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  1. Hey Guys!!! I am curious to know what all of you like to play besides Golf. I like to play Snooker what about you?
  2. Yeah definitely I am gone buy this but honestly speaking I like to play golf in real and in video games its just for fun.......
  3. Played 1,2 and 5. May be this year we will planning to visit 4. Farmstead (North Myrtle Beach) 18th, a Par 6 that starts in South Carloina and ends on the green in North Carolina! To have a nice game with some of my friends in NC
  4. I have used this irons and will recommend it to my friends it is really very light weighted and perfect iron for beginners.
  5. Definitely he will be missed. I grew up watching him....
  6. Want to have more power, more power, more weight shift and more turn? The video below features three golf exercises and drills from Golf More Swing Less. They are very effective during those winter months for more muscle memory, balance, power, flexibility and overall golf swing improvement. These turning exercises and golf drills will effectively help with improving your turn, and creating more natural power and distance. More flexibility leads to more turn, yielding more weight shift, which will result in more power.Check out this video
  7. Hey Guys!!! Thanks to your suggestions and discussions I finally bought Taylormade R15 Hybrids. I am completely satisfied with it because it serves me the purpose for which I bought it.
  8. I will try to write complete list: 1. TaylorMade Rsi TP Irons_3 _PW 2. TaylorMade R15 Driver 3. TaylorMade SLDR S class fairway wood 4. TaylorMade Speedblade Wedge 5. Cleveland Golf Smart Square Center Shafted Putter Rest some other time
  9. I think most of the members think X2 hot hybrid is good so I think I will buy them but before buying I will definitely try them out if fits right I will buy them.Actually @Kor I wanted some suggestions before buying that because if I go without having some knowledge I cant make the right decision. I asked this question so that I can get some idea regarding the brands because people who have used them will better rather than just going out and buy...
  10. Just heard or you are sure for that because I need to spend real money on it...have you used it or not?
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