Lesson learned.
  4. I went out and played. Had a great time. Bogey took care of me. He did a great job MCing the event too. As for me, well my team shot a 62. Winners shot a 52. We were playing from the whites though, with two tiger holes. I shot a solo eagle on a short par 4. Drove the green and sunk a 15 yard double breaker putt.
  5. So if we're doing SA, I'd say La Cantera unless Hula can get us on TPC.
  6. I'd only do it if a bunch of NOrth Texas folks jumped in.
  7. We're riding together if we're going to Abilene haha.
  8. I guess north of I-40 in the spring/summer, south of I-40 in the fall/winter. Generally.
  9. How'd you like to be in his weekly game at Riviera? haha
  10. I assume that's an Edel putter. Looking sweet. I've always wanted to give Vegas a try too. Looks like a "small/independent manufacturer spotlight" of some kind to me.
  11. Crickets. BK has thrown out Oct 17 or Nov 7. Anyone object to those?
  12. Had the best run of my golf career so far today. Went four straight pars and a birdie. Sadly things totally went off the rails, but it gives me hope...
  13. What's everyone else think about that date? Should we push out further? FEEDBACK!! Since if it's just the SA/Austin guys we'll pick a closer course...
  14. I've developed a few WP sites too. Just depends on what you need done.
  15. I'm going to throw out October 24. thoughts?
  16. Heh, I ruptured mine in March of 2014. Awful injury. I need to do better prep. I just let myself get by on being athletic and in relatively good shape.
  17. So that Jason Day guy can playing some golf. Did you see the video pga's twitter out out of him at 12?? Identical finish to his swing. Amazing.
  18. The rough off the back of some of these greens look like my home course. I loved when Robert Streb hit one that had like a 9 foot embankment he had to get up and down over. The commentators were like GOOD LUCK. I dunno about y'all, but I have to hit that shot at least twice a round EVERY round. haha.
  19. I feel like keeping them through the regular life of an iron set you would buy yourself satisfies any obligation to not dispose of them. I also don't really think giving up on these so quickly is even fully satisfying the review.
  20. I was wondering the same thing. He's going to lose his card at some point.
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