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  1. 1. Your first name and home state :  Jim    ID/AZ

    ​2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed : 6.4  104

    3. Your current driver: Taylor Made M2

    4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review; G400 Max 10.5


    I am ready to switch off of Taylor Made drivers so this is GREAT !!!!

  2.  Jim ;  from Idaho 

    - Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts:  Ping Hybrids 18 and 21 degrees with stiff Accra HF 370 tip stiff

    - Hybrid/shaft custom fit? Yes , by Cool Clubs in Arizona 

    - Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game : My strengths are I can hit draws with the  both  Hybrids when needed, the weakness is that I could use a little more height to land softer . 


    I play KBS Tour in my irons and love the shafts .

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