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  1. The Ledges GC is my home course and I play it all the time, but the views still blow me away.



    This is a look back down the 18th at sunset today.



    If you're not a parent, this is just a scenic picture. But for me it was just getting a picture of my son looking for sticks.






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  2. I also picked up a Dozen of these but haven't had a chance to get them out of the box. Been involved in the Bridgestone Tour B test and I didn't want to confuse the test in progress. BUT I will be comparing them later. I think the AVX will may have its hands full.



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    I've never been a fan of how Bridgestone balls “feel”. I use quotes cuz it could very well be all in my head but the AVX feels way better than Bridgestone balls in general, IMO. I know feel doesn't really matter and it comes down to performance. But I thought the AVX passed the eye test on the course. I have zero numbers to back up that claim.



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  3. Whenever Sand Hollow Resort is brought up, people only talk about the Championship course. Well if you play out there you better get over to the Links Course because it is just as awesome. It's my favorite place to play in St George.




    This is looking up the 9th hole.




    This is looking back down the 9th.





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  4. I finally got a minute to go out and try the AVX. I gotta say, it's a great ball. I played it side by side with the TP5X and they were side by side the whole day. The only thing for me is the price. If I'm paying that much for a ball it's probably going to be the TP5X or Pro v1x. Get a little better price point and it's worth it. Here are a couple of pictures that show the good and the bad...





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  5. No. We stayed at a condo at Sunbrook and played all 3 nines. Not bad. Lots of elevation change.


    The course I was talking about is Green Springs, I think. Does this picture of the par 3 hole over the canyon on the front nine look familiar?




    This is where we waited for over 20 minutes for that group on the green and 2 more groups to tee off before we got to tee off. I believe the next hole is a par 4 that runs along this canyon on the right and the canyon crosses in front of the green.

    Yes it is all familiar. Funny thing is, this is where I played in the tournament yesterday! A lot has changed the last few years at Green Spring. They have gone through some rough times because of how they have treated people. I think they are finally turning it around though. The tournament was well put together and went smoothly. Hopefully they are treating everyone better. I stoped playing there after a few of my run ins with them and I'm a local, just not retired like 85% of the golfers here.



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  6. My wife and I played at a course in St. George UT several years ago. We were riding and we played with a local who was walking. We played the front nine in 2.5 hours, mostly because of one hole; a par 3 over a gorge. There were three groups on the tee at one time, so I thought 2.5 hours was a pretty good time. The single was only going to play nine holes, but we had a great time together so he decided to play the back nine.


    Most of the groups in front of us quit after nine holes, so we had clear sailing starting on 10. About halfway down 10, the marshal comes up to us and says we have to pick up the pace... the men's gangsome is going to be teeing off behind us. He dogged us for three holes. I decided to slow down and play deliberately. On a par 3 with an island green, he went behind the green to watch us tee off. There was only one way in and out of the green area and I blocked him in with my cart, then proceeded to finish out the hole very slowly. When we got to #14, we never saw him again. BTW, we never saw the gangsome group either.


    The local kept apologizing, saying he had never seen a marshal do that before. I think it was because my wife was playing. Marshals ALWAYS assume that women are the slow players in a group. Even with my deliberately slow play, we finished the round in 4.5 hours, 30 minutes faster on the back. My wife was so pissed, she went into the pro shop and complained to the head pro. His position?? "Too bad. You are a visitor here, tomorrow you are gone. I have to keep the men's gangsome happy every day." I won't be going back there ever again, so he was right about that.

    Was that at Sunbrook?




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  7. 56 and lost by 6? :blink:


    Sounds like there was a bit of :ph34r: going on.

    Well you could buy mulligans, and they had some players on their team. Gipper Finau was on the team, a guy who just got done playing at BYU and two other guys that are known local players. So there might have been some BS going on but they probably did shoot that. That and the course was short for THEM, not so much me.



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  8. Played in a four man scramble today. We shot 56 and lost by 6. I know that's not uncommon but man it still sucks to lose by that much when we played well for the team we had. Nonetheless it was first tournament in over a year and it felt good.



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  9. I played my first round in four months today....long story short, I got pissed off in March and needed to take a break. Went out on the course with zero expectations today and shot a 77. Maybe I'll pick up the game again. Or maybe I'll just take another break so I can keep shooting low scores. The thing I find most interesting is I took out the oldest set I own (original Ping Karsten ll's) and hit the piss out of the ball.



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