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  1. Just because you're a newbie to golf doesn't mean you're also bereft of any common sense. And you can't be bothered to do any research to find a good fitter? It seems like you're proving my point. Can I provide any helpful content? I've never met you and I have no idea where you live or where you play and a what level - and you want me to tell you what's good for you? I think you've proved my point again. Have another look in that mirror....
  2. If you look in the mirror, you will probably see the person to avoid when getting advice on fitting. All too often, we have an over-inflated opinion on our ability (sometimes under-estimation which is almost as destructive) and yet we have a certain way of convincing ourselves that we know best when it comes to golf equipment. In part, that is probably true with your eyes as we covet the models that appeal to our instincts, but in terms of getting that piece of equipment to fit our golfing self-reality - oh dear. The internet is partly to blame, as we are more likely to seek the
  3. +1 on the True Blue or Mitchell. Both excellent machines with their own benefits, but only if you're serious about club making. If you're not, you may want to consider saving a lot on another cheaper alternative (Golfsmith for example). When it comes to bending, don't neglect your tools either. As far as I'm concerned, the Mitchell adjustable is the best by far.
  4. This is a classic example of when you need to stop and think. Sure, a 'good deal' on a set of shafts may be worth considering - but only if they are the correct flex and type you are looking for. Otherwise, they don't make any sense at all. Much better to wait until the correct set you are looking for turn up or even pay a little bit more to get the right set than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Soft stepping effectively "loses' the first iron shaft in your set, so soft stepping enough to create the correct flex will lose you a minimum of three shafts, so it not really wo
  5. Two months ago? Just one. Now? Five. Titleist 915D3 driver Titleist 915Fd 3-wood Callaway Warbird 7 wood Mizuno JPX 900 Tour 4-PW Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Gap wedge Cleveland RTX 3 54 & 58 Ping Jas Anser Wti
  6. This pretty much sums up the vast majority of the golfing population worldwide. Are there any trends that seem to hold true? Yes - people are too lazy to put any effort into getting fitted and work on their swing. Is there any brand you should avoid? Yes - the sort you are buying blind. Is there anything else you should consider? Yes - another sport which requires large sums of money with little effort - may I suggest stock car racing. Seriously though, if you are really intent on breaking the 300 yard barrier with a driver, try practicing on a runway.
  7. It may be hypothetical, but I would steer clear of making any decisions on what to put in your bag based on anecdotal evidence such as "I've heard good reviews" - you need to go out and try them for yourself. Sure, reviews and such are a useful resource for getting equipment on your radar, but they should never be the reason to make a blind purchase based on somebody else's opinion. So instead, demo the equipment first and then make your own mind up about how it will fit into your requirements. The golf equipment industry relies heavily on outrageous claims of distance, feel, forgiveness,
  8. I'd keep the LZ 6.0 - the spin numbers are much better. Sure, it looks on paper that the lower spinning 6.5 gives greater distance, but in the real world hitting a 7-iron into a green with not enough spin will cost you control - out of rough even worse still with knuckle balls that will drop even further and run right through. Notice how the closure rate turns over the ball in opposite direction for the 6.5 which probably accounts for a little more yardage for the draw spin. If you work on you swing path consistency with the 6.0 - you've nailed it.
  9. Saddened to hear of the passing of Peter Alliss today- a true gentleman and legendary voice of the game. Will be much missed both here and worldwide. RIP Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Latest news suggests a more collaborative approach to the future Tour schedule: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/55098732 It is - after all, a global game - and hence it needs a global effort to support it. Maybe Greg Norman may see his dream after all? Thoughts??
  11. It's pretty easy to experiment on a few beat up wedges yourself. But then again, there are so many options out there off the shelf these days, it's not really that hard to pick an option to suit your needs either. The only obstacle seems to be blindly following brand loyalty.
  12. Latest news suggests a more collaborative approach to the future Tour schedule: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/55098732 It is - after all, a global game - and hence it needs a global effort to support it. Maybe Greg Norman may see his dream after all? Thoughts?? *now moved to Tour Talk*
  13. A little birthday treat today - Partagas Serie D No.4. To be enjoyed with a Four Roses small batch later...
  14. Sounds like a bad fitting to me. The Hzardus Smoke is a stiffer overall shaft anyway, but if the swing weight isn't restored to the head in cutting down an inch, the cpm goes up and makes it even stiffer - no wonder you're losing distance. It's important to evaluate the whole club build as a whole in fitting and even though the shaft length is very important, the flex at a given swing weight and combined shaft profile is critical in getting the correct launch parameters with the available loft. The Hzardus is generally a low spin and launch shaft, so even at the same length as the Fu
  15. None if you trim them right. The FST Pro 125 and 115 are parallel tip .370 as I recall, so provided you trim them accordingly you can tweak the flex a little to give a bit more trajectory. If you keep to the standard tip trim for either shaft the same, the trajectory is near identical, as the tip section is identical. Only the difference in weight (10g obviously) has a slight effect if it gives you a faster swing speed. For added trajectory, I would suggest adding 1/4" to the recommended tip trim (so trim them 1/4" less at the tip) to give a higher trajectory. http://www.fstshafts.com/tr
  16. I would pop them in the humidor for at least a couple of weeks before smoking them. It helps to stabilise the relative humidity of the cigars - it sounds like erratic burning and going out is a classic case of too much moisture in them. If you use Boveda bags in your humidor, they will help in getting them in the correct range they should be - around 69-71% RH.
  17. Another day, another Bolivar Royal Corona. This time casually testing Mizunos (yes Mizuno) after the son did his normal trick of borrowing my Titleists for a golf break with his buddies. Nice all round - including the Mizzies - small Sea Dog rum to finish the session with a great smoke. Happy days...
  18. It's worth remembering that if you intended to use a 3-iron shaft to form a hard-stepped 2-iron - you can still keep the playing length you want - it only becomes 1/2" shorter when you butt trim the raw untrimmed length is at least 41". So don't trim the butt so much...no need to adjust lie so much. PXG will adjust lie if required anyway - but so can any reputable fitter or proshop...
  19. Pins? Not all woods are the same. Some have the shaft pinned near the heel (Macgregors for example) so these have to be located and either drilled out or punched through if they can't be unscrewed. They're usually concealed with wood filler so if you don't know where to look you could be in for a long search. If you have epoxy remove the whipping if fitted and heat the steel of the shaft until enough heat transfer can break the bond - never heat the head! Older woods probably won't have epoxy anyway, so once the whipping and pins/screws are removed the head should be able to be twisted of
  20. Por Larranaga Picadores with coffee in the sun. Perfect Sunday chill out.
  21. Vegueros Centrafino. Worth a look if you like robustos.
  22. Not really. The longer original length gives a greater club head speed for a given swing speed. The shorter the fulcrum length (ie the shaft length) for the same swing speed, the club head speed reduces accordingly. With a reduction of 1.5" you would probably lose around 3-4mph in club head speed. Doesn't sound much, but when you translate that to distance from resultant club head speed - it accounts for your loss of distance. If you can live with the increased accuracy it's not worth worrying too much about. But if you can't live with the loss in distance you have two options - restore the le
  23. Diplomaticos No.2 is a rare treat today. I think a pairing with a dark rum would be nice....
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