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  1. David Smith/ Bremen, GA My current handicap is 7.4 I currently play Titleist AP1's My current 7 iron carry distance is 170 I've always gone back and forth between Ping and Titleist. I really like the "family" aspect of Ping and the philosophy of the company and I like the durability of their irons. I need some help on my mishits, but I like a little more playability from the AP1's for my good shots. So, hopefully the new Pings will have some of that playability built in. I'm sure they will have the forgiveness. Thanks for this opportunity. Thanks. David
  2. David/ Georgia it varies. but right now I'm gaming a Ping Sigma Anser hdcp: 7.6 This is great. I really have been interested in trying this model. Thanks MGS
  3. dlsmithlaw


  4. David\ Georgia 7.4 Vokeys 52*, 58*, 62* 3/4 knock down that stops
  5. David / Georgia 8 / 110 Pro V 1 I tried the XV several years ago but it just didn't seem to work for me. Based on the recent Most Wanted, I am curious to try the new Z Star. Thanks
  6. David Bremen, GA Driver swing speed 107, hdcp 7.1 Current set up: Titleist 3 wood 15*, Titleist hybrid 19*, 5 iron Right handed Thanks!
  7. David, Georgia Current gear. I have a mix. Footjoy hydrolite jacket, sun mountain short sleeve, under armour jacket and pants. I have used all kinds of different gear over the years, but have never found the "perfect" item. I have heard about Galway Bay and was really interested in trying their stuff. I have played in all kinds of rain. We have had some much rain this winter in Georgia that our course has been cart path only since last November. Fortunately I walk most of the time. I have played in rain where it was so bad that we finally had to stop because of standing water on the greens. I have played in freezing rain until we had to stop because of accumulation on the greens. Thanks for the opportunity. Please pick me.
  8. David Georgia Ping G400 LST stock "tour" stiff shaft Not fit, just trial and error Thanks again MGS
  9. This is the contest/testing that I have been waiting for. I really want this opportunity to test these. I have been looking at both of these irons and I'm torn between them. Please pick me. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work. David Georgia Hdcp: 7 AP1 with AMT black stiff shafts I want to test the i500 but I will test either one as I'm really torn between the two. Thanks again.
  10. David Georgia Titleist AP1 AMT Black stiff 7 iron 170 Thank you for this opportunity. I've played several pings over the years and would really love to give these the full test.
  11. David Georgia I use pen and paper for basic stats but I really want to try to get some more details Yes I use a garmin approach X40 this is just what I have been looking for. Thanks.
  12. David. Bremen, GA Hdcp; 7.8 Driver swing speed 108 Current driver: G400 Want to test G400 LST I really like the G400 but it seems to spin too much for me. I really have to close the face down and that causes me to hook the ball. So, I want to test the LST in the hopes of lowing the spin rate and being about to turn my hook into a nice draw. Thanks for the opportunity guys.
  13. David Smith Bremen, GA Hdcp 7 Current ball varies between Pro V and chrome soft I generally spin the ball pretty high Looking for lower spin off the driver but still want high spin on approaches Thanks for this opportunity!
  14. This sounds awesome. thanks. David Smith Bremen, GA hdcp 7.8 Dream bag: HB Driver 9 degree stiff HB 3 wood stiff HB 3 Hybrid CBX irons 5-DW graphite stiff CBX wedges 54, 58, and 60 bent to 62 Huntington Beach 6C putter Z-star balls
  15. This sounds awesome. I watch Martin's video's, but going to the school would be incredible. David Smith Age 48 Bremen, GA My biggest mistakes comes from inconsistency. Especially off the tee, I miss both ways. My short game is also inconsistent. I can make a great save on one hole and then hit a fat or thin chip the next and end up with a double. Thanks for this great opportunity. I would love to be a part of this.
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