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  1. Maybe I should get in the mittens business.....You want to be the distributor in Finland! ha.
  2. Its just balls...How can a ball be a gimmick?
  3. Hey guys. Yes we have balls now... The price is $29.00 plus $5.95 for shipping so $34.95 Would offering a sleeve only price or half dozen be a better option to try them out?
  4. I do what I can! Between that and building clubs..I have some grey hairs but its worth it! Thanks for checking out the website.
  5. No pitch. Just a high quality forged wedge with CNC milled face. What we did was a deep groove design versus wide. And offering a C Grind for a little versatility on open shots. This is a no bs* wedge at a good price. Either way. Its backed by our 60 day guarantee, so if you bought it and said "I hate this" you can exchange it for something else or return it for a 90% refund. There is a 10% restocking fee. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. In good time! I gotta keep the mystery going a little bit longer.
  7. I was meaning to ask. How did you hear about us? I never made it to Australia but I live in NZ for 6 months. Was an unreal time..Maybe I should have stayed!
  8. Yes it was on the ES14 launch monitor system. So it was total distance, but ball speeds and total should be higher but limited flight range balls do what they say...limit flight. So both the Taylormade and Grenade should be longer and have higher ball speeds.
  9. Great questions. The video was done by Jeremy, he works at Ernest Sports. Which is the company that made the launch monitor used in the video. We were talking and he was doing his own personal testing and got great results with the Grenade, so I asked if he would shoot a video. As you can see, he is a nasty golfer. 1 Handicap and a consistent swing. The SLDR used was his own custom set up with a Matrix RUL 60 shaft, Stiff flex at 45.5 inches set to 12*. He was testing our Grenade 10.5 Stiff flex at 45.5 inches. So the loft is clearly less more the the SLDR, but a 12* SLDR likely
  10. Nice! Small world. I did a demo day there last year and I hope to do a few more this Spring and summer and hopefully have time to play the course. Too busy building Grenades...clubs that is..
  11. Thanks. It missed us. Only 5 inches so far. But Boston area about 3 hours from us got 3 feet!
  12. Thanks! As long as the testers hit the ball we should do well! Sometimes that's tough for all of us. Talk soon.
  13. Thanks Brad! I honestly never thought we would go from one driver to fairway woods, hybrids, a putter and now wedges. But I asked customers what they want and that's what they said..Who knows best right? Yes I'm looking forward to the test as well.
  14. Hey MGS, I likely should have been on this forum long ago. But anyways, I am here now and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sully, owner of BombTech golf. I just wanted to make myself available if you had any questions regarding our design, product or whatever! I look forward to talking with you soon.
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