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  1. You're welcome to come on over to the Wishon forum and debate this issue with Tom when you're ready.
  2. Yes, MOI matching is the "original" swingweighting, but I don't believe I referenced how long MOI matching has been around in my reply, nor did I imply that it was the "new" thing. I only pointed out that frequency matching is an outdated "old thing".
  3. Not sure where you're getting these ideas that MOI matching is not for better players. You should really review the facts.
  4. Pick your "pivot" club and go from there with the 3/8" increments. I always use the #7 iron as the pivot and it is fit to the golfer in the standard manner (for length, lie, and ideal MOI). Then the 8-9-PW will be slightly longer than standard and the 4-5-6 slightly shorter than standard. Typically this means that you will be adding more tip weight to the longer clubs and very little to none to the shorter irons (I always plan the build to avoid any grinding to reduce head weight, but I have drilled out hosels for a couple grams if necessary).
  5. You must be running into a lot of builders that are "old school" if they're still talking frequency matching. Frequency matching is really going extinct as we've realized that there's a lot more to shaft fitting and matching beyond measuring the flex at only the butt end of the club. Shafts now have full EI profiles published - there's no real point to just doing a butt flex match unless you like fooling yourself into believing that it's meaningful. MOI matching produces real quantifiable improvement for ALL golfers, not just high cappers. This does not take the place of shaft fitting,
  6. Since this thread has some new life I thought I would provide an update... So I've had the ES14 now for about a year and a half. I have been through many (4 or 5) low cost swing analyzers (like the Zepp, SwingByte 2, SwingTalk etc.) and I have either returned or sold all of them, but my ES14 keeps on truckin' as I have found it to be the move valuable and reliable swing tool I own. I have had a few more occasions to compare it against the "big boys" (Trackman, Flightscope) and as long as the hit is "solid" (nothing crazy) the numbers are very reliable (even the calculated measurements).
  7. This is my first post on the MGS forum. I felt compelled to register after reading through this thread and being an owner of an ES14. I have owned the ES14 for over a month now. I picked it up to improve my Winter practice sessions and I use it along with a Swingbyte 2. I have not found the ES14 to be very sensitive to the placement of the unit in order to pick-up the ball. In fact I used the template probably only the very first day I had the unit. After you see approximately where the ball needs to be, the template can go back in the box never to see the light of day again. I al
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