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    kingcscott reacted to cnosil in Will a Stroke Lab shaft perform better than a steel shaft?   
    My current gamer is a Taylormade TM-180 putter.   This putter was my gamer for may years and then I went through some putter swaps and it is now back in the bag and has been performing well.   I have always wondered what the impact of a shaft change might be.  Shaft changes could be weight, flex, material, etc.  Many shaft manufacturers have come out with upgraded shafts and I wonder how they might influence my stroke.   While browsing online I found a used stroke lab shaft that was very affordable so I bought it and have installed it in the above mentioned Taylormade putter.    While many of the new graphite shafts are designed to be super stiff and "stable" the stroke labs was designed to move weight from the shaft into the head and grip.    

    To test the shafts,  I am using my ExPutt simulator and hitting a bunch of random distance putts and then hitting fifty 20 foot putts to look at dispersion and face control.  
    Putter specs:
    Steel Shaft:   33" length, 517g total weight,  355g head, 162g shaft and grip (105g shaft 57g grip).   I didn't remove the grip I had another of the same grip and weighed it. Stroke Lab:  34" length, 539g total weight, 355g head, 185g shaft and grip.   I plan on cutting the putter down to 33" but going to test the putter unmodified since I don't want to remove the grip yet.  I was a little surprised by the weight of the stroke lab shaft.   While it does have counterweighting,  I expected it to be lighter than the steel shaft.  Since I plan on shortening the putter,  I will remove the grip and counterweight to get the shaft weight.   The putter head is probably a little on the light side;  it seems that most stroke lab putters have 365g heads but the Odyssey OG putters are 350g so I am within a range that Odyssey uses.  
    The below image shows the summary of random distances on a 9 stimp green.   Overall not bad; but dispersion seems big in the 30-50 foot range, the directional bias is a little left, and speed control in the 0-10 foot range is a little on the high side.

    The below images shows the results of fifty 20' putts.  Speed control wasn't bad;  the bottom image shows that the dispersion pattern was about 6 feet deep from front too back.  Putter path was about 1 degree right and face angle was slightly closed.  With an average face angle of 0.2 I am well within the range of making 20 foot putts.  

    Overall performance with the steel shaft wasn't too bad and in my opinion will be tough to beat.    I have switched out the shaft and the epoxy is currently drying.   I plan on testing the stroke lab shaft on the ExPutt tomorrow and then getting it out to the course on Sunday.   
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    kingcscott reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Rapsodo MLM2Pro - 2023 Forum Review   
    Without a doubt this was one of the most requested items for member testing and we are so happy that Rapsodo agreed to come on board with this member test. It should be a lot of fun and a great test to follow along with!
    A lot of you already know me and my intro so I will go over with the short version here and stay mainly to my golf game. 
    My name is Jamie and I am the Forum Director here for MyGolfSpy Forum. You will see me all over the forum posting way too much and doing my best to be the most active person here. I am originally from Canada, but moved to Switzerland just over 3 years ago. While it may seem impossible and many think that I am a bot I do have an actual day job as an Ice Technician making ice for curling events and halls all over the world. It is essentially my dream job and I truly love what I do. 

    When I moved to Switzerland it took me a while to get back into golf. Changing countries, different languages and all made it quite difficult. However I have found a home at a course called Otelfingen Golf Park near Zurich Switzerland. 
    I played a lot of golf this season despite my wife and I welcoming our second child (Audrey) in June. It was an up and down season, however a little later in the year I started to find a groove and play some proper golf. Now that the season is cold golf is still available, but I have enjoyed more practice with my son and using my at home setup more. This is where the Rapsodo MLM2Pro came in. 

    My Initial Impressions were to be straight up stellar. I had the original MLM and gifted it to a colleague as while I enjoyed the unit, in the end I found it to be a nice to have device and not something which I found had a lot of longevity to its use. 
    The ability to work with android was also a game changer for the MLM2PRO. Although I have an ipad and other apple devices, my daily devices are all android based. 
    In terms of setup, the setup of the unit couldn’t be easier. With phone in hand everything is marked and within a matter of seconds you can have the whole unit aligned for your session on the range or at home into a net.
    The carry case is awesome too. I am not sure if anyone mentioned it prior, but I love the size and how it keeps everything organized has a little pocket to hold charging cable or other devices you may have. Only pitfall is maybe it would be nice to be a shade bigger so it could hold a couple of the RPT Golf Balls. 
    The app is largely the same and I do have some suggestions for improvement, some of which have been addressed, others I am still waiting on which I will go over later. 
    The unit itself is very sturdy and feels like a high quality build. The change in color and out of the box is everything I had been hoping for. With that I am awarding the Rapsodo MLM2PRO a 8/10 for First Impressions. 

    So I covered a bit of this prior in my first impressions, but I want to touch on a few other things other than the build of the unit itself. 
    I got so many looks and questions at the range with this device. I had dozens of people wanting to try it out and see how it worked. This included a pro coming up to me and asking if we could take to the Trackman and compare the data. Unfortunately I was packing up and didn’t have time so we are going to try and do that later. 
    Bottom line this thing is an eye opener and with it grabbing so much attention there is definitely a lot of positives to say from that. 
    The build again and looks as well as color scheme is exactly what I like. Not too flashy, but solid and the fact it is as small as it is and can fit in the bag is an extreme positive. 
    Truly nothing to knock here 10/10!
    The Numbers -

    Let’s be honest here we could go on and on for days with the numbers. Several of our other testers have done an excellent job of highlighting the accuracy and finer points. So here are my highlights.
    On the Range
    Data points are really good. Whether comparing to top tracer or shooting yardages with my range finder I found what Rapsodo was showing to be extremely accurate and following the ball flight with great accuracy.  Missed shots? Yes there were a few, but  not enough to make note of. The additional updates to chip shots has made a big difference as well.  This is both a good and bad thing for me. There are 13 data points available for your viewing. On the screen (phone or tablet) it will show you the 4 which you select. If you want the other pieces you need to stop and press and hold or highlight the shot to view the full data. It is all there, just takes a bit extra viewing.  Into the Net
    Some found data to be a little less reliable here, but the key is the RPT balls. Use them and this thing is money. I have spend the majority of my time using the MLM2PRO into my net and love it. I will say I don’t 100% know about the driver data. I do trust it, however sometimes I felt it left me a little short. Or maybe that is more my ego.  While I did struggle for a bit of time on shorter chips this was remedied with the most recent app update.  Simulation
    Again I used this into the net and Csiders13 did a great job of highlighting the options available. However I loved the simulation feature and this was the complete game changer for me.  Of the 3 options I have stuck mainly to the Rapsodo courses. I have played several rounds all on various courses, some I have played some I have not. Most importantly I used the MLM2PRO as a warmup for a tournament at a course that I had never played. The course design overall was great, however I noted the elevation changes didn’t come off as accurately and trees acted like walls and there was no chance to get through them. However I can honestly say that it helped me prepare for the round and without question saved me several strokes. Options within the simulation and for the price is just top notch. I will have more updates on this as the season progresses. 
    Overall the numbers here are very reliable and at the price it gives any purchaser a lot for their money. The main thing again is use the RPT balls. It makes a world of a difference. 
    Given all the above I believe a fair rating of 17 out of 20 is fair. 
    On Course - Adapted
    I will admit I haven’t been able to use this on course as yet. Between rain, course density and availability has been too limited. 
    However I will take this space to share my thoughts on the cameras and features. 
    The ability to take one swing and have 3 different and usable camera views of the same swing was game changing. Being able to breakdown and analyze your swing from down the line, impact and face on using your phone or tablet is simply the best.
    Being able to see deflection on the club face via the shot vision is astounding and humbling. However it is the ability to go slowly frame by frame that is the difference marker. I can breakdown my swing, release, takeaway and strike frame by frame and see the changes that cause each action. As someone who has been working on swing changes this is another standout feature which all golfers can benefit from.
    The App

    While there is so many great features on the app, it may be the area where I am most picky. The basic features are there and carry over from the original with some obvious additions. There are a few things I would maybe tweak or change with the app, however Rapsodo has continued to push through regular updates that addressed any initial qualms I had. These include in their most recent update a bulk club add feature. The one time I had issues connecting it was remedied by a quick app update and off we went!
    So what I liked

    Cloud Storage! The ability to hold and go back view previous sessions for reference is a true standout.  Session insights - When finishing a session if you have taken at least 5 shots with a single club it will provide you with a insights which gives you additional data comparing your game vs a pro or handicap of your choosing. It will help you know where to focus your next practice session with those clubs.  Dual cameras I have already messaged, but should be said again. So good.  Gapping sessions and overall data available to dive into.  Simulation which again I have gone over.  What I didn’t like as much

    Adding Clubs and switching club inventory. This is where I think the most can be done. While some updates have added being able to do bulk clubs. I haven’t found how to use the inventory as I wish to.  Simulation club input. Now maybe I need to do some more digging, but when I have done simulation and just simply played. When I ended the round all the clubs were listed as driver. Not the end of the world, but I think I need to select each club each time which I understand.  I did not have any other issues or hiccups throughout the testing period. 

    Other questions I have seen asked are about battery life and for the phone. I use a Pixel 6 Pro and could use it for a full hour session or simulation on HD and only lose 35 to 40 percent of phone battery life. The unit itself I charged once every 3 sessions which seemed suitable. 
    We also have a section called The Good, The Bad, The In between. I have covered a lot and rather than rehashing I will trust you can understand what I see as good or bad so far. Therefore I am going to skip through a little bit and go straight to the Play it or Trade it?
    Is there any question? No, I am playing this. I am thrilled with this device and it is becoming a centre piece for training, my swing changes and my home setup as well as range practice. 
    Easy 20/20 here. 
    I am going to sum this up quickly by saying I really enjoyed the original MLM, however the MLM2PRO has taken Rapsodo from a nice to have to a must have piece of equipment for me.
    The data you get, the video analysis, cloud storage, price, camera options and simulation have made this a go to device for me and I will highly recommend it to anyone considering this device for all facets of their game. 
    Final score is 92/100
    Update: November 20, 2023
    I have touched on this prior, however the addition of the new R-Cloud system is a deal breaker for me. If there was anything or anyone on the fence that kinda made me feel that the MLM2Pro was falling short it was that there was no way to view my stuff on PC and limited to the app. This changes that for the better in every way. 
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    kingcscott got a reaction from orpingman in Favorite Golf Shirt   
    I like the buttery soft linksoul...when they are in sale. All of this s*** is freaking expensive on an RN salary. But i also dont buy shirts from proshops   Usually a hat and a coin 
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    kingcscott got a reaction from dlm in Favorite Golf Shirt   
    I like the buttery soft linksoul...when they are in sale. All of this s*** is freaking expensive on an RN salary. But i also dont buy shirts from proshops   Usually a hat and a coin 
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    kingcscott got a reaction from BKervin in Favorite Golf Shirt   
    I like the buttery soft linksoul...when they are in sale. All of this s*** is freaking expensive on an RN salary. But i also dont buy shirts from proshops   Usually a hat and a coin 
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    kingcscott got a reaction from ButchE in Favorite Golf Shirt   
    I like the buttery soft linksoul...when they are in sale. All of this s*** is freaking expensive on an RN salary. But i also dont buy shirts from proshops   Usually a hat and a coin 
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    kingcscott reacted to MmmmmmBuddy in How'd you play?   
    I was lucky enough to play today at Chambers Bay, site of the 2010 US Am, and 2015 US Open. The weather was perfect, winds 5-15 mph, and temps in the 60's. This was my 2nd round out here. I shot my normal, boring 83. There is a temp green on of the par 5's, so par was 71. Card read 46-37. I came alive on the back. Finished birdie birdie. 18 is a 541 par 5, and I hit driver, 19* hybrid to pin high. Two putt bird. Makes me want to play a lot more.
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    kingcscott reacted to Rickp in Happy Veterans Day!   
    Happy Veterans Day Guys.

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    kingcscott reacted to fozcycle in Happy Veterans Day!   
    Thanks to my family....
    Grandfather WW1 Army, Father WW2 Army Air Corps, Stepfather Ky Nat’l Guard, Brother-in-Law USMC, Son-in-law FL Nat’l Guard, Nephew USN, Cousins USN and USAF......,Warriors all!
    Foz, MS2 USN
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    Cobra F8 (12*)w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular; 3W & 5W Cobra King F8 w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular shafts; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW + GW + SW w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts; Cleveland RTX Zipcore LW(58*) w/DG Spinner shaft. Putter: 33” Slotline SSi 693 Bag: Cobra Ultralight Cart bag, Peaccoat Blue.
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    kingcscott got a reaction from Shapotomous in Weather in your neck of the woods?   
    You must be near me in Georgia. 41 here this AM. Father in Law will still be in a parka after i turn the heat to 71. Yesterday though 60 when i came off the course at 6

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    kingcscott reacted to Shapotomous in Weather in your neck of the woods?   
    I am a bit of a weather nerd and thought I'd see if anyone else shared this interest....
    We hit 39* this morning which is a bit on the low side for us this time of year.  I am sure we'll still get some hot days but the dip in temps is nice for a change.  
    It's been dry for about a week now after 18" of rainfall in August.  The 10 day forecast looks pretty dry as well, so I will be sprinklering the grass seed & fert work that was done yesterday.
    The temp inside was 66 so I hit the heater witch to get it up a few degrees.  We have old people living with us and I didn't want them in their parkas sitting at the breakfast table!  😆
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    kingcscott got a reaction from MattF in It's good to be the King!   
    Thank you!
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    kingcscott got a reaction from sirchunksalot in It's good to be the King!   
    Thank you!
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    kingcscott got a reaction from Rickp in It's good to be the King!   
    Thank you!
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    kingcscott reacted to Shankster in Happy Jack O Lantern Day   
    A day early.  You know me, I like to be ahead of the game.
    Happy Halloween!

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    kingcscott reacted to tommc23 in Happy thread   
    I have four 12 hour shifts left after tonight and I'm off until the end of October. Going on a hunting trip with my dogs is gonna be fun.
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    kingcscott reacted to TSauer in Happy thread   
    We have a rant thread and a random thread, but I could not find a happy thread... until now.
    I'm trying to share my excitement about being off of work for two weeks! It actually started today, so that's 18 days without work. Woo! Got a wedding this weekend, small hiking vacation in Arkansas next week, then plenty of golf the final week. Here's to hoping it goes by real slooooow.
    Go ahead. Share what you're excited about!
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    kingcscott got a reaction from Rickp in No Touch Ball Devices   
    Sweetens had no nonsense in their holes either. It was great to hear the drop of the ball
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    kingcscott got a reaction from tony@CIC in No Touch Ball Devices   
    The pool noodle is fine. But i do miss the sound of the ball bouncing into the bottom of the cup.
    Whatever keeps the courses open. I am an ICU nurse and golf is my sanctuary, my zen, my mind clearer and my obsession. Lets Play

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    kingcscott reacted to Shapotomous in What are you listening to?   
    Nice system....I started that process myself with the kid being away at college....
    I set up the Onkyo receiver & Polk speakers with the Denon CD player from the early 80's in the basement.  Last winter's project was rebuilding the crossover circuits & replacing a tweeter in the speakers.  I have a turntable but I need to get a replacement cartridge yet.  
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    kingcscott got a reaction from Shapotomous in What are you listening to?   
    Not what but how are listening to it? My 50th is right around the corner so i purchased a Marantz 2015 (1973) and a pair of Klipsch KG2’s (1980-ish) for the lounge that was my son’s hang out /gaming room. He is off to college. Happy Camper, i am.

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    kingcscott reacted to ED13 in What are you listening to?   
    Got back into building a stereo system 16 years ago.  It took over 8 years to put together my modern system but still old school so this system only vinyl and reel to reel.  A dedicated room is also a must for me.
    I don't think most people understand the quality of sound some of the old 70's receivers have.  many are very musical with great midrange.  Have at least 6 currently but using only my favourite, a Tandberg 2075 at my cabin up north with modern speakers.  People are often shocked at the capability of the system.
    Enjoy your vintage sound.
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    kingcscott got a reaction from ED13 in What are you listening to?   
    Not what but how are listening to it? My 50th is right around the corner so i purchased a Marantz 2015 (1973) and a pair of Klipsch KG2’s (1980-ish) for the lounge that was my son’s hang out /gaming room. He is off to college. Happy Camper, i am.

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    kingcscott got a reaction from Rickp in What are you listening to?   
    Not what but how are listening to it? My 50th is right around the corner so i purchased a Marantz 2015 (1973) and a pair of Klipsch KG2’s (1980-ish) for the lounge that was my son’s hang out /gaming room. He is off to college. Happy Camper, i am.

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    kingcscott got a reaction from Rickp in What is everyones favorite new irons?   
    I have been playing Miura Baby Blades for about a year and a half. I came from Titleist CB’s. My iron striking has been so good with these little babies. They are spec’d with Lamkin ACE grips and KBS Tour-V shafts. I stripped out the paint fill and added BB&F custom ferrules. They are certainly like butter when struck properly. I have never had a better iron.

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