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  1. Two Tom Coyne books found their way from the north pole
  2. I agree. I have have mine for two years nd I can’t imagine switching. Not only do I get a lot of “oh’s and ash’s” or “I love your putter”but it is the best damn putter I have touched. I’m not an exceptional putter if the ball but I am convinced this helps me and I sink more putts because of it. Added bonus, when I visited MGS they gave me a super pimp putter cover for it.
  3. Love that the days will start getting longer. I also love it it the start towards spring.
  4. My wife and a couple of friends found this as well. He has read it and I think he understands. Thank you for your thoughts.
  5. If “many” means I play, read about, digitally digest, watch videos/tv about golf then yes I have many. I did learn to knit. But it was to make club covers
  6. I am sorry. I can imagine this will eat at you and be in the front of your mind all the time. One day at a time, like everything else.
  7. I agree. I’m an ICU nurse and see what happens and deal with trying to keep people alive long enough so they can recover. I may have him come visit the Unit for an eye opener. He’s taking defensive driving soon and will lose his license for probably 6 months, which he deserves but is a long time and a stiff /fair penalty. He will go through the ringer for sure. An awakening shall occur
  8. Losing license. Don’t know yet. Court in February. More than likely for 6 months or maybe longer. He will definitely be paying on this for a while.
  9. Very sorry. My thoughts to you and your family
  10. I really like my GG. But I am thinking of resetting to zero with a new acct. want to see different data. My clubs and some shafts have changed. I haven’t, but that is a separate issue entirely
  11. My 16 yr old got a 100 mph speeding ticket and reckless driving. Damnit! There goes my new fairway wood
  12. I couldn’t agree more. I think he is illustrating the game is bigger already than the “grow the game” folks are seeing. His YouTube channel has more content and is really just as good. Maybe better in some instances. Random Golf Club. Love it.
  13. Oh yes I have watched it for a couple years now. Anxiously wait for the new one and am sad when it goes away. He also has a YouTube channel and a podcast. I like the channel more than the pod Charmed life for sure.
  14. By the way. I need new clothes but am still shrinking so I am making use of belts for now. I have gone from a XL shirt to a L and bought an L shirt at Sweetens just for continued encouragement.
  15. So I started thinking about this when it first started and failed at a normal diet. Then I found a program with a diet called Vshred. It popped up in my instagram feed and I bought it $57 for a 90 day program and diet. I did it for 60+ days and saw nearly 20 lb loss and shrinkage and the benefits that come along. It works. I fell off the exercise a little for a while. But am now back into a modified version for me. Week on week off. The off week is a 30 day free YouTube yoga program. I love it. If you interested look into VShred. And look into yoga with adrriene 30 day Truth. She’s a little corny but it isn’t judgy yoga.
  16. Enjoy the walk. I recommend a push cart. Like having a caddy without the tip
  17. Reshafted and now have 6.5’s for sale above
  18. What do the faces of the cb/mb set look like?
  19. Sold? If not, loft? Images? Shaft specs? You can PM me if you need
  20. Just read a bit about it. Pretty amazing. Improvise, adapt, overcome Surely one of the companies will jump on this and get him hooked up
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