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  1. Selling my Arccos set that also includes the Link 14 sensors. 13 club and 1 putter Arccos Link These do not require an ongoing subscription! price is $250 shipped OBO
  2. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1) Tour issue Taylormade Spider X center shaft putter. Chalk color Small sight line Black KBS shaft with Pingman grip 35” There are some imperfections in the paint near the sight line (clearly seen) Price is $425 OBO 2) Ping G410 LST 9degree driver head Absolutely fantastic condition. Price is $old 3) Aldila RipX 65 TX. Tipped 1/2”. Only hit probably 50 balls. Adapter is a Club Conex Unifit (will pull if not needed) Price is $120 OBO Combo the head and shaft for $360
  3. Really want these gone so please don't hesitate to make offers Also interested in cool putter trades or potentially an Epic Max LS
  4. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1) Taylormade Sim2 8° driver with Tensei AV Raw White 2.0 65tx. Shaft will play right about 45” when a grip is installed on the shaft. I marked the alignment of my “at home” flo. Head has a scuff mark on the sole, but the crown and topline are fantastic Price is $old 2) Project X HZRDUS IM10 70tx driver shaft. Bought this used and just didn’t work for me. Length is 43.25 with no adapter. If you need an adapter, let me know which brand and I may have a used one lying around. Price is $235
  5. Price includes shipping and is OBO! Bobby Grace F-35 Let's Face It putter. Measures 42" from the center of the face. This is intended to be used for sidesaddle or armlock putting. I purchased to use as an armlock and it set's up incredibly well, with the forward lean of the shaft Head is in very good shape. Grip is usable but definitely quite worn. Includes the headcover Price is $335 OBO
  6. Price includes shipping and is Or Best Offer! 1) LAB Directed Force putter. 74* lie and 36.5". Upgraded Stability Tour shaft. Includes 2 different grips, as seen in the photos. Overall in very good shape. This putter used to belong to Bryan LaRoche (BryanGolf) and I purchased it from him after chatting on Instagram. Includes headcover This would cost over $750 to build right now on the LAB site. Price is $old 2) LAB Directed Force Broomstick. Purchased this from another member on this site but I've decided I'm sticking to armlock or regular and not going back
  7. Price includes shipping and is OBO G/Fore Gallivanter. Never worn outside. Only tried on inside and worn around for a few minutes Size: 11 Width: Regular Color: Black Price $140
  8. Price includes shipping and is OBO Selling my SNRG D.C. custom built, long neck putter. This model is the 8081. I had this built by Joe at the end of last year and never really got out to the course with it but it has been used on my indoor putting green. It's in nearly new condition. Comes with COA and headcover Lie Angle: 72* Loft: 2.5* Head Weight: 337g Face Milling: Flycut/Pocket Length: 35.5" Grip: Evnroll Gravity rip (VERY happy to pull this if the buyer does not want!) Since some people might not be familiar, I highly recommend check
  9. Price includes shipping and is OBO LAB Golf B.2 broomstick putter. This is the blade version, or Blad Custom option and is built to 46.5” for broomstick putting. Includes the two piece Winn grip and has been upgraded with grooves on the face Putter is in very very good shape! Includes the headcover This putter retails for $609 Price is $old
  10. Haha yeah I probably should have scribbled it out of the pictures
  11. Prices include shipping and are OBO WILL CONSIDER TRADES FOR OTHER DRIVER SHAFTS 1) Tensei AV Raw White 2.0 Prototype. Tour van shaft that is a more stout, lower launch and spin version of the AV Raw TX flex. One time pull. Fantastic shape. Length is 43 1/8" with no adapter or grip. Tipped 1/2" Price is $300 2) HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX. 60g TX flex. One time pull. No adapter or grip. Length is 43.75". Fantastic shape Price is $200 3) HZRDUS Smoke Green (Hulk). 60g 6.5TX flex. Old Iomic grip
  12. Mind explaining this to me? I just got a Link and I'm unsure of what you mean. When I'm on the green, I can tap the link device to mark the hole location?
  13. What is knocking these out of the bag???
  14. Prices include shipping and are OBO 1) Sik Pro C Armlock putter. LAGP golf shaft that I believe is still taking forever to get. Superstroke flatso 17" grip installed normally. This is not sideways like Bryson putts. There are some small nicks on the head. I also buffed out some scratches on the flange. Looks pretty good now IMO! Length is 43" measured from the center of the face. Unfortunately, I do not know the loft and lie. Price is $old 2) Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black. 65g TX flex. 1 time adapter pull and the tip is in fantastic shape. Length measures 43.75" with no grip
  15. Price includes shipping and is OBO PXG One and Done armlock putter. Superstroke 17” flat grip Includes headcover and a set of 20g weights (10g installed already) 43” and 73° lie (cannot confirm bc I don’t have a putter loft and lie machine) I just purchased this, got it yesterday, and it doesn’t take me long to decide if I want to keep a putter or not...here we are Get yourself or someone else a cool holiday gift!! Price is $425
  16. Rob. Columbus, OH YES, bought a random net online and built a frame from PVC pipe YES. Foresight Sports GC2
  17. Well....offer was just accepted on a new home so I'm clearing out some extras. I feel I've priced these very fairly but feel free to send offers Prices include shipping 1) Olson Legacy Putter / 35” / 340g. Raw Carbon steel that is still in amazing condition. This will patina over time unless maintained Milled grooves within the face. 100% milled. Welded neck Custom cavity stamping with “USA MADE” and an American Flag Sight dot Measures a hair over 35” from the center of the face. Lie angle of 72° (unconfirmed by me) Loft of 4° (unconfirm
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