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  2. Fred from San Antonio: I'm not eligible to test the Hogan hybrids because I already have two of them (24-27 degrees). Love `em. Well worth trying if you're interested in testing them. Anxious to see what mgs's testers think about them. Also, if you want to take a look at them in person, they, along with all of Hogan's new clubs, are now available for sale at Golfsmith.
  3. Had a chance to try one of the Hi irons a few months ago, complements of The Hogan Company. Would love to try all three to give a more in debt opinion. Regardless of whether I'm chosen or not, i think those who do get to try them out will be very impressed.
  4. Driver: Titleist 915D2 Fairway woods: Titleist 915-F (7) Hybrid: Titleist 816 HI 27 degrees Irons: Ben Hogan PTx Wedges: Ben Hogan TK15s 60, 53,47,49 Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport Select M2 Bag: Ben Hogan stand bag Ball: Snell MyTourBall
  5. Congratulations, Bogey. A member by which all others are measured, to be sure. Always look forward to your comments.
  6. Used to use a glove until I put the Golf Pride CP2s on my Hogans. Best feel I've ever had in a grip, and very easy on my hands.
  7. since you mentioned Kick X, I thought I'd mention that I read an article the other day that noted how Titleist is suing the manufacturer due to patent infringement. Titleist claims that Kick X (which is part of the Medicus family) has copied the dimples on their balls. If you've seen any of the Kick X ads lately on the Golf Channel, you'll notice that Kick X no longer shows the names of the balls that it supposedly outhits - instead they just show ball A, ball B, etc. As for the balls I'm currently using, I prefer the Nicklaus Blues, which are designed for those hitting off the regular tees vs. bcd tees or senior tees. Excllent ball, and I get the same distance that i do with a ProV. They're $28 a dozen, plus any donation you like to make to your favorite charity. On certain days, I feel a yellow ball is easier to see, so I tee up a yellow Bridgestone RX.
  8. If nothing else, I suppose you could send a quick email to Bill Totten, the Hogan customer service rep who wrote me back and see if they'd let you try a 30 degree for the same 30-day period they're giving others. It would only be for one club, but if they think you might eventually buy more clubs, maybe they'd be flexible. and you'd get your money back if you weren't happy with the club. I suspect that those people Hogan made the 30-day offer to may be people who have contacted the company inquiring about the clubs. Otherwise, I'm not sure how the company would have gotten their names. Meanwhile shooting in the low 70s is certainly nothing to scoff at.
  9. Hard to tell, Bogey. Do you low if any of the earlier Hogan irons from the past were available for left-handers?
  10. Here's the response I got from Hogan about LH clubs. Sorry, looks like it's going to be while. They're probably going to have to be more established before they can start offering clubs for LHers. Hi Fred, As of today, there is no timetable on when we will have left handed clubs. I will keep your name on a list of lefties and will keep you in the loop on a release date. Let me know if I can be of further assistance Bill Totten Trade Partner Customer Service Representative [email protected] Direct Line 1-817-576-8612 | Cell 1262-271-1956 Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company 685 John B. Sias Memorial Parkway, Ste 515 Fort Worth, TX 76134
  11. That's great to hear. #7 is a counterbalance, too. Right? How do you like the Super stroke grip? I'll tell you what... I could have paid twice as much for the Scotty Cameron version and not putted any better than I do with the Odyssey. I'll probably take that $200 I saved and get another Hogan wedge.
  12. if you go on facebook and check out Ben Hogan Golf, you'll find a review of the irons from someone who just recently got them, and has used them on the course a few times. See what you think. Fred
  13. Finally got to the point where I realized I needed a little extra weight on my putter to help steady my hands and stroke. I've been a Cameron guy for many years, so I checked out the counterbalance version of the SC Newport Select 2.5 I've been using. I really didn't want to pay $400 for it, so I checked out some alternatives. While at the San Antonio Golfsmith, I asked my golfTEC guy what he thought. He recommended the same putter he had recently purchased - the Odyssey Works #1 Wide Tank putter, which lists for $200. It's a compact heel-toe weighted blade with a wide flange, Versa high contrast alignment, Tank counterbalance, and double bend shaft and full-shaft offset. I got the 35" inch length. It comes standard with a Super Stroke grip. Thanks to the extra weight, my stroke is much firmer and steady now. As a result, I can honestly say that my putting has improved nearly 50%. Weight-wise, the putter feels the same to me as the scotty Cameron for $400. And since I've had four Cameron's, the brand no longer holds a novelty factor for me. Anyway, just a quick note on my new putter. I also recently purchased my first Hogan wedge (60 degree). Unlike my Titleist SM5s, Hogan wedges are forged. I'm hoping they will have the same soft feel as my irons. PS... I'm still hitting my Nicklaus balls as well, if not better, than my ProVs. Have decided to go with them this year.
  14. I'll get a hold of the guys in the customer service dept. that I know and get an answer for you. I think they simply started out with RH clubs because most players are RH. Hard to believe that they wouldn't offer LH clubs sometime down the line. Fred
  15. I think it's a very good deal, providing you are truly interested in purchasing the clubs sometime in the future. Most companies wouldn't be so generous, I think, and it's a great way to try them out risk-free. That said, I've expressed in the past on this forum how much I love my Hogans; they will be my last set of clubs until (if and when) the company improves upon them. I'm very proud of the fact that I own a fitted set of the irons, and often find myself promoting them to other golfers. Did so today at a Knights of Columbus tournament here in San Antonio. I let one guy try them, next thing you know, another wanted to check them out. When I move back to the Dallas/Fort worth area next year, maybe I should try and see if they'd hire this ex-media guy to work for them ;-)
  16. I'm hoping that Jordan will be in that small, rare, class of players that who truly are great and play that way week after week. Just as Tiger did when he first came o the scene, Jordan's good for golf, and has given fans of the game a reason to celebrate again. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how many golf stores are selling selling out of Titleist drivers and irons, along with Scotty Cameron putters. And could there possibly be any Under Armour clothing left on the shelves ;-)
  17. Obviously, it's a little too late to enter, but would you guys know if that particular grip is for sale to the general public? I decided to save some money and go for an Odyssey counter-balance putter instead of shelling out $200 more for the counter-balance version of my Cameron Newport 2.5. The Odyssey came with a Super Stroke, and I really like it. Thanks.
  18. Kenny: Good comment. it will be very interesting to see where Jordan goes from here. Historically, most Masters winners don't do very well after the tournament for the rest of the year. No one seems to know why. Maybe they're just too tired from all the media obligations ;-) I think it's fair to say that in most cases, the winner of any tournament is, more than likely, the guy (or girl) who happened to be really in a tight zone that week - more so than any of the other players. I think that is what separates the majority of the players on the tour from the Palmers, Nicklaus', Hogans, Woods, McIIroys, etc., of the world. There are many great players on the PGA tour, but very few great (and consistent) winners. It is my hope that Jordan is just what he appears to be - cut from a different mold; a player who will win multiple tournaments each year, and not a single tournament once every other year or so. And who knows... maybe if Tiger had been raised in a family environment similar to Jordan's, instead of by a retired Green Beret who had infidelity problems of his own, Tiger might have a few more majors under his belt by know.
  19. While working the Texas Valero Open a few weeks ago I got a chance to talk with Charles Howell lII, who is sponsored by Mizuno and is currently playing the MP-15s. He told me quite bluntly that there was little difference between the MP-15 and the MP-H5. He did say the MP-54s, which I recently replaced with the new Hogan irons, are still great clubs. Before switching to the 15s, Howell was using the 64s, which Luke Donald is still using.
  20. Thanks for the offer, Bogey, but I wouldn't have any tournament money to offer you. And, no, you can't have one of the irons instead ;-) Had a great time this morning. Once again, got great distance and feel with the irons. Wore my new Ben Hogan hat - got to get it all int the family. Right? Got some covers coming for the irons. Still need to hit the driving range and spend a couple hours with the irons to better become one with them. Good to hear from you. One of these days - not Monday, unfortunately - I'd love to play golf in Austin... although I'm not sure how safe it would be to bring the Hogans ;-) As a new side note: got a new Odyssey putter at Golfsmith. Love it. It's a counter-balance, and much sturdier than my Newport 2.5.
  21. When the opportunity arrives, I, too, will be headed toward Fort Worth. I know they'll be giving tours of the new building when it's finished. Based on your description of the new place, sounds like it will be well worth the visit. Have my first Hogan wedge on the way. Unlike my Titleist SM5s, the Hogan wedges are forged, providing a softer feel, and will come with KBS wedge shafts. If it passes the test, which I'm sure it will, I'll get two more. Playing tomorrow with an older gentleman who played with Hogan as an amateur in one of the early U.S. Opens. At 86, he still hits it down the middle.
  22. I've got a few pictures of them posted on the WIYB site - under "My new Hogans just arrived." I got the PW thru 6 iron. From there I go to a 7W or 5W. The irons are very sleek looking compared to most clubs on the market. If you haven't done so already, you might want to get on their site and check out the "HOGANFIT" section. After you fill out the information, Hogan will tell you what loft they recommend that you should be using, based on your input. Face it, some people need a seven and a half instead of a seven. They changed the lofts I was using with my MP-54s. Regardless, it's interesting to see what lofts they think you should be hitting for each club you use. If you can't find the photos I took, let me know and I'll send them to you. Good to hear from you. Fred
  23. Good to hear from you. I took the Hogan's out for their first real test at Brackenridge Park, a local public course here in San Antonio where Hogan frequented on occasion. The following is the feedback I sent to Hogan: "Finally, the search is over. With my new Hogan irons I feel as though I've finally found the clubs that are, in effect, the ultimate compliment to my game. Because of my Hogan fit, and the recommendations made by Hogan, I'm getting playability and distance that wasn't available to me in the past. Bottom line: I've finally found the clubs that allow me to play my best. Since getting the irons, quite a few people have shown a great deal of interest in them, and I'm always quick to give them my highest recommendation. Thanks, Hogan. I'm looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with the company." Needless to say, I love these clubs. On perfect shots, I hear a swish, and don't even feel the ball. I was told by the folks at Hogan that it's because of the 1205 carbon steel used that makes the clubs very soft. They look like blades, but are forged. I've decided to go ahead and get the wedges as well - giving up my Titleist SM5s, which are not forged. As for the 54s, they are fatter than the Hogans, and a bit heavier, despite the KBS C Tapor Lites I have on them. 54s are considered a player's club. I liked hem very much, and have played well with them. I've had three sets of Mizunos, and they've served me well. That said, with the Hogans, I finally feel I've found my clubs. By the way, I'm also getting more distance with the Hogans, over then 54s; what used to take a 7 iron, now takes an 8. I would have shot a 78 or 79 yesterday I had known that was going to happen. Completely overshot a par 3 using an 8 ;-) On a side note: I was working the Texas Valero Open two weeks ago and had a chance to talk with Charles Howell III, who, as you probably know, is sponsored by Mizuno. He used MP-64s for quite a while. He's now using the new MP-15s. Says there's really not much difference between the MP-15s and the new MPH5. Said he really like his MP-64s. That's about it for now. Have had quite a few people ask to see the Hogans when they learn I have them. If you've got any more questions, let me know.
  24. Rick: not familiar with the MP-32s, so I couldn't compare. I've had three sets of Mizunos, and all three had a thicker blade. And, yes, the contact was very crisp compared to my 54s.
  25. Barbajo: ball flight was pretty much the same on each club. I found I was getting a little more height than with the 54s I had previously used. The one exception was with the 28 degree - or six iron. The ball flight was similar. I'm anxious to get out and play with them 2-3 more times before I say much more. That said, I truly felt my first-time experience was great. I did have some concern about looking down at a club that was a bit smaller (like they say - more like a blade) than I was used to. After my first hit, that concern went away.
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