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  1. Kyle, North Dakota 16 Cleveland Classic, Miyazaki C. Kua 43s 105 mph, 240 yards Phil, duh!
  2. Review: I'll start out with just a little bit about my wedge game, to help anyone with relating to my opinions in the review. I have played golf for 20 years and have been as low as a 6 handicap but am currently about a 14 handicap. My game has two major strengths: driving and green-side wedge play (except sand). I love being creative with my wedges. I have always done my best work with 56° or 58° wedges that have low leading edges and versatile grinds with low bounce. My current wedges are Cobra Tour Trusty 54° and 58° models completely stock off the rack, along with my Wilson Ci7 Gap
  3. Un-boxing/Initial Impressions So, I received my new Renegar RxF wedges last night. I guess they were delivered while I had run to the grocery store to grab a couple missing ingredients while my wife was preparing dinner. She avoided telling me until after we had finished eating before saying “Did you even notice you have a package?” Wait, what? I hadn't even noticed it sitting there, as the nice black box looked much less obnoxious than standard tan cardboard blending in next to our couch. I probably could have brought the package into a different room or moved it onto the dining room
  4. I hope you aren't too sad but the school started on fire in 1966. The building is still there and has been re-purposed into a Cass County court system building. Fargo South High was built to replace it in 1966/67.
  5. That's cool to hear about your granddaughter's achievement in wrestling. Yes, I have played Meadows. I actually play league in Moorhead since I have friends that live around the 2 city courses. I only play the Fargo courses in scramble events, and occasionally when my wife and I go out together for a round.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. Fozcycle, I am in Fargo, ND but I have played the courses in Bismarck that you mentioned back when I used to travel more for friends golf outings. It is only about a 3-3.5 hour drive for me.
  7. I'll start with the "Long time reader, first time poster" line. My name is Kyle, but I post as youngen. I'm 31 so I'm starting to trend away from actually being that young, but I've always had this profile name on any forum I've been a member of. I've been an avid golfer since the age of 12 years old, and just love everything about it. As a design engineer, I completely love all the ins and outs of equipment design, club building, and fitting. At one point in time I was a 8 handicap, but I have been more of a 14-16 handicap for quite a while now. I was selected to test the new Ren
  8. Handicap: 11 Current Grip: All my woods have Golf Pride NDMC's either Whiteouts or Platinums, and all my irons have Golf Pride Dual Durometers How often I re-grip: I re-grip as needed, which is usually about every other year. With the short golf season here in ND that's about equal to southerners that re-grip every year. Why Me: Well, I love re-gripping my clubs to try out new grips. I use my air compressor, so for me it is a painless task that takes just minutes to do. I also like to test my club's grips with and without a glove to know how that affects feel and play. Now that the
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