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  1. Remember, pros play extremely fast, perfectly manicured greens EVERY week. I, like most golfers, play what is available. Adjust your putter stroke to what works for you on the greens you play. I practice with the Srixon 2 color balls with the line dividing the colors vertical. If that line remains vertical, you hit a pure putt. P.S. don't look up to watch the line - let it roll then observe at 10 feet.
  2. Difficult holes often play simpler by swallowing your pride, hit a 3i or a hybrid off the tee, lay up to 50-100 yards, then stick your approach for a makeable putt. The whole point of the design is to play on your desire for a GIR (and possible 3 putt) rather than developing a strategic plan for par. Think first, then hit.
  3. Try Cut Golf. Dozen urethane cover 3 or 4 layer 19.99. Performs just like the high $$ balls. Also like the Cut matt ball. If you are a Costco member or know a member go with Kirkland 3 layer. $15 per doz ordered on web and shipped to my house. Can't beat them.
  4. OEM'S are not shooting themselves in the foot as long as consumers accept and pay the price. Currently, only two clubs in my bag are OEM names. I earned a technical education and worked many years in technology. Any company - OEM'S included - that still believes in the marketing gimic of swingweight has no place in my bag.
  5. Kirkland 3 piece, great feel, spin, overall performance.
  6. The mixed set works great for me - see my post above for set specs. Try the mixed set; great help Gor longer horns and hybrids.
  7. The Cut web site lists the DC as 105 compression: a hard golf ball unless you are playing in 100 degree heat. I play the 80 compression Cut gray - 3 layer with urethane cover. Durable, and good performance.
  8. Cut is a good ball and priced correctly - no tour pros to pay and no expensive tv adds Some criticize Cut based on consistency but that sounds like a Title list ad to me. I'll agree tv pros playing for a million+ each week need consistency, but everyday players posting here may not be quite that good. Cut always plays just fine for me: the balls are more consistent than our game. Recall the original Kirkland 4 layer - great ball that had the big names - afraid of the competition - scrambling to stop production. Kirkland proved that great golf balls don't really cost $50 per dozen. Cut continues the trend.
  9. Think about single length for the long irons - simplifies these clubs. SL's exactly match TOTAL CLUB MOI so you have the same feel as a 7 iron. Ask Bryson.
  10. A long shaft in wedges just sounded like as bad idea, but the single length concept is founded on good science. I play normal stepped length clubs LW through 8 iron, then single length 7, 6, 5, 4. Works great - same shout irons and wedges with simplified long irons. No, I don't loose distance or height on the long irons: science tells you that the heavier club head offsets the effect of shorter shaft.
  11. Look at Nevr Looz golf bag. The club head clips keep the top aligned and the a thick polymer sheet aligns the grip end. Also, this design prevents club heads banging together.
  12. Golf club companies are in the business of selling clubs: consider the possibility their recommendations may be influenced by corporate greed. I stick with my old friends - same wedges as several years ago, BUT I use a groove tool to dress the groove edges. The tool does NOT change groove depth or contour, it sharpens the edges. Since I don't play for a million dollars every weekend, I am not concerned about minor groove work.
  13. 1. First name and city/state Bruce Oklahoma 2. Handicap 12 3. Current Wedges 49, 54, 58 4. Your desired set/lofts 49, 54, 58
  14. Your first name and home state-- Bruce. Oklahoma - Your current handicap 12 - Your current golf ball Cut Matte Orange - Are you looking for more ball speed or more of a soft feeling Love a soft feel
  15. received my Kirkland 3 layer balls - marked “performance +”. Label says “made in China. Paid $15 per doz including tax and shipping. Played 18 with the new model - GREAT BALL. Conditions - temp low to mid 60's, wind 10 to 15mph. On the practice green, ball would check on 10 yard chips, nice feel off the putter and useful alignment line. Full shots - soft feel off the club face, wind produced expected effect on ball flight - nothing like suggested in pod cast. Driver distance just fine. Short irons and wedges checked nicely. 8 iron tee shot stopped dead ( 3 inches ) where it hit on a firm Bermuda green. 80 yard wedge - one hop.
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