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  1. 1. First name and home state : Jim from Eagle, Idaho 2. Current handicap : 6.6 3. Current driver and shaft combo: R11 Taylormade / Diamana S+ 62x5ct , stiff flex 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance : 105 carry 248 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer : Kevin Kisner Thank you for the opportunity in advance
  2. First Name: JIM Home State/Country: Idaho, USA Current Handicap: 6.6 Current Iron Set: Mizuno MP15's
  3. Your first name, home state/province : Jim / Eagle,Idaho Your current handicap 6.6 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? Garmin Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? Sky Caddie and Bushnell Rangefinder Jolt
  4. 6.2 handicap Live in Eagle, Idaho Driver swing speed is 108; carry 245 Preference F7 please
  5. Swing Speed with driver is 105 Handicap is 6.2 This Vice ball sounds unique and seems like it has a lot of potential. Hard to change balls without testing.
  6. Jim Nalepa Eagle, Idaho 6.2 handicap Use sky caddie to mark shots Would really be interested in improving my game with this tracker !
  7. Drive the 2 hours and 30 minutes and play at the Streamsong Resort , both courses are fantastic and you won't regret the drive. I would play the Red first if you can only play one of them.
  8. We have a friend who lives in Reynolds and we go down every year to visit. All of the courses are wonderful to play , they all have great practice facilities and the food is fantastic. You never have to leave the development . The only course you will not be able to play unless you are with a member is the Creek Club. If are able to get early morning tee times be prepared to play under 4 hours as the members do not tolerate slow play which is great. They also have a Taylor Made Kingdom if you want to get fitted. If you know someone with a boat or can rent one for a day do that as you will be able to see a lot of the golf courses from the water and the beautiful homes.
  9. Jim Nalepa Palm Springs / Idaho - 6 handicap Garmin Play in the desert now so it would be helpful to see slope and also be able to shoot desert targets.
  10. Jim Eagle, Idaho 6 handicap Dream bag: Srixon 765 driver stiff Srixon f65 3 wood stiff Srixon h65 19* hybrid stiff Srixon 765 4-gap wedge stiff Cleveland 52 two dot black Cleveland 58 two dot black Cleveland TFI 2135 - 1.0 putter 33" Srixon z star xv ball
  11. 59 Carnoustie Idaho I think the concept is great !
  12. Jim Great state of Idaho 6.4 handicap Look forward to giving this rangefinder a solid test
  13. Jim Nalepa Eagle, Idaho 5.7 handicap I use a Bushnell rangefinder and a Sky Caddie when I play. I like to have front /back/ middle distances and exact pin location . Looks like a cool device. I play over 120 rounds per year.
  14. Superstroke grip 4.3 handicap Would love to test your grip
  15. Jimmy from Eagle , Idaho Walk whenever a course terrain allows . My current bag is a green No H2O . I use this bag because I play and walk in all elements.
  16. Jim N. Eagle, ID 4.3 18 degree & 21 degree They look like great clubs ! I play your wedges right now.
  17. Jim IDAHO I walk every round possible, so far this year around 50 rounds. I would be more than happy to test it ! Bring it on .
  18. Black wolf Run courses are super. They are difficult so play the right tees so you can enjoy yourself instead of getting beat up.
  19. GrayCliff cigars are awesome, they are rolled in the Bahamas. If you ever visit go to their restaurant and then go into the room where they roll the cigars. Awesome experience !
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