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  1. Paul - New York St. Hndcp: 25, SS: +/- 90 TM M1 left hand 10.5 deg. G410 SFT Would like to see if this helps my slice. Thanks
  2. Paul - New York Bridgestone e6 soft Would like to have better feel.
  3. Paul New York State Nike Covert, Trutemper Dynalite 90, R flex 130 yds
  4. Paul, New York State Nike Vrs Covert, Trutemper Dynalite 90 shafts. Hndcp: 25 Launcher CBX, left hand. Actually, going to a Cleveland demo tomorrow (5/26) to check things out. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. Paul, New York State Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB, 52,56,60 Weakness: Accuracy, distance control Strength: ??? Hndcp: 25 Thanks
  6. Paul, NY State Hndcp: 25 Swing Speed: +/-85 mph Current: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour, 11 deg.,R Test: G400 SFT, 10deg, R, 45.75" Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. Paul, New York State Driver:TM M1 Woods: TM M1 3wood Nike Covert 5wood Hybrid: Nike 3H, 4H Irons: Nike Vrs Covert 5-PW Wedges: Cleveland RTX 2.0 AW, SW, LW Putter: Odyssey Works 1 Hndcp: 25 Goals: To improve ball striking, swing mechanics, and lower hndcp
  8. Paul, NY State Hndcp: 24 Left Handed D: Launcher 10.5, R flex FW: Launcher 3 15 or 16 deg. H: Launcher 3H,4H Irons: CBX 5-PW Wedge: CBX SW-56 deg, LW-60 deg Putter TFI 2135 Thanks for the opportunity.
  9. Paul, NYS 3H Nike Covert 20° Kurokage 70g R flex LH 4H Nike Covert 23° Kurokage 70g R flex LH Off the rack Issues with slicing shots and topping the ball. Otherwise I can get some decent distance.
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