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  1. Very excited. I actually get to play golf Friday afternoon. Hogan’s are going on their maiden voyage. I feel like I should listen to some mood music during the round. I will report back on Friday gentlemen!
  2. I feel your pain. No golf for me this weekend either. It’s like getting a brand new toy as a kid and not being able to play with it. I have already hit some great shots with these clubs in my mind.
  3. Unexpected surprise. Hogan clubs are here. They are flat out gorgeous clubs. The combo set blends beautifully together. They are also dog approved as well. Can’t wait to try them out!
  4. The Triple Track two ball putter knocked my putter out of the bag that I have had for years. I flat out make more putts with that design of putter. Love the lines paired up with the ball. It is definitely like cheating for me inside of ten feet. As with all putters....your mileage may vary.
  5. Got it. Sorry, I didn’t realize that this was pain brought on by the training. Two thoughts pop to mind. One. This is musculoskeletal. Two. This is a nerve irritation which is occurring. These exercises are done at crazy high speeds with a high potential for injury. My shoulders were killing me last year, and I stopped the Superspeed program. Shoulder pain went away. I have hit the weights like never before, and resumed the Superspeed training. No more shoulder pain. Clearly I wasn’t strong enough to handle the torque that I was generating. I never do my training if my body doesn’t feel like it wants to.....I was supposed to train today but I slept horrible last night so no training. I wish you the best with this because your increase in speed you discussed makes you a Superspeed poster boy.
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like a kid waiting for Christmas (arrival of Hogan irons)??? Are we there yet??? (Are the irons here yet???) I am very excited to try out this combo set. I put together my own combo set, and I am excited to see how a for market combo set performs.....and compares to what I cobbled together. Is that the UPS TRUCK OUTSIDE? Lol.
  7. May I have the albatross badge please? I just saw that someone else had one and was very excited. Is that pathetic? I earned it while in school in Cleveland. Never saw it go in the hole, and found it in the cup after looking all around the green for five minutes. The best part is that I have witnesses that can be called upon at any time for verification. The bad part is that I have never gotten a hole in one, which are statistically much easier than an albatross.
  8. No worries! If it makes you feel any better, I have personally adjusted the weight of my Superspeed sticks by taking small amounts off the heads with the occasional contact with the garage floor. I am not sure if my faster speeds over time are due to increased fast twitch muscle fibers or the decrease in weight of the sticks.
  9. joen

    7 woods

    Great club to have in your bag! I hit mine ALL the time! The Heavenwood is the REAL DEAL! Fun club to hit. Very versatile. If you have never hit one, then I highly recommend you give your father in laws club a go....just don’t cause any damage to it. Holidays with in laws are stressful enough without something like that hanging over your head.
  10. Nice write up! Are you playing at Cazenovia Country Club or Timber Banks for the qualifier? I played a practice round at Timber Banks the other day...it is in the best shape that I have ever seen it. Greens were fast AND rolling true. Good luck to you in your quest!
  11. Sorry if I in anyway have caused you to spend money on golf clubs. I apologize profusely!
  12. Thanks. I was concerned about that as well. I have played a 52, 56, and 60 for over a decade. Hopefully I adjust quickly to the 50, 54, and 58.
  13. Was looking at the specs and I noticed the PW is 46 degrees and my current GW is 52 degrees. I was concerned about gapping issues....and I needed new wedges so I ordered the Hogan Equalizer wedges in 50, 54, and 58. It just seemed right to get new wedges from Hogan since they supplied an iron set free for testing (abuse).
  14. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I only hope my review can be helpful. Very excited!
  15. Hogan PTX Pro/Icon Combo Iron Set - Official MGS Forum Review by JOEN A big thank you to Hogan golf and mygolfspy for the opportunity to test these clubs. I am very grateful. Introduction First, a little about myself. I am 50 years old and have been playing this game for forty years. My handicap can fluctuate from 1.8 to 4.8. I have never been able to get to scratch despite my best efforts. According to Shot By Shot, a strokes gained app that I have used over the past two years, here is how my game breaks down into a handicap: As you can see, the weak part of my game are the approach shots. I typically get 148 yards of carry from my seven iron. I hit a small draw with my irons and a bigger draw with my driver. My miss is to the left, and I do fear the left side of the golf course as a result. My current set, prior to testing, are Mizuno JPX 850 irons 7 through gap wedge. The five and six are the Cleveland Launcher HB irons. I have been professionally fit twice before, and both fittings gave me the exact same recommendations. Standard length clubs, standard grip size, and two degrees flat. I did not get fit for the Hogan’s given the current situation in the world; however, I felt comfortable going forward with these current specs. First Impressions The dog immediately approved of the Hogan irons. He was a little upset that there was not a milk bone in the box like the packages that come from 1-800 pet meds. Hogan cannot be faulted for this oversight. The irons are beautiful in my opinion. Such a classy looking golf club. I think Ben Hogan himself would be proud. I was a little concerned when I noticed that my seven iron was missing some paint fill. Lack of quality control in this area immediately made me wonder what else was lacking that was not visible (inconsistent lofts, lie angles, etc.) to the naked eye. It certainly seemed to me that someone took a shortcut in the quest for perfection. I chose the combo set because I had already crafted a combo set for myself. I was very excited to see how a professionally produced set would measure up. I wanted consistent gapping between the clubs, and most importantly, no hot spots on any of the clubs which would produce inconsistent yardages. Inconsistent distances will not be tolerated by this tester. My other important….although a bit subjective…..factor is how the clubs feel when hitting a shot. Most of my testing was done on course, and a little was done indoors on my Skytrak. Grading Looks (10 out of 10 points) These clubs are stunning. I don’t want to sound like a Hogan fan boy, but they have a timeless shape. These are the Bo Derek of irons. Graphics are not obnoxious, just the right amount of pop. No gaudy colors. The combination set blends well together in my opinion. These clubs are just as nice looking as anything else on the market. I believe Hogan has hit a homerun with these clubs. The only problem I see with the business model of direct to consumer is the lack of shaft options at this point in time. The grips that come standard were a little weird feeling at first, but I have gotten used to the sensation. Sound And Feel (9 out of 10 points) These clubs have a muted crisp feel to them. I love the sensation when you pure a shot. The only thing that bothers me is I have difficulty telling where on the club face I mishit the ball. The solution to that problem? Don’t mishit the ball. LOL Basic Characteristics (20 out of 20 points) These clubs are dead on accurate. Yardages are repeatable. That goes for the Equalizer wedges I also purchased to make sure I had no gaps between the PW and gap wedge. I get the same distance with these clubs as my previous Mizunos. These are not “distance” clubs. These are players clubs in my opinion. Trajectory was mid for my golf swing, and that includes the wedges. You are punished for your mishits, but not excessively so. As I said, these clubs are for players. These clubs feel automatic in my hands. I can draw or fade these irons on command. The five iron is a little wonky in my hands, but I have always struggled with a five iron for some unknown reason. The hybrid, in my hands, truly has an anti left bias built into it. Very much appreciated as I fear the left side as I previously stated On Course Performance (30 out of 30 points) Now, I have struggled this summer because I took multiple lessons to overhaul a flaw in my swing, and I also took a short game lesson. I have dropped my handicap a full stroke since using these clubs, but I am not sure it is from the clubs or my lessons starting to pay off. I have shot a personal best of 68 with the Hogans in hand after shooting a 70 the day before. I had six birdies in my personal best round. I had seven birdie looks inside of fifteen feet (realistic chance in my opinion), and I made six of them. I have had multiple tap in birdies (more than usual) with these clubs during the testing period. My strokes gained handicap has dropped to a 4 from an 11 using these clubs. That is what they call the “proof in the pudding.” Please note the spin that these clubs produce and the stopping power on the green. The turf interaction with the V sole is outstanding. V sole is fantastic for wedge shots out of the bunker as well. I am digging the V sole, although they tend not to dig as much. Apologize for the very bad joke! Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points) The missing paint fill from the seven iron really disturbed me. Play It Or Trade It (20 out of 20 points) These clubs will be in my bag for a long time. You will have to pry them out of my hands. The five iron is the only exception to that comment. It may be replaced with a Hogan hybrid. I did not deduct points for the five iron, as I feel that is something lacking in my own swing. The important thing with any club, from your driver to your putter, is that you believe in them. I believe these clubs...... Conclusion Don’t overlook these clubs if you are in the market. At this price point and quality, they are a steal. Final Score (94 out of 100 points)
  16. Yes they are. I believe they are listed as water repellent while the BOAs are waterproof. With that said...my round this morning was with wet grass....and I was missing plenty of fairways this morning so they got put to the test. My toes did not get wet at all. So I guess they are water repellent. Lol. Would I wear them on a day with rain forecast....no I would not.
  17. Just bought and tried out a pair of these shoes. I normally get a 40% discount, but because of COVID it was increased to a 60% discount with free shipping. I couldn’t resist at $52. ASICS golf shoes have never been beautiful in my minds eye, but these were tolerable so I pulled the trigger. These are quite comfortable. Now I would not say they are as comfortable/cushioned as the Puma golf shoes, but these are a much more stable shoe with a solid heel counter. They readily accommodate an orthotic and the toe box is quite roomy even at a regular width. They appear to be true to size. They do not appear to be available in wide widths. The shoe appears to be well made. Good torsional stability and the forefoot breaks at the appropriate spot. Insole is removable. If anyone is on the fence about this shoe, I give it my professional seal of approval.
  18. I hear you loud and clear.....I am just glad golf courses have been opened back up. Totally saving my sanity!!!! I have also thought that filling the cups with liquid hand sanitizer would solve this problem as well.
  19. joen


    Most of the putting gurus say that your eyes either need to be over the ball or inside the line. Outside the line is bad, but I am sure someone might be able to make it work. A putting mirror does wonders to ensure a repeatable setup every time....shoulders and eye position.
  20. I have played at several courses with the cups raised above the ground. Anything that hits them is a make.....which is a little silly but I have gotten much more aggressive with short putts.
  21. Joe. Syracuse NY Handicap 1.8 Currently play Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons PTX pro/Icon combo please.
  22. My answer to this question until last night was “No.”. Consider this a Public Service Announcement as well. It is a good idea to pad the crossbar of your golf net frame....not just the side posts. I have a nice black eye today. Just so you all know. I merely switched to a lower lofted club and continued to hit balls while icing my eye between shots. Padding will go up today.
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