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    joen got a reaction from malacandra in Tour Striker Planemate   
    Ok. Now that I have spent some time with the planemate. Here are my thoughts. As a training aid junkie....this is without a doubt the most helpful training aid ever invented. My inside takeaway is completely gone. My ball flight at the indoor golf dome and on my Skytrak are like watching the same shot get hit over and over and over again. Short game is on point as well.  Looking forward to golf trip in March!!!
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    joen got a reaction from edingc in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   
    Just got this system after sitting on the fence for six months. This is a quality product.  I am very impressed with how well this product has been created.  I am looking forward to seeing progress. 
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    joen reacted to CarlH in L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max   
    I played with the Mezz Max, Mezz, and DF 2.1 for quite a bit when I was at a PGASS in Plano last month.  I'd heard such great things about all of the L.A.B. line that I was very interested in trying them out.  True to the hype, they felt great in the hand, albeit a bit awkward looking.  I went back and forth between all 3 models and came to the conclusion that I really liked the DF.  With a leap of faith, I placed my order for a custom build with L.A.B. DF 2.1, including a stability shaft.  Closing my eyes at the cost, I pressed enter.  It is enroute to my house as I type and it is expected to arrive Thursday.  I can't wait to hear the comments from my playing buds about the ugly, oversized, branding iron I call a putter.
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    joen reacted to GolferXY in L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max   
    Hey guys.  I've been using the LAB Mezz Max for a couple of months now, and I have to say it has made a big positive impact on my putting game.  I still have the occasional mis-hit, but anything inside of 20 feet is right around the hole consistently.  I absolutely love setting the club down behind the ball and it stays exactly where I put it without any input on my part.  No losing the line as I adjust my grip or stance, it stay flat and straight on the line I've chosen.  It really makes set up super easy for me.
    The only issue I have is with the head cover.  It has dropped off the club twice [found it both times, thankfully] while driving in a cart even after taking great pains to ensure that it was on tight.  I finally turned it around and placed another club in the putter slot of the bag to help hold it in place.  So far so good, but it's a hassle worrying that I might lose it.
    I've shown it to several friends, and they've all commented positively.  Two have said they're going to order one for themselves.  And it does generate interest on the putting green.  
    Today I dropped three putts on the green about 12 feet from the hole, slight right to left breaker.  Holed all three, cold.  Love this putter.
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    joen reacted to Will_Mac in L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max   
    Nice write-up and very glad that you like your new putter so much.

    I ordered a Mezz.1 Max myself, but only just over a week ago, so I still have a bit of a wait left. And I took a deep dive with an upgraded shaft (I've never tried nor even had an interest in these shafts ever before) so my hit over the head is more than $800!

    I went astray from my usual conservative self in going with a platinum colored head, also with the three alignment lines like yourself. Also went with the white BGT Polar Stability Tour 2 shaft with white headcover. The grip is the 1.L elliptical shaped grip as I do prefer that shape.

    I'm not new to L.A.B. putters so I know what I'm getting as to the tech and the incredibly balanced feel. I already own a Directed Force/L.A.B. Reno 2.1 with original elliptical shaped Press grip and I putt extremely well with it. Only, the obscene look of it got in my head as I strangely became self-conscious while playing it. Had it since 2018, never bothered me prior to the past couple years. But it was to the extent that I removed it from the bag, opting to instead play a Scotty Squareback 1.5 and then later a Sik DW.

    But finally, I couldn't take the 3-putts anymore and placed the order for the Mezz.1 Max. The very next day, I put the DF/L.A.B. back in the bag after a very long layoff and waddayaknow? I putted lights-out and carded a season low 73.

    I'd already told my buddies about my expensive order, to their great amusement, but at the turn one said, "cancel that order already! Are you outta your mind? This one is the putter for you."

    Gotta admit, my great putting that day (and since) had me second guessing the order too. Then on #12, facing a 30' putt for par after butchering an easy approach, I said aloud, "if this one drops, I will cancel that order."

    I made the danged thing.

    Didn't cancel though because excess golf funds that afforded the purchase in the first place, were burning a hole in my pocket anyway. Very much looking forward to my Max but I gotta admit, the only thing that concerns this compromised golfer with the awful back is that there's no way to scoop up the ball with the Mezz.1 Max!

    Best of luck with the new flatstick. The tech is real but I found the key for me is with the set-up and just as L.A.B. recommends, to take my stance and address the ball with the putter shaft in the middle of my stance.

    Forgot to mention that another buddy, after learning about my purchase, tried my DF/L.A.B. only once on the course. He drained a slick 12 footer for par and instantly said, "Billy Mac, after you fall in love with that new putter, I want this one. I'm not kidding, I want it. If you sell it to someone else, you'll be dead to me."

    He is an eccentric guy who easily fixates and LOL... I'm pretty sure he means it. Both counts.

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    joen reacted to GolferXY in L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max   
    The details:
    Black head with black LAGolf shaft
    34" long
    67 degree lie angle
    Forward press 1.2 grip
    Standard weight
    The good:
    Easy to aim.  Putter lines up easily and stays in line while I'm adjusting my stance. 
    Excellent feel when stroking the ball. Heel and toe misses shout "you missed the sweet spot", but putts stay on line - just shorter than a centered strike.
    Head cover is excellent quality and good looking.
    Online fitting was precise, quick, and easy. Response time was next day!
    So easy to keep the club on line!  No manipulation of the putter head needed during the stroke!
    The bad:
    The price.  It is "oh, my gawd, did I really have a stroke and order that putter?!? expensive 
    Not to everyone's liking looks-wise but screams "well made and upscale"
    Max doesn't fit perfectly into the Mezz.1 head cover, though that is minor.  It does fit, just a bit tight.
    Head cover again.  Design has two flaps that have to be undone instead of one which creates a bit of delay.
    Ok, here's the story.  I'm 63 now, and I've been playing golf since I was 10.  At one point I was fairly competitive, but I have never been a good putter.  In fact, I have been a horrible putter my entire life, getting worse [as things do] as I've aged.  I've lost 5 yards a year off my driver in the last 6 years.  If I want to stay competitive with my age group, I know I have to figure out the short game, especially that balky putter.  I've tried mallets, anser styles, and spent a ton of money and time trying to make them work.  Still horrible. Enter the Mezz.
    So I heard about it online and decided to do some research.  Not a lot out there on them, but a trip to youtube got me intrigued.  I shot on over to the LAB website and watched their videos, read their info, and decided to take the leap. 
    I took a video of myself [described on the website] and sent it in.  I got a reply the next day giving me the specs.  However, I couldn't see myself paying upwards of $500 sight-unseen, without having had one in my hands.  I looked everywhere near me, and found only one dealer within reasonable driving range.  Unfortunately, they are the "pay to play" fitters, you know the one.  Big name national fitters with a pretty good reputation.  However, a fitting was $125 bucks.  Well folks, I decided to drop that dime just to have a chance to get a LAB putter in my hands.  I figured if I'm going to pay that kind of money for a putter I want to hit a few with it first.  Besides, the restocking fee for a putter returned to LAB was, as you probably would guess, $125.  So off I went.
    I won't go into detail here because this is a review of the putter and not the fitter, but suffice to say, don't bother with a fitting if you already intend to buy one.  Purchase it direct from LAB instead.  The result of the online fitting was exactly the same as the in-person fitting.  However, I liked the feel of the putter [oh, did I mention that they didn't have the Max version?] and decided to buy one. The fitter wasn't very helpful [long, boring story], so I went online instead and purchased that bad boy described above.  
    It took 4 weeks from order to delivery.  It is a beauty to my eyes.  Only thing I would change is the grip. I ordered the smooth grip, but I would get the textured grip if I had it to do over again for two reasons: I am left-hand low style putter, and my right hand rests on the impressed LAB Golf label and it feels kind of slippery.  And the textured grip is all black with a white pencil line down the middle for hand placement instead of the two toned white and black of the non-textured grip that I ordered.  I think that the white detracts from the "black out" look of the otherwise all black putter.  So sue me, I am a bit spoiled.
    I have the BirdieBall putting surface, so I dropped a few balls on it and got to work.  I was immediately impressed by the look of the club at address.  Where with toe-hang putters the face wants to flare open, and face balanced want to angle closed, the Max just sits perfectly aligned as soon as you place it behind the ball. The alignment aid is adequate - as good as any of the other putters I've used, if not a bit better - and looks great [I got the three line version]. Taking a very light grip, I just swing the putter back and through, and it goes where I lined up to.  It is the simplest, easiest, and most confidence inducing putter I've ever owned.  And lest we forget, that encompasses 53 years of golf and all the putters that a horrible putter must dig through to salvage his score.  
    Today I finally had a chance to get out to the practice green and give it a go.  It wasn't like the angels sang and I sank every putt, but dang!  Everything was online and pace was easy to adjust.  I admit I made a few 30 footers, but the biggest euphoria-inducing moment was when I placed 3 putts out of four within 5 feet of the pin from over 100 feet!  Yeah, that's right!  Uh huh! Yeah baby!  Two putt range from 100'!  Woot woot!! Yep, I made all 3....
    So, I haven't had a chance to run rough shod over 18 greens yet, but hopefully this weekend we get a break in the weather and I can really run this putter through its paces!  

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    joen reacted to Getoffmylawn in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   
    I thought about that too, but it’s going to be tough to break into the market unless you can do it better & cheaper at this point.  That’s really the only big drawback of the Stack is the expense…not just the stick, but you literally can’t use it without a radar, and after two years there is an annual subscription fee ($99) to keep getting the AI.  Ain’t cheap…
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    joen reacted to Getoffmylawn in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   
    This is an easy one…AI powered optimization.  
    3 fixed-weight sticks represents a one-size-fits-all approach to speed training, and one size does not fit all.  You can get faster with that approach, but it’s not optimized.  Add in AI adapting your training through an app based on designed algorithms from the worlds foremost golf biomechanist, and it’s an unbeatable combination (in my humble opinion).
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    joen got a reaction from ejgaudette in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   
    Just got this system after sitting on the fence for six months. This is a quality product.  I am very impressed with how well this product has been created.  I am looking forward to seeing progress. 
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    joen reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    Apparently late to the part on this as its been done before and I just asked about it in the Stack Thread. 

    I haven't tried Stack, but SuperSpeed was a ton of work, tiring and exhausting. There were certainly days I just didn't want to do it at all and found some of the motivation lacking. I can see where if there is little to no progress where it gets frustrating and difficult to continue. I can remember several of the testers saying similar things. 
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    joen reacted to edingc in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    My opinion/experience here...
    The intro program does a very good job of ramping up the swings so you don't jump full on into too many at once. That being said, during the first couple of weeks of the Full Speed Spectrum program, which was the first program the app recommended after the intro, I did experience some tennis/golf elbow. Full Speed Spectrum uses some heavier weights and it took my body a while to adjust to that. No issues now, just about done with Full Speed Spectrum.
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    joen got a reaction from edingc in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    Just started with the Stack system.  Love the guided workout. Very well done!   Super Speed caused some physical injuries for me.  I will report back on health status with the Stack. 
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    joen reacted to CarlH in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    I didn't find it too hard on the eyes.  I was able to test out the DF, the MEZZ and the MEZZ MAX at a PGASS and liked the DF better overall.  I actually found the MEZZ line to be the uglier of the 2.  But, I'm sure that I'll get plenty of comments about how big and ugly the putter is from my "buds" and hopefully be able to smile as they hand me their money 🙂  It's supposed to ship the first week of Feb and I'm looking forward to getting it on the greens so I can get a feel for rolling it and put it in action.
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    joen reacted to EasyPutter in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    I have been using the DF 2.1 since we tested them last summer.  It used to look big to me but now it looks right and everything else looks too small.  One of my buddies calls it my boat propeller but as more of one of those Veteran to Veteran smack talk things, he appreciates how well it rolls lag two putts and one putts regardless of distance and lie.  
    Now if only I could get my shots onto the green where I want them to land.
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    joen reacted to cksurfdude in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    Yep .. I initially did. A few years ago I took an AimPoint clinic - guess what the coach (who's taught several tour pros) uses..??
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    joen reacted to cksurfdude in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    Pretty amazing! Great to read, and fingers crossed for you that it continues to perform as well going forward!!
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    joen reacted to Golf2Much in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    Good luck with yours! 
    It's funny, people look at it and laugh at the design.  Then they see it in action on the course and have to give it a try.  Yesterday, one of my golfing buddies saw it at the practice green before our round and chuckled about the shape.  I told him to give it a try.  He proceeded to sink his first three 12-15 ft. putts.  I quickly took the putter back because I knew if he sunk the fourth, I'd never see that putter again!
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    joen reacted to CarlH in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    Good to read this, as my DF 2.1 is in production at the L.A.B. factory right now.  Philip also did my remote fitting.
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    joen reacted to Golf2Much in My Experience With L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Putter   
    After several months of less than stellar putting with my (brand that will remain nameless) putter, I decided to look into the L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 and Evnroll Zero putters.  I did my due diligence on this site, read the reviews, reached out to testers on their experiences and tried at least the Evnroll Zero putter on a trip to the mainland.  Given my issues with putts within the 6-12 ft. range, I decided to go with the MGS recommendation and try the Directed Force 2.1.
    I read the L.A.B. Golf's directions on how to set up, take and send them a video of your putting stroke to be properly fitted.  I did the video, sent it in and got a response from Philip Lazich the next day.  He could not have been more helpful.  Armed with the information, I searched eBay and L.A.B.'s outlet for putters that matched my specs.  After about a month, I finally found one that matched on eBay.  I picked it up and received it at the end of 2022.  Without any putting green practice, I put the Directed Force 2.1 right into play.  I haven't looked back and could not be more pleased with this putter!
    Rather than sing the praises of the putter, I thought I'd share some of the data generated by my Shot Scope H4 shot tracking.  The data below compares my putting for July-December, 2022 with my old putter and 2023 which is exclusively the Directed Force 2.1 putter:

    I'm a short hitter and typically do not get on in regulation on even relatively short par 4's.  So I've learned to improve my short approach and chip shots to score.  The fact that my average first putt is 12 ft for both cases say I'm not chipping any closer this month than last year and leaving putts about the same average distance.   Given I'm only three weeks into my DF2.1 experiment, there's still some "new club" excitement associated with this putter.  So, I can't say that the 2023 numbers are totally sustainable.  However, as you will see, there's positive news to be hopeful about.   My distance of putts made went up three feet.  But included in that is 97 feet of putts I made in my round this week.  I'm encouraged by basically flipping the percentage of one and two putts per hole during a round.  Going from 43% to 51% of one putt greens is big for me.  I wouldn't read too much into three putt and holes between three putt numbers as my home course, Key West Golf Club, is a classic Rees Jones layout with relatively small greens.
    Looking at putts made by distance, it's easy to see how the DF2.1 helped with my Achillies Heel:  6-12 ft. putts.
    The fact that I almost doubled the percentage of putts made from both 9-12 feet and 12-18 feet makes me a believer!  The Directed Force 2.1 is doing exactly what it said it would do.  
    Finally, looking at shots gained for both years, I think the data speaks for itself!

    As mentioned, I'm a short hitter and rely on chipping and putting to score.  The DF2.1 has made a statement by improving my shots gained by putting by over two strokes.   The strokes gained with the DF2.1 on putts within 10 ft. has doubled to 1.6 and from 10-20 feet improved by almost one stroke.  
    Overall, I could not be happier with the L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1.  Some may ask if the putter's performance yields more made putts and confidence or has improved confidence in my putting yielded better performance and more made putts?  It's a bit too early to tell.  What I can say is that with the Directed Force 2.1 putter in my hands, for the first time in a long time, I feel confident I'm going to make those pesky length putts that always cause me problems.  Is it chicken (the putter) or the egg (confidence)?  Probably both!  Time will tell.  So far, I've been so impressed, I recently purchased another L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 putter with the same specifications as a back up just in case something should happen to my first.  
    I guess I like the putter that much!
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    joen reacted to Bucky CC in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    Quick thoughts: The Stack has a much better app and will most likely be easier to follow if you don't have a lot of motivation or self-discipline.  SuperSpeed is perfectly fine and you can see great results if you stick with it.  I went from a driver swing speed of 104 up to 115 doing a year of SuperSpeed.  If I had to start it all over again though I would definitely go with The Stack due to the app.
    Check out some of the other forums on the site for more detailed reviews.  There are a couple of great ones already started.
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    joen reacted to edingc in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    Cost no object, The Stack hands down. 
    Couple things that haven't already been mentioned that are advantages to the Stack system for me:
    Enforced rest periods through Grit score. I'm an impatient person and with the SuperSpeed protocols I never gave myself enough rest between sets. The Stack app gives direct comparisons to other golfers in your age bracket. One stick vs. three. In combination with the Stack's speed priming workout you have a really portable and awesome quick warmup before a round of golf. No opposite hand or kneeling swings. FlightScope integration, if you have one.
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    joen reacted to edingc in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    Yes, very happy. It does add just a bit of time to the setup process, but totally worth it. No need to manually enter speeds. 
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    joen reacted to RollingGreens in Speed Training- Super Speed vs The Stack   
    What sort of injuries did you develop with super speed?
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    joen reacted to mr.hicksta in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   

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    joen got a reaction from RollingGreens in The Stack System Review and Progress Thread   
    Just got this system after sitting on the fence for six months. This is a quality product.  I am very impressed with how well this product has been created.  I am looking forward to seeing progress. 
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