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  1. Would love to hear from some of you guys and gals that have worked with the product for the past couple of years.
  2. I'm ok with music. But it all depends on the group and type of golf I'm playing. Scramble event where we are having fun, there's probly music.
  3. I have it. And actually went to a meet up that one of our locals set up for Vets Day. Was a nice event and everyone I met was awesome. The thing most everyone said about the app is trying to coordinate schedules and locations to find someone to play with. Especially here in phx where the other side of town is an hour drive.
  4. Rev is right about seeing them in person to realize how good they are. This year when the LPGA was in Phoenix, Minjee Lee was practicing at The Raven and I was lucky enough to be at the range that day. She just striped everything. It was impressive to watch.
  5. If you've been waiting to pick up your TIBA Putt, or need a gift for a golfer, we've got a Lightning Deal happening for the next four hours over on Amazon.com. On sale for $14.99.
  6. Lydia Ko looking good this week. And with a win, guaranteed to move back to world #1. And it's awesome having live golf in the evening.
  7. Love seeing Lamont's work out in the wild. He's got a block of 303 to do a new wide body rattler for me
  8. So that's who the ma44 is for. I saw it when I stopped by his shop the other day. That ma33 he had in Vegas putts like a dream. I can only imagine the 44 will be amazing as well.
  9. Have the plate seperate right now to make it easiest on existing customers , but will be doing a combo once we are stocking the plate.
  10. Kc, thanks for the kind review! We really appreciate the feedback you provided, it was critical to getting the design right. To answer the availability question , Tiba of course is available on the site. The plate is open to preorders and goes to production in a few weeks. If you ever have questions please feel free to reach out! Go low my friends.
  11. I follow @nolayingup, but I hadn't seen that link before. That is quality quality stuff right there. I'm totally gonna work some of that into the game. Especially talking about my traj.
  12. http://www.standard.co.uk/business/business-news/adidas-set-to-sell-struggling-golf-brands-as-revenues-sink-26-10442832.html Is it surprising that TaylorMade revenue isnt great?? When it seems like they've got a new driver out ever six months, how can you build anticipating for a new product and generate interest in the market? I think they'd be better served in scaling back new products and release in two year cycles like Titleist does. Thoughts on the future of TMag?
  13. It's really all about trying to get the whole picture the fewest stats. And thats tough with this game. I mean, how do you get the whole picture without like 15 stats?? And who has the time or even wants to track that?? I sure know I don't. Fairway hit, GIR, proximity(both on greens hit AND greens missed), and total putts might be the best combo. GIR and Prox would give you a picture of ball striking and short game. And then total putts combined with proximity would tell you how you're putting from certain distances. Approach to 35' and 2 putts is solid putting, maybe lacking ball striking. Approach to 8' and 2 putts is solid ball striking but lacking putting. And if you have a 3 putt on there, Prox would tell you if it was really bad or not. 3-putt from 60 ft I'm less concerned about than from 30 ft. And if you wanted to get a little more info out of your proximity data, add in approach dist. But that might be a bit much. I really like this discussion. Certainly going to help me get the most out of my rounds and let me know where to spend my practice time.
  14. I think I'm gonna start tracking proximity now. And I was thinking about it last night, and you're right, Rev, there's too many factors that can affect distance of putts made. It might be a decent stat, but probly not the best means of assessing your game. Two putting from 10' and making the 1 footer tap in looks the same as two putting from 40' and making the 1 footer tap in, but are drastically different in gauging your putting. But looking at a 2-putt from 40' and a 2-putt from 10' tracking proximity shows where you really need to focus attention. Ball striking for the first example and putting for the second.
  15. I went out and played 9 today and while I had 15 putts(not terrible but not great), I didn't feel like I putted well. Some one putts from good short game shots. Thought the distance thing might help assess my game vs how I "felt" about it. Granted, I didn't really give myself a lot of good, makeable putts, so proximity might be more valuable. Rev, do you write down rough proximity or just more of a mental note on the round of how close you were on approaches??
  16. http://www.pga.com/news/pga-tour/robert-allenby-fires-caddie-in-mid-round-fan-carries-bag-rest-way?cid=pgacomsocial_tw_sf11289799 I just want to know if the caddie hit the shot? Did he stick it from 250? Did McCord and Mickelson have bets on it?
  17. I've always tallied score, fairway hit, gir, and putts. But I think I may start keeping track of total distance of putts made. Might give me a better idea of how I'm actually putting. What kind of data do you guys keep during a round??
  18. 30-75 yds is my nemesis. Once I get to 75, it's a solid 3/4 wedge. But the delicate feel swing that the shorter shots require always get me. And I practice them regularly. But consistently getting them within 6-10ft like I should doesn't happen.
  19. Yessir, we are good friends with Mr Mann, great guy! Wanted to drop this video off also for those in the thread that haven't seen them. Thanks for all the feedback in this thread!
  20. Like PlaidJacket, I only play with 13. I found that 4 wedges was too much and I never used the 60*, so I bent my wedges from 4* to 5* between each and called it good. I've looked for something else to put in, but gaps are good and I can't really justify stuffing another club in there just cause.
  21. It's looking that way. This should be an awesome summer of golf. Especially when Rory gets healthy and back on the course.
  22. He's certainly trending the right way. I wouldn't say he's back. But yeah, he's playing a lot better than he did in Phoenix earlier this year.
  23. Well done Paul Casey. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  24. This is great advice, but then we get back to overestimating how far they hit the ball. They think 430 par 4 is a driver 280 and then a 7 or 8 in when in reality its a driver then 5 or 4 iron.
  25. I agree with everyone here. It's really hard for most to set ego aside and play a distance that is reasonable. People get stuck in a mindset and just stay there. When my dad and I play, we vary tee boxes, which I don't see a lot of people do. We go up on long par 3s and maybe back on shorter 5s. Who says you have to just play one set. But I think it's really up to courses to set up the course to aid pace of play. Most people won't play a tee box that doesn't have a marker on it, so set markers at reasonable distances(shorter like revkev suggests). And pin placement is huge. I played at a course last year where every hole was just over a hazard(bunker, water, etc). Every frigging hole. If courses would put pins in the middle of the greens and get rid of forced carries, play would certainly be faster.
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