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  1. Ryan Tracy Michigan 7ish 20-30 rounds per year I buy from the golf shop I work at but I want to see if these are the real deal!
  2. Handicap=9 Swing Speed= 110-115 Favorite Wilson staff player: Paddy. I watched him win the PGA at Oakland Hills and I like the fact that he just grinds all the time. He's had a few lean years lately but it was great to see him win earlier this year!
  3. The word "Hogan" to me is synonymous with hard work. I imagine standing behind Hogan in his Tam O'shanter beating balls for hours. While I have nowhere near that amount of time, I feel like getting these irons would force me to put the work in my game and they would help me see the impact of that hard work.. I'm an 8 handicap. The Hoganfit process was interesting. I did get to the end and I noticed some things had been converted back to standard (both my length and lie angle). I don't know if that is because the specs on the Hogans are longer and more upright. I would like to see it look a
  4. Hcp: 7 Driver SS: 112-118 Ball: Call SR3, Pro V1x, Call Hex Chrome+, TM Penta Living in Michigan it could be a while before I got course testing; I hope that doesn't rule me out!
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