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  1. Thanks Big guy. That is exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know why I haven’t though if hitting up some thrift shops.
  2. As it always happens... a club is delivered 10 minutes before I leave for work. The CBX is dead sexy
  3. I go between caps, wide brim and none. But my shiny grape usually needs to be covered No hat with sunglasses is my preference. That is once I got progressive lenses in my sunglasses And a lot of sunscreen
  4. Also I search of food on the way
  5. Bought an AR-1 6 iron for a new fun shirt bag. Cobbled Fun Bags https://forum.mygolfspy.com/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/29220-Cobbled-Fun-Bags
  6. They look great. In my mind I was going to see an all black bag. All black. That would be a fun bag to put together.
  7. I have kid of taken to wearing a bandana under my hat. A la Suicidal Tendencies or Snoop. It just seems to work and is a bit more comfortable to me
  8. I have been browsing eBay and have been to the Louisville site and recognize there is any amount of money I want to spend. I guess what I am asking is if I buy vintage what am I looking to avoid
  9. How do you know what to buy when looking at wooden woods
  10. Good for Bob. Sounds like they are making attempts at being competitive and not just an ego driven brand. It can only do good thing for equipment if companies are putting out better equipment and not just another badged-on carbon fiber piece to make sales. I wonder if the irons, that I know little about, because I was just assuming “ego” brand and not competitive tech. I wonder if they will perform or make strides in tech, feel, performance and not be just an ultra expensive brand.
  11. If I read anything other than golf stuff i like Steinbeck and IRVING Welsh
  12. Yo G. I was watching across field talking about hitting the next higher club soft or fading or just producing the shot he wanted. He did it because he says it is his creative side not walking up and just smacking one hard every time. That is how I think of playing my short bag. I like playing with limited tools as I have to get in the zen of my game and just see if I can pull s*** off. Why not. It’s a game.
  13. I don’t think I am looking for just old clubs just some things that I won’t or can’t afford to buy a whole set of. But I do like playing old sticks as well. I have some relics sitting around here. As well as some dear things I would put into play again.
  14. These fun bags are easier to deal with than the others. I’m Kidding ladies!
  15. I recently saw a random Scratch 6iron sale and snatched it up. Decided to make my self a fun bag. I have an old white vinyl carry bag and like to play a 6 or 7 club bag with it. So I have some other random clubs and will start picking up some other things. Maybe a wood wood!? A baby blade? An MP-64? Don’t know what to do about a putter. I have an old #9 i customized and used until the Evnroll came into my life. Suggestions? Relatable’s?
  16. Planning a road trip to NOLA from Athens Ga hitting some golf on the way. Any suggestions on where to play? Audubon Park in NOLA, and one of the RTJ trail “hidden gems” Cambrian Ridge, on the list. Grand Bear In Mississippi is a possibility.
  17. I carry a 2i with a 7i shaft that was $0.50 from a thrift shop. ‘70’s era Wilson. Great fun for long punch/recovery shots, rollers, wind. Mishits require hand traction and an orthopedist but it is a ton of fun to have in the bag
  18. Didn’t know that existed. But I did find out they do a veterans discount and I did use that. It was a great deal cheaper directly from TEE than anywhere else
  19. Nothing like a ticket to change the minds of those not knowing they need egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches
  20. The forum is just a side thought in the minds of the MGS heads. Adam said he didn’t want a forum but it grew and provides a place to talk and keep eyes and an audience to the greater, more important parts of MGS itself.
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