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  1. 86, you have probably solved this issue by now, but my two pennyworth.


    Go and see a proper 'independent' fitter, not someone based out of one of the superstores. Generally speaking, they are as much a fitter as I am a rocket scientist.


    I spent a not inconsiderable time with a Maryland based fitter who was fantastic. We started by properly gapping my irons from PW back up the line. My longest iron is a six which is set at 32°. I now have three hybrids in my bag set at 28°, 24° and 20°. Carry distances are 185, 200 and 215. These are Wishon 775HS. A proper fitter will sort you out with the correct shaft for you swing speed and release and you will be as happy as a pig in poo.


    The other great thing about being fit is that once the job is done you no longer need to get concerned about the latest greatest newest fastest longest club that the major companies release with great fanfare every twelve months. Does that sound just a touch cynical?


    Good luck

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