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  1. Price is $37.99 a dozen. I have tried the Duo U vs Project A vs Chrome Soft. Here is my final testing thoughts. Duo U is the softest. Distance, spin and cover durability are about the same for all 3 balls. No advantage to one or the other brand. The only place all 3 fall short vs the high end tour balls is the 30 yard or so shot. My money ball is Srixon Z Star XV. Thing stops like a dropped cat. So does the new 2016 TM TPX. The Duo U, CS, Project A all roll out farther on the 30 yard shot vs high end tour balls. The difference is several feet. Between these 3 balls, my opinion is the winner is the Project A. It's $34.99 a dozen, so a few buck cheaper. But if you like yellow, you will have to stick with the CS. The other 2 will not come in yellow. deejaid is right, the MG C4 is impressive for $20 a dozen. In my testing its right there with the pro V and Srixon XV, but once again no yellow. Just my thoughts.
  2. Kenny, you are correct. I saw the same thing from Snell. We can hope right?! Plaid, you are welcome. So, I was able to get back out yesterday (Friday) and put the Duo U against the TM Project A for more testing. From 60 yards I was able to get the Duo U to hop and back up a little. The Project A hopped and stopped. The difference could have been from the wedge still having a tiny bit of grass on it from the first shot. It was pretty wet out on the course. IMO it will come down to price. Both balls at right there together in distance. Duo U feels softer than the Project A off the clubs, (compression difference). Cover durability is the same, no advantage to either ball. My wedge is PM grind 58 degree. Hope this helps. If anyone has any questions just let me know. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2 ball trail pack of the Duo U. I have used it some on short shots and tested vs the chrome soft and new project A. The Duo U checks faster than the CS and it was hard to tell the difference vs the PA. Hit mostly 40 yard shots on testing. Wasn't swinging well with the driver so didn't hit any drives. I was impressed with the results that I got from the 40 yard shots. I can put good spin on the ball and the cover showed no signs of wedge marks. I love the yellow CS in the winter so I am very interested to see what the Duo U has to offer when it is released.Hopefully Wilson makes the Duo U in yellow.
  4. Greetings all from Charlotte NC. If you are curious about it, I might have tested it.
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