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  1. 15 hours ago, Kenny B said:

    I've been talking about it all year... it was my goal for this year!!  After yesterday's round of 85 that was probably my worst ball striking round in recent memory, I didn't think it would happen today. 

    I started the front nine pretty well; always a good sign, but so often hopes are dashed. Par, Par, Bogey, Par Par.
    Then on the par 5 #6, I hit a poor drive but it ended up in the fairway just short of a bunker... Lucky!  🤪
    2nd shot was a good 3H that put me in a 9i range of a back left pin; hit it pin high right.
    My birdie putt was 10 feet slightly downhill with 2 foot break, most coming in the last couple of feet.  
    Pars on #7 and #8
    On the par 5 #9... good drive; 3H short of the pond, a SW to 6 feet and putt made for my second birdie.
    Front nine score 36... one under par!!!  😃

    After a Par, Bogey start on the back nine, I birdied the par 3 #12 with a 15 footer.
    A good drive and decent 2nd shot on the par 5 #13 left me with a 9i to a back pin over a bunker; almost carried the sand, but fell back in the bunker... up and down sandy Par.
    Scrambled for a Par on #14, then Bogeyed #15.
    Pars on #16 and #17.

    I wasn't keeping score; my wife was.  I thought I needed just a bogey to shoot my age.  All I needed to do on this par 5 #18... my nemesis hole was hit the middle of the fairway like I have most of the day .  Nope!!  Hit the middle of the left bunker instead.  😬  There really is no shot to advance the ball very far since the hole doglegs left with a large tree at the corner; going through the dogleg is in the bunker that runs all the way to the green on the right and pond beyond that.  I decided to hit a 9i to the dogleg... flushed it!!!  In the next bunker.  3rd shot... same 9i just to get the ball back in play in the fairway.  4th shot was a PW over the green into the rough.  5th shot on the green and 2-putt for a Double Bogey!!   I thought I had missed shooting my age by one shot.  BUT...
    Back nine score 38... 3 over par.

    36  +  38  =  74

    Oh, By The Way (my doctor doesn't like Oh BTWs; you know, go in to see him for one thing and while I'm there... Oh BTW!  😂)  Along with my 3 birdies, my wife had 2 birdies, and the couple we play with also had a birdie each... 7 birdies!! Vanilla Rum shots for everyone but me;  I had 7 shots of Wild Turkey Honey Sting!!  Thanks again @fozcycle!!

    Now I need a new goal for the second half of 2021.

    Well done sir!  Now go do it again!

  2. On 5/24/2021 at 11:55 AM, Berg Ryman said:

    So, do you all want to know why my only real competitive round of the year so far went on Saturday as I attempted to qualify for the local big amateur tournament for Central New York? Well, even if you don't, you're going to learn today. Saturday afternoon I descended on Cortland Country Club for a 2:19 tee time for the qualifier for the AIM Championship. I played the front side at Cortland numerous times in High School, but that was 15 years ago I think at last check. Played off the blues from around 6350.

    The round starts with a Par 5, OB right to farm land, the world to your left. I aimed down the left and hit a pretty straight drive, ends up right behind a tree on the left. Punch out sideways, get on the green in 5 so not my finest hour. Then as you know I've recently bought a new putter, the SIK Flo-C. I haven't three putted in 53 holes so what do I do? 4 putt for a NINE. Yup, great opening quad there dummy. Funny story, I follow that up with a birdie on the second. Honestly, the front side was ok when you forget I made a 9. I shot 8 over for the side, a 44. I did make another double on a par 5, again a drive behind a tree leading to a punch out.

    The back side started with a couple of pars, a rough 3 putt double on a par 3 which kind of killed the momentum I was working through but I stood on the last tee +13 for the round. I was under no illusions of making the cut, which looked like it was going to be in the +9 to +11 range depending on what other people did. What I wasn't expecting was falling like a rock down the leaderboard. I hit a drive which lead me on a bad downhill lie, and then tried a punch fade to get under a branch in a scramble. Now, here's where I tell you that between the 17th and 18th fairway is the road to take to get back to the clubhouse and the parking lot. Well, my shot overfades, hits the roads multiple time and ends up by the 6th hole, past the clubhouse. Turns out... that's OB, so I go pick up my ball, drop it back where I hit my shot, and just begin the struggle to finish... with yet again another NINE. 46 on the back, 90 for the round.

    This is where you wonder, but Berg, surely that doesn't tell the whole story. Well, let's look at the stats for hole scores. 1 birdie, 7 pars, 6 bogeys. That's right I was 5 over on 14 of the holes. Sure, the two doubles weren't great, one for a tough break, one due to a lipout for bogey, but man, those nines. When you're 9 over on two holes it's tough regardless. However, there were a lot of positives from this round in my eyes. I was striking my irons exceptionally well and the change to add a waggle to the pre-shot routine to work on adding some hinge to the swing was fruitful. It's just golf, bad things happen at bad times. It's all a learning experience. I look forward to taking the positives through the rest of 2021 and hopefully getting my game in a good enough shape for 2022 to take yet another crack at qualifying. I know I can do it, just got to keep those big numbers away.

    Also, tagging @joen in this post. He played well in an earlier group, missed the cut by 1 shot. Felt worse for him than me to be honest. Missing by one is never fun.

    Six over for the last four holes. My short game was non existent. I hit nine greens in regulation with no trouble getting off the tee. My chipping/pitching cost me five shots at a minimum. Actually spent an hour in the chipping area after the round because I was so disgusted.  I am glad you played well for the majority of the round!  Good to hear!

  3. 16 hours ago, Sluggo42 said:

    Goodness gracious, how did we get here?

    many years ago when looking for a new driver I stumbled across this site, and bought the “driver of the year” based on this sites work. I can’t remember exactly what it was, I wanna say the Ping i20. Just a little while ago.

    anyways, since then, I seem to have decided I felt the need to say something 3000 times now... and probably have read over 100,000 thoughts from so many people that I now consider friends, yet have never met...

    well, onto another 1k blathers...


    I always enjoy your content!  Keep it going!

  4. On 3/16/2021 at 9:54 PM, WaffleHouseTour said:

    You mentioned above they take an orthotic insert easily.... can I ask if you are an over pronator?

    My podiatrist put me in ASICS years ago because I over pronate and wear some custom orthotics -  but I have never tried their golf shoes before, and have always been on the look out for a shoe for over pronation. Just curious. 

    I’d really like to try the ASICS Gel Ace released this year, but haven’t found a single review...

    No. I am not an overpronator. However, as someone who is actually a podiatrist (and didn’t just spend the night in a Holiday Inn).....I can tell you that the ASICS brand is a solid shoe and should serve you well. If you want maximum stability, I generally recommend one of the Adidas Tour shoes to patients. The new HOVR shoe from Under Armour is also a very solid choice for an overpronator. 

  5. Here is my Autoflex review. 

    Shout out to @Manimal26as I purchased the shaft from him. Great guy to deal with....

    I have had this for close to a week now.  It is a very well made shaft.  It feels whippy. This is unlike anything you have ever swung.  I can guarantee that.

    I paired the Autoflex 405 shaft with my Ping G400 driver head.   Driver SS 93-94 mph. 

    I have gained 4-5 mph swinging at my “normal” speed. That translates roughly to ten yards that I was seeing. Dispersion was down a little.  I am used to my driver being a fairway finder  over 70% of the time.  So that was a little depressing. Smash factor didn’t seem to change from my current shaft to the Autoflex. 

    Now. Here is where it gets really interesting. If I slowed my driver swing with the Autoflex just a little from my “normal”.....the swing speed didn’t change from my gamer shaft at normal speed. My smash factor went up slightly and my dispersion was actually improved from my gamer shaft.  My big miss also disappeared using this intent. 

    So my intent was to get something to let me hit the ball further, but if I slow it down....my accuracy improves without distance loss.  Go figure!

  6. On 1/15/2021 at 4:20 PM, Shapotomous said:

    After seeing the TXG review I am on the waiting list for this....


    If it impresses the boyz in Toronto it is worth me taking it for a test drive!! 

    err.....excuse me.....

    It's really a belated Christmas present for SWMBO.  really it is...... I'm gonna wrap it and put a bow on it too!!  

    Darn you. I just dropped some money on this device because it looks awesome!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Manimal26 said:

    Both scores are very respectable in their own rights, but if you want to score low proximity to the hole is key.

    I am glad you are looking forward to it. In the ping head people may mistake your diver for Bubba’s 🤪

    You are absolutely correct!  Proximity to the hole is a direct correlation to better scores.  And I figure the closer I am to the hole after the tee ball....the better my proximity will be.

    Love it!  I will be the right handed Bubba!

  8. 7 hours ago, Hotdocta said:

    Which autoflex did you get?  I got 505

    Driver swing speed is 93-94 mph. I got the 405. Very pumped to see what this will do for my swing speed. I hit 73% of fairways last season.  If I can get 15-20 more yards (1-2 less clubs into the green as a result) and maintain accuracy then I will be very pleased. Distance is king. I did an experiment on an empty course this year. I played two balls. One from my regular tees of 6500 yards....and one from the senior tees. I shot a 78 from the regular tees and a 68 from the senior tees. I was on every par five except one in 2 shots from the senior tees, and it became very clear how much easier this game is the further you hit it!

    I look forward to sharing my progress!

  9. Ok. I couldn’t stand it after reading about this shaft all over the internet. People either get massive gains with it or they don’t. Probably having a correct combination of shaft and head for your own individual swing. 
    Anyways, I decided to give it a go. Ordered a shaft from @Manimal26 here on my golf spy. Process went very smoothly. I am going to pair this with my Ping G400 head. Every one says this head is too heavy, but I will counterweight it if necessary to bring swingweight down. 
    I will update all with my progress. Worst case scenario....I sell the shaft and recoup some of the money spent on this distance experiment. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Tsmithjr9 said:

    Loved Asics, best shoe when I was on my feet all day in retail. I haven't heard much about the golf shoes, but I hope they're good.

    Take Dead Aim

    Great shoe!  I don’t recommend them if the grass is really wet, or you are expecting rain.  They are labeled as water resistant. 

  11. 21 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    For sure its definitely personal. 

    My hypothesis on why it doesn't work for me on lag putting (don't know if it is fully true or not) is because the head feels really light during the stroke (supposedly due to the lack of torque), but the head is actually on the heavier side (370 grams to 415 grams), so my mind thinks i need to hit the ball harder than i actually should. Don't know whether this is true or not, just my thinking. 

    I have noticed that I tend to die the ball into the hole from whatever distance using the DF, but blow it by regularly with a traditional putter. I believe it has to do with the fact that I feel I have to actively release a regular putter through impact whereas I let the DF release itself through impact. 

  12. 7 hours ago, ELEL13 said:

    I purchased a DF putter indirectly through a friend, so I don’t know the lie angle and the putter is probably a little long for me.  Although I was putting it pretty well.  Hopefully that’s not a gigantic mistake.  Is there a way to shorten the putter at all, ideally without taking off the grip and taking off part of the shaft?  And how do I check the lie angle of the putter, vs. what I might get from sending LAB a video of my swing?  Thanks!

    You should be able to measure the lie angle of the putter with a protractor. As far as your true lie angle when putting....take a regular putter and set up as you normally would and film down the line. You can measure your lie angle on the video as well....and there is your comparison. 

    As far as shortening the putter....I am not completely sure you can do that without changing the way the putter works....because all the heads are a different weight. That is probably a better question for the folks at LAB golf. They are always very helpful with any questions I have had in the past. 

  13. On 8/26/2020 at 10:44 AM, analyticandrew said:

    Another update...

    Had the great fortune to get out with my 9 year old son for 9 holes on Sunday. We had a really good time. He is just passively interested in the game, but any chance to spend 2 hours uninterrupted with him, I'm taking advantage of it. 

    We played an executive course in the area that was 2975 yards from the "tips" 🙂 He didn't play all of the holes because he got really tired of walking + carrying his clubs (small bag, 5 clubs) AND it was extremely hot/humid for 4pm on a Sunday. In hindsight, I could have prepared him better. But it was still a great two hours of fun together.

    On to DECADE... This course was not a difficult one: 64.8/109, par 65, par 34 on the front (which we played). Three of the holes are pretty wide open off the tee, TINY greens (as to be expected), and a good amount of trees lining many of the fairways (but not all). Lots of crabgrass around, lots of chunks taken out of the fuzzy greens, but still a great time getting away for a couple hours. This was also my first time ever playing this course and I did no research (naturally) prior.

    • I emptied half of my bag and was playing with only a 3 wood, putter, 4, 6, 8, P, 58 degree wedge. I didn't want to carry all my clubs and I didn't think I would NEED all of them (i probably could have walked with 4 clubs and been "fine").
    • I found myself spending a decent chunk of time just "automatically" trying to find targets into greens on the 7 short par 4s on the front. It was almost like second nature. "I'm 120 yards, which is a 6, no trouble, pin is 8 yards from the left side... got my target. now go" - This was an awesome shift. Just playing more rounds with more ammo in my brain of how to approach things was super helpful. It also helped that I never had an approach shot on a par 4 that was more than a pitching wedge. 🙂
    • On hole two, I pushed my 4 iron off the tee on the 290 yard par 4 and I was in the trees. I was more aggressive (but in a smart way) and just punched a 6 iron under the trees and greenside. Before decade, I might have played too conservatively and left myself with something longer, but I tried to advance it at LEAST 50% of the way to the hole from the trouble, and I was much closer. I made a poor chip (or combo of the poor greens) and bogeyed the hole. Only bogey of the round.
    • I hit the best 6 iron maybe of my life on the 8th hole. A 200 yard par 3 with a bunker on the right, swamp behind, and open on the left and short. 6 iron is a lot to ask of me at 200 yards to be fair (6 iron is about 180-185 for me normally), but I didn't want to choke down on a 4 iron because there were tall trees lining the right side the entire way and I wasn't sure that I could get the ball up enough to get over them. Pin was in the middle, green was about 22 yards wide. My "miss" was going to be short or to the left, so I picked my target and went after the 6 iron. It was one of those "walking into the shot" type of swings 🙂 . High, drawing in... BOOM. 12' left of the pin, exactly pin-high. Drained the putt for birdie

    Ultimately shot an even par 34, and it kind of felt "automatic" walking around the course with what I was doing. I'm anxious (in a good way) to get into Month 5 of the DECADE videos which were just released to me this morning. 

    Happy to answer any questions that you all have as I continue on this journey as well! Thanks for reading!

    Appreciate your write up.  

    Quick question.  Website states committed players see a 20-40% handicap reduction in weeks. Did you see that level of improvement?

  14. 16 minutes ago, Urbs_Valhalla said:

    Check out, Country Club Elite.  It's thinker then the average mat which reduces club bounce.  

    Second the Country Club elite mat for concrete. Have had mine for six years. Zero issues with the mat.  It still looks new. No problems with my body hitting off the garage setup every day. And...unlike some mats at a range....you will know if you hit the ball fat. 

  15. 10 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    I’m not much of a DIY builder although that would save $100. Hoping I can talk Matt into waiving that since the stability shaft is marked down if you go directly to BGTs site. 

    My question is if it worked so well, why get one with the stability shaft?

    Because I was curious if it would work better. 😆 

    Hi.  My name is Joe and I am a club ho.  I think that’s what you are supposed to say when you introduce yourself at the meetings 

    I figured if I didn’t like it, then I would switch out the shaft and sell the stability shaft. 

    Total gamble.   If I hadn’t previously used the KBS shaft with success, then I would have went with the stability shaft last time as well.

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