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  1. I prefer to place the brand name of the ball across my intended line but I do not use it as an aiming device. I tried using the alignment markings and found them distracting as well. When you observe people practicing on the putting green prior to a round you rarely, if ever, see anyone using the alignment markings. I assume along with gaining a feel for green, we are also trying to make those putts; I know I am.
  2. I read the findings and, as in 2019, have chosen to make no change to the ball I play. I understand my opinion and a dollar can get you a cup of coffee at McDonald's, but it is my opinion. The Wilson DUO Spin Pro was tested and did not rate well but I like the soft feel and lower compression balls. Wilson was one of the pioneers in this area. In 2010, with a driver swing speed of 110 mph, I started playing the Wilson Staff C:25 (2009 Hot List, I believe) until I couldn't find anymore of them. The 2015 version of the DUO Spin was about as close as you could get but it does not have the responsiveness or the distance of the C:25. I still have a few dozen 2015 version of the DUO Spin to lose before I have to find a replacement. Every year I play a few rounds with some version of the Pro V1 and other market leaders. I haven't found a ball that provides the same feel or instills the same confidence.
  3. Dave Milford, OH Callaway Big Bertha Fusion - gave my 915 to my son and regretted it ever since 17 90 mph TSI3
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