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  1. Tyler, Dover, PA iphone 11 pro max Equally indoors and outdoors Using net indoors
  2. Looking to find some new golfing buddies. At 29 years old all of my friends are too busy with life to play much at all. Fortunately my lovely wife has no problem with me playing once a week. So if anyone is in the area and would like to get a game together sometime this month let me know!
  3. I apologize for no update on the review as promised. My aunt died suddenly so things have been a little hectic around here. I will likely get to it before this next weekend. The v1.8.5 update did not get to me before I had to send the unit back, so I will give my final thoughts based on my last two sessions with the unit that I had not previously talked about.
  4. I'm still eagerly awaiting the v1.8.5 update to do the final review with screenshots and possibly some video (video has proved difficult as I'm usually by myself and its tough to get the iPad screen to show up well) I think I may video from behind while also videoing the iPad) But it will be done by next weekend for sure!
  5. It is a known problem that their mid iron spin numbers are off. V1.8.5 is supposed to fix that. I've notived a few shots get up around 11k spin and the occasional flight conflict (shows a draw but I hit a fade). I used it for roughly two hours last night from before sunset to when they had the range lit and it was exceptional. I was truly impressed with its ability to pick up 9i through driver on every single swing. It had no missed shots...none. And I would say out of 120 shots it may have had the spin axis off twice. Now that I have used the unit 4 times I am becomming much better at setting it up quickly and accurately. I would have had no problem using the numbers from last night in swing analysis or club fittings. In fact I was using lead tape to adjust swing weights at one point and it allowed me to immediately see results and adjust each club through driver for optimal numbers. Yardages were compared to range signs which I have hit with a rangefinder in the past, and they were easily within a couple yards on all reasonably struck shots. I had my first really good range session using the unit, and that certainly seems to help it pick up good numbers (which makes sense).
  6. I'm not trying to argue with you. I appreciate your time and thoughts. But whether I leave them +1/2" or cut it off after soft stepping I would not be changing swing weight because they would be gripped in the same position relative to the head that they are now, correct? The total weight would go up if I left the 1/2" on, but swing weight should remain D3 as they sit currently. I guess I could ask anyone how they know they grip the club the same every time? I know I do because it is part of my routine, so if part of that routine is making sure I grip at a sharpie line rather than just off the butt of the club I should be just as consistent right? (Again I am looking for honest answers, I'm not trying to sound like a smart a$$ with my replies)
  7. So my fitting ended up being: -irons are good, could be better by soft stepping and flatten by .5* -driver is terrible fit (good to hear since I hated it) it was too short and too stiff for my swing tempo and steep attack -should have more bounce on my wedges -putter was adjusted to a 71* lie and taken from 3 to 4* loft I've already traded away the driver today for an xcg7 with lighter (60g) and longer (by 1/2") shaft. So hopefully I see better numbers with it. As I put in another thread I'm unsure what I want to do about my irons. I do have a set of mizuno mp59 irons with dynalite s300 shafts that I guess I should test against the amp cell pros since they essentially play at the specs that were recommended for me. Too many thoughts in my head right now...
  8. Tinkering


    I do the idiotic "aggresive layup" from time to time...those two words should not be used together. I also try to advance the ball too far from trouble.
  9. I understand what Rookie is saying, I did know the correlation between length and lie...but in this case I mentioned gripping down to negate the extra length which would keep them at the same lie angle. The only reason I was going to keep the extra length was because I just regripped my irons not long ago and like gripping down on the club just a little (probably a 1/2") so outside of raising the overall weight very slightly, I dont really see a disadvantage leaving them long.
  10. I will do that, thanks. The guy I saw has been doing this for over 11 years and has received nothing but great reviews. The other guy working there has been doing it for 15 and has fit PGA Tour pros, so I would hope they are on the right track. Yeah I know what you are saying, I guess it doesnt hurt to leave them long, I can always blow the grips off, cut 1/2" then put them back on if need be. As far as the swing weight thing, you said "interestingly". I'm guessing you know why, but perhaps not. So encase you do not, the swingweight increases because you are essentially moving the center of mass further toward the club head. Think of holding a 30 lb weight to your chest, then extend your arms away from you. It's still 30lbs but it feels much heavier (same concept with golf clubs). But thank you for your experience, I think on the length front I'll just go for it, a half inch of shaft cannot weight enough for me to be like "#%!& this is heavy" haha
  11. So here is the deal: I am a single digit handicap Using several methods (lie board, face tape, and even dirt on face), my lie angle always seems to be too flat I had my first real fitting on Saturday at Club Champion, where I was told to go .5* flatter I already push the ball right at times so my thinking was, "won't this make it worse?!?!" However, upon further research there are a lot of people who argue clubs are being made more and more upright to help people who slice and push it right but in doing so causie good golfers to swing more and more steeply...this makes some sense because I have a steep swing but do not come over the top. I was also told my swingweight should go up from D3 to D4 and soft step the shafts once. Soooooo... Would it be wise to go ahead and go flatter to promote a flatter swing? Would it be a problem to soft step without removing the 1/2" of shaft? I understand the total weight will go up, but I would plan to grip down slightly as I prefer that feel. This should move the swingweight up to the suggested D4 (as long as I choke down) while still softening the flex. There is just an abundance of info out there and it is terribly difficult to ascertain what is truly good info. Can anyone help me out here???
  12. My observations after round 2: Positives: -with the exception of a handful of shots, trajectory was dead on -the data was coming in as quickly as on the trackman I had been on earlier in the day. -distances were showing shorter than with trackman, but I was using range balls vs pro v1s and was outside vs inside. So not really an applicable comparison, other than flight patterns and reliability. Both would miss a shot here and there if struck very thin or fat and both reproduced very similar flights. Negatives: -spin numbers (as previously noted were not always reliable) hopefully will be fixed within the week I realize this is not "scientific" but it is real world. I set the unit up in about 2mins and was hitting. Info overall would've been perfectly acceptable for working on my game at home into a net. Ultimately spin numbers need to improve and I think it becomes a viable home sim and possibly even a reliable fitting tool in addition to already being a great teaching tool (individually or with a coach) I will be doing my final part 3 of this review following the release of v1.8.5 complete with pictures and video. Feel free to ask any questions.
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