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  1. So....Vessel is a quality bag although pricey. I have no experience with the two bags you mention. What interests me more is the substance of this accident. Care to share?
  2. My wife has one. She loves it! Uses it every week! Crazy good food comes out of that machine.
  3. Goes with me late Nights on the weekend when very few people are on the course. Golf course owners love him and he displays proper golf course etiquette.
  4. I could not agree more with @jlukes I struggled for years with trying to get rid of my inside takeaway. Planemate has solved that problem.
  5. Just played golf yesterday. I carried my clubs. Normally I will use one of the push carts from the pro shop if we are walking. That option is now gone. I have never been a big fan of carrying clubs. I always felt....even when I was a lot younger....that it took away from my quality of play. So, I made the plunge after reading multiple reviews and the MGS buying guide. I needed something with the smallest foot print possible. All you guys seem to love the Clic Gear, but I went with the Big Max Blade IP due to how incredibly small it folds. After I got over the sticker shock, I pulled the trigger. I will put up a review here after I get a chance to use it during the quarantine.
  6. Have you tried Aimpoint Express? Helped me immensely with green reading. I know some people can just read a green by looking at it. I am not one of those people.
  7. Thread bump. Any of you guys still rocking this putter? I had to give it up. It just wasn’t getting it done for me. Curious how others are faring?
  8. I don’t know if this has been discussed here on this forum or not. If it has, I don’t remember it. I have found my personal speeds on all sticks have increased 2-3 mph Over the past three sessions by making sure my trail hand is relaxed instead of being tight. Almost relaxed enough that my trail hand could come loose in the follow through (obviously it doesn’t). Thought I would share and I believe I will do the same on my real swings as well.
  9. You will not be sorry! And no, I am not a paid sponsor! Lol!
  10. Sorry to hear that. Any chance you have a pic for the Swing Speed Radar obits on mygolfspy?
  11. Good topic. I love the different responses. We are all wired so differently. I can’t play with swing thoughts. My best rounds come when I stop thinking and just let it flow. I have a pre shot routine that I follow like Rainman. I go through my routine and accept the result. As they say....the only thing I can control is my reaction and the next shot.
  12. That is interesting. I LOVE the scoring opportunities that creates. The course I play on put a cut piece of a pool noodle so that the ball only has about an inch to fall into the cup so you can grab your ball without actually touching anything. I like the cup out better. I wonder if there would be any problems if the wind kicked up....ie causing damage to the green as the cup rocks? Thanks for sharing!
  13. I too could not resist the C club given my success with the Superspeed protocol. I am about 8 mph faster than my green stick with the C club. No idea what this translates to in the real world, but I thought I would give you my results.
  14. Wedgie, I went through a period where I liked hitting those soft balls...Wilson Duo....Callaway Supersoft. They felt like the old balata balls to me Anyways, they all would crack after I used them for a couple of rounds....or hitting them a couple hundred times into my indoor net. Stopped using them because of the cracking.
  15. Curious to see your progress before I pull the trigger on this one. Thanks for sharing.
  16. I have had the original and now the Reno 2.1 in my bag for four years now I think. I have tried to find a putter to replace it. It is without a doubt one of the most ugly putters on the face of the planet. No putter has been able to knock it out of my bag. The stroke is repeatable and the technology is for real. Putting is the strongest part of my game. One of the tips that I saw when you are using the putter is to make practice swings without your thumbs touching the grip so the the technology of the lie angle balanced head will do its own work....and it truly does. Amazing putter. I am absolutely shocked that this putter hasn’t caught on more than it has....
  17. Totally agree with Kenny B. The accuracy will return. It makes sense if you think about it. Which club face will be harder to square at impact? Your old swing which was only going X miles per hour? Or you new swing which is going X miles per hour + 10? I am hoping you chose answer B, because that is the correct answer. With time, you will be able to square up that new found speed just as well as you did before. And always remember that 2 degree mishit that is in the fairway may be in the rough when it is thirty yards longer. Enjoy your fitting and keep up with the swing speed training! Distance rules in golf.
  18. Ok. Now that I have spent some time with the planemate. Here are my thoughts. As a training aid junkie....this is without a doubt the most helpful training aid ever invented. My inside takeaway is completely gone. My ball flight at the indoor golf dome and on my Skytrak are like watching the same shot get hit over and over and over again. Short game is on point as well. Looking forward to golf trip in March!!!
  19. Just kicked in my annual donation. Great thanks to you guys who do all the testing. Really appreciate it! It makes picking clubs much easier. Also thanks to all the great people who make this forum special.
  20. THIS!!! I thought I was a horrible putter even though my buddies all thought I was a good putter. I started doing strokes gained for my golf game and found out that I was a scratch putter....as the program converts your stats to a handicap so that it is easier to visualize your skill level. Love your program that you are following though deauxrite.
  21. OK. I am going on to day 5 of the protocols today as I got my Plane Mate on Wednesday. It is a great training aid for those who roll the club to the inside on the takeaway. I really like the motion that it ingrains on the takeaway. A mirror is a must with this device if you ask me. The one armed swings are awesome as well. I really like the pitching motion that it teaches....scores on the Sky Trak short game combine have been awesome. I don’t know about the full swing as I haven’t progressed that far yet....but in my humble opinion the short game motion that it teaches is worth the admission price alone.
  22. I will take a look now. Thank you for the heads up!
  23. I went looking for golf themed T shirts, and I came back disappointed. If you have a golf themed T shirt that is cool.....I want to see a picture of said shirt. If you don’t have one, what do you think would be a great idea for one? Also....if you have a really bad one.....I want to see that puppy too!
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