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  1. Checking in. Down to 259. Keep on pushing!
  2. It was a hot day but enjoyed playing with everyone! For my 2nd round in 2 years I was fairly happy with the outcome.
  3. I'm in for whatever. @Mr_Theoo can you text me the time and place just incase I forget to check here when you book?
  4. Finally went to the doctor Feb. 9th. Was many years overdue. And I was many pounds over-weight. I also got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at this point. I have a 3 and 5 year old and THIS really lit a fire under me finally. I decided that day I was going to change everything. And change I did. My starting weight as of Feb 9th was 317 lbs. I think this may have been lower as I had cut out soft drinks about a month prior to this so who knows how high I really got it. But anyways.... As of this morning 5/6/2021 I weighed in at 268 lbs and continuing my downward trend. It has been all diet and yardwork at this point but I'm excited to start some outdoor workouts next week go to along with everything else. Current goal weight is 250 lbs and with a final target of 225 lbs for now. We'll see what the future holds on that level.
  5. @Mr_Theootexted me yesterday and I let him know but I'm in. Been a LONG time since I've been on the forums but I've been around for quite a few years. Looking forward to seeing some new faces as well as a couple I've met/played with before.
  6. Well - headed back here in a few weeks for a week (May 18-25). Any one have any new or updated suggestions?
  7. We ended up playing The Links course at Sandestin. This was by far the most inexpensive option for a 7:30am tee time ($55) in the area so I wasn't expecting much. Played for a buddies birthday who doesn't golf much so he didn't want to spend a lot knowing the round would cost him $40 in golf balls lol. The course was really nice. Great views all around. They had just punched the greens so they were a little bumpy but really not bad. Pace of play was 2 hrs per 9 which on a public course in Florida is wonderful! Just wanted to throw out my $.02.
  8. I've only got out twice so far this year and my 900 Forged have been the highlight of both rounds. Everything else has been garbage haha.
  9. Jason, Ohio Nike Vapor Pro with stock shaft 105 - 15 9.5 degree TENSEI CK ORANGE SERIES stiff
  10. Agreed with this and everything above about it looking extremely uncomfortable and ridiculous. But did want to point out that it's more than just sponsorship with this shirt, he has ownership in the company. So there's some $$$ at stake too.
  11. Thanks Gents! If anyone else has any other suggestions I'm making a list haha.
  12. I need wedges and driver this season. Excited for the forum testing so far as I think it'll help give me some direction as to what to look at!
  13. Looking for recommendations on courses in the Destin, FL area. I'll be down there the 19th-26th for my Brother's wedding but we're looking to get out once or twice.
  14. Yea I was in a pull over plus a rain jacket and I was still cold
  15. I got the text the JPX900 forged last season and I'm still impressed. I played my first round of the year on Saturday (I live in Ohio so yea...) and literally picked right up with my irons where I left off last season. First time that has ever happened. I'd still recommended as you mentioned going to truly get fit as this will let you know 100% what your decision should be. With all that being said, the Mizzy's are an incredible set of irons.
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