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  1. Whoa. Thanks for the pointers dru_. We will try to fix as many of these as we can, but when you're working with a template, sometimes you can't fix everything. But I definitely think those are some spot on criticisms. Thanks for the help!
  2. If you guys go to Bermuda Sands new e-commerce site, you can save 20% on EVERYTHING there by using the promo code LAUNCH. Also offering even deeper savings on Ace and Dana in the Sales section. Use promo code KICKOFF to save 30% on those garments. BTW, Ace is definitely my favorite! CLICK HERE to go the site. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! First off, I just wanna say that I work for Bermuda Sands Apparel, and let you know that this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT! We recently launched our e-commerce site (which I was very integral in pushing) and I would love to hear some opinions on it. Layout, ease of use, pictures, whatever. Let me repeat THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. I'm not asking anyone to do anything more than to look around and let me know what you think of the site. I'm always looking to get better feedback, and who better than you fine folks! Thanks again. CLICK HERE to check out the site.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm in charge of video content for Bermuda Sands Apparel, and I would like to get some opinions on a few of our videos. We've shot several since I've been here and I'm always looking for feedback on what you guys like or don't like. We want to make content you want to watch, not just commercials. If you would watch a couple of our videos and comment below, that would be awesome. I'm including links to our two most recent videos, and our channel on YouTube. Bermuda Sands Apparel on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1Cu4uhS The Masters 2015 Promo: https://youtu.be/6NMqzClGGRk The Department Campaign: https://youtu.be/dUro1K6hogg
  5. I tend to wear one. I stick with the Timex Weekender. Classic, lightweight, and stylish. Plus, you don't look like a dweeb when you pull your phone out to check the time.
  6. We saw these at the PGA show this year. Impressive to say the least. I definitely wanted to try them out, but could only look at the awesome ice sculpture display.
  7. I dig the idea of these. The throwback look and all. But I'm fairly certain my I would catch some shade for wearing these.
  8. Hows it going everyone! I'm Jordan, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I work for Bermuda Sands Apparel and am loving this forum. Really helpful for a newbie golfer like me.
  9. You're just a little further north than me! I'm in Charlotte.
  10. I've been digging the Bermuda Sands stuff for a while. Found some at a local course. Pretty nice stuff, and its about 20-30 dollars cheaper in some places than some of the big brands. I personally like the storm cotton stuff. I've been wearing it during the colder months.
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