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  1. James here, from Washington state... Bellingham to be precise. We're the state that gave you Chambers Bay, never to be in the U.S. Open rotation again. I walk, using a push cart, about 120 rounds a year. I look for certain things in a cart. These are the things I'd critique: 1. Foldability. How does the dang thing collapse and how easily does it open? 2. Rollability. Smooth, easy, goes straight? 3. Tipability. Does it tip over on hillsides? 4. Storability. Does it carry my essentials? And does it carry them in the right places? 5. Umbrellability. How does it handle an umbrella; afterall, this is Washington state.
  2. If my driver doesn't test the longest there is something wrong...
  3. I like to dress the part to play golf. Not overly so... just reasonable... respect for the game. Years ago, while living in Miami I met a guy on the first tee wearing cut-off levis, tee-shirt and barefoot. Easy mark... we made a bet on the round. I shot a 76... should have skunked him. He shot a 67. Lesson quickly learned.
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