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  1. I wouldn't blame the mat! Its definitely time off and not being aggressive enough with the shorter irons (that's why its fading). I would practice a shorter more aggressive swing at 100 or less. Get to the point where your so aggressive you almost feel a pull coming. This should help getting the ball straighter and add a little spin to your ball! The key to a good short game is being aggressive and have control. Long easy swings will only get you in trouble especially on a wet course! Through the Rough www.ttrgolf.com
  2. Hey Guys, I'm a professional golfer from Southern California. Love all things about golf so lets give this site a try! Not only is so cal a great place to golf its a great place to teach golf all year around! I am currently hosting a new site TTRGOLF.COM Any feedback or tips are very welcome! Trying something new and hope I am on the right track! thanks, YESSIIR Through The Rough TTRGOLF.COM TTRGOLF@gmail.com
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