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  1. I don't get it! Pick up just about any box of golf balls, and if your swing speed is slow (say, under 90-95 mph), they always recommend the softest ball with the lowest compression. However, we know that low compression balls are not as long as higher compression balls, so what gives? Do the manufacturers believe that guys (and gals) with slow swing speeds only like balls that feel mushy and soft (despite the fact that some of them do not have urethane covers)? Thoughts?
  2. I was fitted for a set of g425 irons at my club, and we ordered them the same day in late April. It took about 8 weeks for them to come in (toward the end of June).
  3. First Name: Dan City, State: Hilliard, OH Current Driver in Play: Ping G410 Plus Handicap: 14 Swing Speed: 90 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSI2
  4. Location - Hilliard, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) Current Bag - Titleist hybrid stand bag (3 years old) Things you look for most in a cart bag - Ease of getting clubs in and out, plenty of storage/pockets, waterproof beverage holder
  5. 1) I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and am 62-years-young. 2) My driver swing speed is around 80-85 mph. 3) My fitness level is above average. Until my gym closed (due to the virus), I was working out twice a week. I walk 3 miles 3-4 times a week, and ride my bicycle 1-2 hours once or twice a week. When playing golf, I will walk when playing 9 (usually with a push cart), but like to ride when playing 18 (I already exercise enough on my own!). I also enjoy doing all of my own yard work, some of which is very physical. 4) I will definitely remain dedicated to the training, as it is frustrating getting older and losing distance on all of my clubs (but especially my driver). All of my golfing partners are younger than me (in their 40's) and I love playing with them. However, it is getting difficult to keep playing the same tees as they do, because of my loss of distance. Consequently, I am extremely motivated to increase my swing speed with the help of the Superspeed Golf Training System. If selected as one of the participants, I will be all-in!
  6. Sounds like I should probably replace my Neo with the Phantom! Thanks for the input, everyone.
  7. Agreed, but they're no dummies. If we could just replace a battery, they wouldn't sell nearly as many devices!
  8. For many years I have used a Bushnell Neo GPS, and it's been great. However, recently it has been cutting out on me, even though it is fully charged. Before purchasing the replacement model, which is now called the Phantom, I read a lot of reviews, and it appears that the Phantom also suffers from random shutdowns, even when fairly new. Now I'm not sure if I should take a chance on it or not! I realize that most people only write reviews when they are upset, so - even though I read quite a few that said the Phantom shuts down - I'm sure there are thousands of Phantoms out there that are performing perfectly. Consequently, I'm leaning toward buying it. I have also looked at the Garmin G10 and the Golf Buddy Aim V10, which are both similar in price and function. What do you guys think? Do you have any experience with any of the three previously mentioned, handheld GPS units? Any information you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Your name and home state/province: Dan from Ohio Your handicap: 13 ​Your current driver/shaft: Ping G/Tour 65 Your current driver swing speed: 90-95 MPH
  10. Nice review - thanks. I was thinking of getting one of these for myself, but after last night's range session, I think I should get it for my 17-year-old son! He takes lessons, which have really helped, but when his teacher isn't around and he needs help, the Zepp might serve as a better pair of "eyes" than mine. He was hitting his irons perfectly, but couldn't hit his driver at all - very inconsistent ball flights. I couldn't see what was wrong with his driver swing, but I bet the Zepp could!
  11. Actually, my dad is a member at Westbrook Country Club in Mansfield, which Jason lists as a place he has worked in the past. As far as North Star, I played it years ago when it opened up, and really enjoyed the layout.
  12. Golf Etc. looks pretty cool! Plus, Jason used to work at my father's country club, so I have an "in" right there. I'll check it out this week (although I am a little confused - they seem to have 2 locations, but I'm sure a phone call will straighten that out).
  13. Jason at Golf Etc., huh? I will Google him and find the contact information. Thanks!
  14. The stock shaft in the Fly-Z is a Matrix VLCT SP. Cobra offers several other choices to "upgrade" at no cost, but Golf Galaxy didn't offer anything, except to have one of their "pros" watch my swing on the analyzer, then recommend that I downgrade from a stiff shaft to a regular, because the first few swings I took faded to the right. He said that the stock stiff shaft was causing that, and switched me to a regular. However, I am a poor "cold" player, and had just hopped out of my car after a 25 minute drive. My normal driver swing speed is around 95 mph, and I have always played with stiff shafts. My Titleist 913 D3 has a Mitsubishi Rayon Blue Diamana stiff shaft, and it works quite well.
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