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  1. Great review of Cork Tree corkputtergrips http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/13899-cork-tree-gimme-putter-grip-first-impressions/
  2. The Cork Tree was the first company in the world to produce golf bags and headcovers in cork leather. They were awarded in Golf Europe 2013 in the golf bags categorie because of their inovation. You can check more at www.thecorktree.net In 2014 they develop and produce the first cork leather putter grips. Currently there are around 80 tour players using it. Danny Willet won his first European Tour event in November. For more info ou can check at www.corkputtergrips.com https://www.facebook.com/thecorktree
  3. Great review https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1040139116
  4. Hi all, looks like LaMont Mann surrendered to the new Cork Tree corkputtergrips. Check it out at here https://www.facebook.com/thecorktree
  5. Thanks Kenny B.Cork Tree was the first company in world to develop and produce golf products in cork leather. They use proprietery cork leather because they also are cork producers. Corque just copy them. They belong to a Dutch family that live in Portugal and has nothing to do with cork. Also cork leather that corque uses on their grips looks similar but completly diferent from the Cork Tree putter grips. Well you know when good ideias come up there are always someone ready to copy. I think Cork Tree have already 35 tour players using their grips.
  6. Salty started to produce cork putter grips using the concept of "old fishing rods". They started to buy the cork in Portugal but today i don't know if they still do it. The Cork Tree started to produced golf bags and headcovers in 2011 and they won the prize winning award for best golf bag in 2013 in Golf Europe. This guys are attached to the cork industry and they know very well the raw material and what they are doing. They just develop golf stuff in cork leather and not natural cork rings. Cork leather is natural cork (+- 3mm thickness) with a fabric backing. They started to pro
  7. They use cork leather with several different cores. This enables all players to choose the model they like while cork leather creates a really great feel. Natural cork is very soft and smooth and promotes a good grip sensation Natural cork rings ( used by Salty Grips) limits the options in terms of product development because natural cork has to have a minimum diameter otherwise will broke when assembling on the shaft. Also they have to add a finishing to the product to create the feeling while cork leather is pure cork and don't need that type of finishing
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