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  1. Wow. She did a nice job! I retract my “Thats what they make hats for” statement.
  2. That’s what they make hats for.....
  3. You guys are the best on this forum. This place rocks!
  4. Thanks a million guys. Really appreciate it.
  5. I thought only private courses could open in NY?
  6. This part to me is fascinating. I too have been following comments on GolfWRX regarding the blue stick only protocol. Some people swear by it. Really seems as though it jump started their progress that they weren’t seeing with the standard three stick protocol. Makes me wonder if neurologically some people respond better to less training....or were they overtraining with the three stick protocol? I have no idea what the answer is....but it intrigues me.
  7. I do have an official handicap at the club because my scores get turned in, and I also keep track of my scores separately now. Just one more thing to do that was all inclusive before. I keep my handicap because I play in tournaments where there is an upper ceiling on the handicap number allowed to play. I get it. They want to eliminate vanity handicappers getting into tournaments they shouldn’t be in. They also want to get rid of the guy who shoots 71 in a tournament while posting 85s in rounds played alone. Peer review. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Lol .
  8. I understand why they are doing it. I have always used the handicap system differently. I don’t play in handicapped events. I use it solely for tracking my level of play.
  9. I couldn’t agree more with you on this one. Golf is supposed to be a game of integrity. Players calling penalties on themselves. Sand baggers (vanity and otherwise) are going to sand bag.
  10. That is one beautiful golf club. What a great price point as well. Sometimes the enemy of good is better. I cant do better than my Ping G400, but I am interested in following the reviews.
  11. Ok. I got the Big Max IP blade out for 18 holes today in a light rain. Very easy to unfold. Very easy to fold closed. Held my bag nicely. Rolled nicely and was easily maneuverable. Very adjustable for the bag Size and the handle height. Everything is nicely arranged on the handle. Very solid piece of machinery. Stability was pretty good....I think there are more stable ones on the market, but I was looking for one which folds down to a very small footprint. This thing fits that bill to a tee. The golf bag laid on top of it very nicely. I would definitely buy it again. I only have one concern with this push cart. The clip for the front wheel is a plastic piece that doesn’t look as though it is as beefy as it should be. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this will never break....but this little piece to me looks like the weakest link.
  12. I don’t think any of these Swing Speed radars are all that accurate compared to a Trackman. They do seem to be consistent with whatever speed they read however. I would just use 70 as your baseline and try to improve from there. Have you checked the batteries?
  13. I saw a report yesterday that 12 states have closed golf courses. I see no problem with it as long as people social distance themselves. Open air therapy used to be a thing....before the invention of antibiotics.
  14. So....Vessel is a quality bag although pricey. I have no experience with the two bags you mention. What interests me more is the substance of this accident. Care to share?
  15. My wife has one. She loves it! Uses it every week! Crazy good food comes out of that machine.
  16. joen

    Hope, Gunner & Henry

    So sorry to hear that. They do become a part of the family.
  17. Goes with me late Nights on the weekend when very few people are on the course. Golf course owners love him and he displays proper golf course etiquette.
  18. WOW! This thread has blown up! Whoever gets picked should immediately buy some lottery tickets!
  19. I could not agree more with @jlukes I struggled for years with trying to get rid of my inside takeaway. Planemate has solved that problem.
  20. Just played golf yesterday. I carried my clubs. Normally I will use one of the push carts from the pro shop if we are walking. That option is now gone. I have never been a big fan of carrying clubs. I always felt....even when I was a lot younger....that it took away from my quality of play. So, I made the plunge after reading multiple reviews and the MGS buying guide. I needed something with the smallest foot print possible. All you guys seem to love the Clic Gear, but I went with the Big Max Blade IP due to how incredibly small it folds. After I got over the sticker shock, I pulled the trigger. I will put up a review here after I get a chance to use it during the quarantine.
  21. Have you tried Aimpoint Express? Helped me immensely with green reading. I know some people can just read a green by looking at it. I am not one of those people.
  22. Thread bump. Any of you guys still rocking this putter? I had to give it up. It just wasn’t getting it done for me. Curious how others are faring?
  23. I don’t know if this has been discussed here on this forum or not. If it has, I don’t remember it. I have found my personal speeds on all sticks have increased 2-3 mph Over the past three sessions by making sure my trail hand is relaxed instead of being tight. Almost relaxed enough that my trail hand could come loose in the follow through (obviously it doesn’t). Thought I would share and I believe I will do the same on my real swings as well.
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