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  1. Your first name and home state/province: Adam, Ontario Current handicap/avg score: 76 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? Yes, back in the mid-late '90s I played a set of Wilson Fat Shafts What is your current iron set? Callaway Apex Pro
  2. Hey folks, Was trolling today and found this gem of a deal at kahmagolf.ca. I believe that it was originally priced at $290. Killer deal for the peeps in the US if they will ship to you. C5 Black $235 C5 Blue & Silver $235 Considering selling the C20 I got last year for one of these. Just need to find a buyer. Any takers
  3. LOL yeah, they are a bit dirty. Forgot it at home that day and took the pic in the Lot at the course. Terrible!
  4. Hello again all. Long time. Sorry but the golf season has been busy. Although, I did have time to go out and purchase this beauty. A brand new golf bag!!! I've been using it for about 50 rounds now and have to say... I absolutely love it!!! Although, it is 1 of the 2 biggest bags that Kahma has to offer and is difficult to share a power cart with another golfer when using this bag to its full potential, I haven't regretted my purchase for a single second. The C20 by Kahma Golf is MASSIVE!!! I can't say for sure which is bigger, their staff bag or this monster. But, this one at least can fi
  5. So, Im kind of embarrassed to say that I tried contacting KRANK once again. After speaking with my CC company and finding out it can affect their business very seriously, I thought I would try reaching out to them again before things got nasty. The bank told me that after the dispute is made to the businesses bank, they would in turn contact the business and inform them of the dispute. Then they would in turn contact me and try to settle the charge without the dispute. Rather than them finding out the hard way, I decided to leave a message (Surprise, surprise... they didn't answer the phone ag
  6. thanks for clarifying. You did not upset me, just merely reminded me of the frustration and turmoil I went through that day. No they didn't give me a specific day, but 3 weeks is 3 weeks. 21 calendar days, 15 business days. No matter how you look at it. I contacted them at week 4 and was told they need another 2 weeks to make good on the order. Well off the "early" ship date and double the forecasted 3 weeks. As soon as I heard that I freaked and pulled the plug because of what happen last time with the "brand new" Form5. That's it, that's all
  7. All of the people that I encountered who had cracked the heads of their driver were online. They were all average joe's with average swing speeds using them as a regular driver and claimed not to be "Long Drive competitors." KRANK has admitted that the Form5 heads can't hold up to off-centre hits, which is pretty bad since they are trying to sell to the average joe. Heck, even pro's don't hit it in the middle every time. I'm glad I got out when I did and am anxious to see how it turns out.
  8. LOL almost $4500 spent on drivers alone in two years. Minimum! Not to mention... Why 12 if only one cracked?
  9. I do as well And to you my good Sir. First off, I did mention earlier in the post about the guaranteed shipping (notice the date is time stamped to the posts). I'm glad that you had time to give it a read before chiming in. In fact, I was told when I ordered it that they (KRANK) were only a day away from fulfilling the pre-orders and that it (my driver) would most likely ship earlier. But, why are you taking interest in actual dates? Is it that important? I don't know why that would be relevant. Do they not work on days ending in "Y" ? Second, bad customer service in this situation? T
  10. Maybe the whole company was doing a demo or long drive thing, who the hell know's. Maybe they don't work on Wednesdays. Maybe they were all out at play while the president was away. Who cares! I called the sales guy twice and followed it up with i don't know how many calls to I customer service with no answer. And, when someone finally decided to pick up the phone, they refused to refund my money on something they hadn't built yet then hung up on me. Didn't know you needed to have a swing speed of 130+ to swing their drivers. The sales reps should really tell those who want to buy them...
  11. How the hell am I supposed to ask for Lance when they wouldn't pick up the phone in the first place. Second note, I live chatted with the Vice Pres apparently it they would have it shipped in another 2 weeks. Not good enough, especially because they have a history. I have no interest in contacting them anymore then I have. Special note, the only time they decided to answer the phone I got treated like... well I don't know who would even get treated like that which makes me so upset. Yes... still upset here about eh whole thing. Good thing I have a driver that performs already and I don't need
  12. There are tons of them all over ebay, amazon, and craigs list! Take a look. I bet you find one the very first time you poke around.
  13. His tour critics say he is one of the best ball strikers of his generation, if not in all of golf today. They also say he can't get it done with the putter. Wether it was the lack of draining putts in the "birdie zone" or scrambling to save par. His start this year I feel is proof that he has been working on the flat stick and will be a major contender all year long. If he doesn't take too much time off or play him self tired, he should be in striking distance final day at the next 3 majors this year, and for that matter, every other tournament he plays in this season.
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